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akali hybrid

Last updated on July 11, 2010
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This is my akali build.

I began playing akali several weeks ago and have read and tested many builds bt have found this one the best all round build for 5v5.

I start with dorans blade and a health pot.

Boots of swiftness really add to akalis early game chasing power and late game with both the 7% run speed and frozen mallet, people will not be capable of escaping.

The reasoning behind using frozen mallet as appose to ryleis scepter. It is all good to be slowing someone while dropping your burst on them, but i have never ever found a reason to slow a target with 3 or 2 stacks on shadow dance. The only time I have found myself craving for a slow was after I had dumped my energy in a burst, the target had lived and i was auto attacking while chasing. The reasoning behind grabbing this item so late into the game, is I have never found the need for either the hp or the slow effect until most of the enemy team had finished there builds. A situation where I could no longer 100 to 0 someone in a burst, therefore I am now both recieving damage as well as needing to chase or slow to escape. If it comes to the point that you require this item the game has gone on for too long and slows and hp will be crucial. Early laning slows are fantastic but with te right laning partner you dont need them. Most of your kills will come from tower diving someone on low hp or ganking other lanes.

Both bloodthirster and hextech give you the crucial lifesteal thats needed during team fights, the number of times ive dropped twilight shroud to cover myself after diving in, shadow danced out to a squishie, blown them up and regen almost all of my hp is incredible. These items although both rather expensive are the difference between having to leave a team fight or stay around waiting to pounce.

Guinsoos is very self explanitory. This item is incredible, it is the first item i build for several reasons. Its cheap, the blasting wand will give you the imidiate ap you need early game, the attack speed makes jungling extremely efficient, and akali after dumping her burst can build up almost 7 stacks making finishing off the remainder of even an early laning tank quite easy.