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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author laxkid47

Akali - Hybrid Madness

laxkid47 Last updated on January 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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This build is specifically designed for 3v3 and it would be best to take top lane. If you are soloing top go down and take lizard at level 9. at level 12 you can solo dragon. (you should have hextech gunblade by now). From here on you can go take ghost or wolf buff whenever you see them up.
Tips: When laning before level 6; use shroud in front of you for cover to throw kamas at enemies. Break kama charges whenever possible. (this is the bulk of your early damage).
Also try this: Get a kama charge on an enemy, but instead of attacking right away wait for it to almost time out. When the charge is nearing its end break it and then throw another kama and break that one instantly. This can deal some insane damage early game if you're able to pull it off.
In a 5's game, the same tips apply. Akali is an excellent solo, and also an excellent lane partner.
For anybody who doesen't know, all your runes and starting items are for akali's passive. you want +10 damage and +20 ap at the start of the game. it helps alot.

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Pretty simple rune build.
You want the 6 Magic pen runes because the majority of your damage is going to come from magic damage.
People may ask "why do u get 3 Strength marks?" Its for akali's passive, it allows you to start with a dorans blade rather than a long sword and I highly recommend it. it explains more in detail under the Items chapter below.
9 Flat AP glyphs for Akali's passive at the start of the game.
9 Dodge seals for .... You guessed it... Dodging.
3 Flat AP quints for Akali's passive as well.

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Masteries are pretty simple. I use a couple of different variations of masteries depending on who I am laning with. If you're not sure or its a melee champ, go with what i have above. If you're going with a ranged or caster, use as follows. (Don't forget that no masteries are set in stone, so choose masteries based on which summoner spells youre using... duh(: ).
this is the more defensive build i have for Akali. it should be 15/15/0 when you're done.
Cripple 1/1
Archmage 3/3
sorcery 4/4
Archaic knowledge 1/1
sunder 3/3 (or alacrity 3/4)
Brute force 3/3

Resistance 1/3
Hardness 3/3
Evasion 4/4
Nimbleness 1/1
Harden Skin 3/3
Veterans scar 3/3

You can mess around with masteries Alot, but if you want to start with a dorans blade (+100 health, level 1) and have both passive buffs, you need to have 3 Strength marks and Brute Force 3/3.
The Masteries written above are the most high health masteries i could pull off for laning. you'll look pretty intimidating out there (: . (obviously thats not always the best way to go, like i said... mess around with them a bit and try both of them out.

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First...... NO ITEM BUILD IS SET IN STONE, I BEG YOU TO USE DIFFERENT ITEMS IN DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCES. At the end of This chapter, I'll explain "Replacements", as i like to call them.
Items .. Items ... Items.. Where to begin? how about with the first one.
Why get these? well lets find out.
Dorans Blade: With Brute Force 3/3 and 3 Strength Marks (as i spoke alot about above) you can start with both buffs and the 100 health from dorans blade which really helps in the laning phase. (Replacements below)
Hextech Revolver: Recently this item got buffed from 10% to 15%. On top of having 10% Spell vamp from your passive, now you have 15% more from this item. it also builds into Hextech Gunblade which is really nice for Extra Nuke damage and a slow. (more of this item later) (almost always your first big item. (No Replacements recommended, read more below).
Ninja Tabi: Dodge to help proc nimbleness. ( Replacements Below)
Hextech Gunblade: At this point in the game you should have rank 2 ultimate, rank 5 mark, and maybe 2+ in cresent slash. Hextech Gunblade not only provides a really good single target slow, but also alot of Damage with the slow to help your nukes. (no Replacements recommended, Read more below)
Rylaias: A Very Reliable slow On top of AP and Health. (no Replacements recommended, Read more below)
Guinsoo's: Stacks up AP and AS. (AS is pretty nice at this point because all of your attacks have good bonus damage)
LichBane: Everytime you cast an ability (which is alot) youre next attack does bonus damage scaled with your AP. (why not get this earlier?.. you don't have enough AP to make it worth it)
Rabadons: Well lets see here... you have a lichbane and a ton of AP? lets increase that by a nice Percent. (:

Here we go..............
Dorans Blade: If you dont have the 3 strength marks I recommend getting a longsword instead. You wont get the +100 health, but you will start with the spell vamp buff.
Mejai's soulstealer: can be bought at anytime really if you think you're going to be unstoppable (basically putting a target on your head against good players).
SIDE NOTE: (You can also get Mejai's before the revolver if you want. Another thing to take into consideration is if you have Mejais stacked up fairly high, you can get a lichbane earlier.)
You can also get Rylai's before hextech gunblade if youre having problems staying alive in teamfights or just in general. Either way you get a slow, just less damage with rylai's. I do recommend getting The revolver first at least. the spell vamp is too good to pass up for 1.2k gold.
Boots: Instead of Ninja Tabi you can get swiftness or mercury treads depending on the other teams composition.
Hextech Gunblade: Can be switched with rylais depending on your survivability.
(sometimes if youre playing mordekaiser it doesn't matter what items you get (: just faceroll your keyboard and typically you'll get some kills. thats the only exception. (:

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is pretty simple to be honest.
Priorities: Ultimate, Mark, Cresent Slash, Shroud.
Get shroud at level 2 for the protection obviously.
cresent at level 4.
typically you shouldn't need to switch the order at all.
Not really sure what else to write here, its pretty straight forward and typical (:

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Summoner Spells

ALOT of summoner spells are useful on akali. use whichever you prefer and depending on your teams summoner spells.
Ghost: obvious. and also to escape, you can go into your shroud, pop ghost and run out with blazing speed. add a cresent slash in there to slow enemies with rylais and you're home free.
Flash: Shroud and flash through a wall is a very good escape trick on akali.
Exhaust: For the slow and in combat against white hit champs (i.e tryndamere, teemo, warwick, etc.)
Ignite: obvious for getting the runners and for the reduced healing. (i.e mundo, warwick, etc.)
Smite: The lovely art of smite healing. For experienced Akali players, i recommend trying this out. I found this by myself while jungling and started using it in combat. Akali has an insane amount of spell vamp, right? At the end of a game with full items you might have anywhere between 25 and 50% vamp. Smite is considered a spell, so during battle you can smite a minion and gain back 100-500 health depending on the point you're at in the game. you may ask, why dont you just get heal then? .. heal has a 270 seconds cooldown, while smite has a 75 seconds cooldown and heals for just as much or more(you cant heal your team with smite either though). the only catch is that you have to get a minion, which isnt always favorable. I think its fun and very useful to use, but usually not the best if you aren't actually jungling. Just thought i would teach anybody who wanted to read this how to do it (: . i have turned countless fights around with it. (A good example is when fighting an annie... lets say she calls down tibbers and stuns you? smite heal off of tibbers. tibbers dies, you get all that health back... annie is now a dead little girl.
Heal: not recommended, but not completely terrible.
Cleanse: against teams with alot of stuns

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So alot has been said in these last few paragraphs, basically to make this as effective as possible, try to change it up depending on your own team and the other teams composition. Try different things, see what you like most. the main build that i gave you is what i used for my first 100+ games as akali before i started changing things up. try it out, change it up, and own.
Good Luck (:
Any and all recommendations, comments, critics, feedback, etc. would be nice
and any grammar errors that i need to fix (: thanks a bunch for reading my guide on Akali.