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Akali Hybrid Survivor Complete

Last updated on June 15, 2011
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This build relies heavily on Akali's passive abilities and takes into account her super squishyness and her role as an anti-carry/carry melee champion. Akali is a great ganker and chaser, so its important to go offensive on runes but defensive on masteries to achieve a balance between killing opponents but preventing yourself from being killed.

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I go flat magic penetration marks, flat armor seals, flat ability power for seven glyphs, flat cool down for one glyph, flat magic resist for two glyphs, two ability power quintessences, and one to movement speed. This combination of runes gives Akali a really great early game which is very crucial to her. The flat magic penetration marks gives Akali near true damage to AD champions with her sorcerer shoes. I use armor for seals since she is a melee champion and tends to get up front and personal with other AD champions. I use flat AP glyphs to take advantage of her attack damage passive, some cool down reduction is always nice, and a little bit of magic resist since even though she shouldn't get hit by magic attacks due to her twilight shroud, it helps when she does get hit.

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OK for items my opening is almost standard to other builds getting Sorcerers Boots if the enemy is heavy on the AD and doesn't have a bunch of stuns, slows, taunts, etc. and Mercury's Treads if they do. My starting item is a Doran's blade and not a Long Sword because it gives her health, life steal and activates her passive which gives her spell vamp. All of this is to keep her laning until she has enough money to buy shoes. She doesn't need a Doran's shield since she is a ninja and isn't supposed to be out in the open when she's laning. More on her play style later. After the boots I rush the revolver to make her even more survivable and be able to outlane the enemy or begin ganking. When you have enough gold with her, you should get a Vampiric Scepter and at this point Akali is unbruisable and she's able to life steal crazily so you need to start jungling hard, and getting red buff. When you have enough money to buy Blood Thirsters, you end up with an incredible amount of burst damage, as well as life steal and spell vamp. So everything you do makes you life steal and makes you an awesome carry. People will target you but as long as you focus the squishies you won't die due to the life steal and will make you an incredible asset in team fights. Just Shadow Dance ultimate to the squishy and take them out with Shadow Dance, Mark of the Assassin, Crescent Slash, Basic Attack, Shadow Dance and the squishy should be dead. All the while life stealing so you don't die! This is very important as a carry/anticarry since your team will rely on you to take them to victory. After Thirsters, I usually get a Giant's belt to give me extra health so I don't drop so fast and allows me to more effectively life steal/spell vamp, and then either guardians for most of the balanced team fights or thorn mail if they're going heavy on Attack Speed/AD. However Defensive items are a must, her hybrid attack items should be a Hextech Gunblade and a Thirsters. Forget Rabadons and Rylai's. You don't need Rylai's right away when you can blink and chase down the enemy and have red buff. Rabadon's great for damage but its not for a hybrid build and it makes you really squishy. Also, the Hextech gunblade's active makes up for Rylai's slow.

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Skill Sequence

For skills I usually get Mark of the Assasin and spam it to kill minions and harass champions behind bushes. You never want to go head to head with Akali early game or levels under 6. At level two go for Twilight Shroud and you'll be able to more effectively farm/ harass. At level 3 get Crescent slash and use it to farm. Always play agressive with Shroud up, but defensive with shroud down. You shouldn't be getting hurt much this way, but have incredible laning dominance with this technique. The goal is to get to level six before your enemy and by this time, they should be low enough for you to chase them down if you wished. After level three max Mark of the Assasin first, this allows you to more effectively harass, last hit, and do crazy amounts of burst when you consume the mark and an unwary champions enters your shroud with the mark on their head. I also love this build because it gives you so much life steal/spell vamp because the problem with her is that she can be squishy but this gets rid of that problem. After the Q spell, max Crescent slash and then twilight shroud. It's much more useful later in the game to max that due to the increased magic resist and slow. You can use it to cut off enemies chasing your teammate or use it to slow the champions down so you'll be in range for a kill.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I grab Teleport and Flash. This may sound strange but it gives you incredible mobility, survivability as well as chasing ability which are all important assets to any carry. I use flash to escape ganks and last hits on myself, achieve last hit on an enemy champion and flash through walls. It's an amazing summoner to have and synergizes well with your twilight shroud. I grab teleport because with the hybrid build, it allows me to stay on the map longer, but teleport allows me to be everywhere at once. She's a ganker and chaser, so to play a good Akali you need to always survey the map and watch who's low so you can chase down an enemy and finish them quickly. Teleport allows you to do just that. What about ghost, exhaust and ignite you say? Well if you're a good akali you shouldn't need ignite or exhaust to finish an enemy since red buff slows, and ignite does pitiful damage late game. Ghost is great but that's what the extra movement speed Quientessence and Shadow Dance ability is for. Learn to use them! Now a really cool trick to do with teleport to escape ganks is to throw down twilight shroud, and while it's keeping you invisible, teleport to a safe base tower. The teleport has a 4 second channel that should finish faster than your shroud disappears and before your enemy can kill you with any kind of melee/ AOE damage. I escaped a near death encounter with this trick and it worked marvelously. Try it and let me know how it goes!

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Creeping / Jungling

Ok I know some people like to play Akali as a junglar. But in my opinion she doesn't make as great a jungler early game since she is still pretty squishy and getting smite/ignite is better on some other champion than flash/teleport. Instead, I like to grab some life steal items like Dorans/ revolver, and Vampiric Scepter before I start Jungling for Red right away. As soon as you get those items, Jungle and Gank a lot! That's what you're good at and what you should be capitalizing on.

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Team Work

Akali can be a great solo player or a team player. However you should never really initiate with Akali without your teammates during a 5v5 since you'll probably drop if everyone focuses you. Instead either push a tower, and teleport to your team's defending tower, and clean up the squishies or just make sure to target the squishies during team fights. If they start to focus you, throw down a twilight shroud and fight from inside the shroud. Your life steal and spell vamp is amazing during team fights and keeps you alive for most team fights. Work with your team, never shadow dance to a champion when there are 4 other champions that are MIA otherwise you may be asking for a death wish. Instead, hide in the bushes, initiate with the shroud, check bushes with the shroud and not your face and you should be unkillable.

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Unique Skills

Some tips to be aware of. Akali does not really need attack speed since most of her damage comes from her skill combo and basic attack damage. When you throw mark of the assasin, you may want to wait a second before shadow dancing in to allow the basic attack animation to proc right after the shadow dance. Otherwise, the basic attack may not go off right away and give you a kill. Use your shroud to avoid getting hurt as much as possible and life steal/spell vamp and you'll be able to level much faster than your opponents. It also allows you to jungle effectively without losing health. You could probably even solo dragon with the life steal you get from the Hextech and Blood Thirster items.

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Pros / Cons

Pros with this Hybrid build:

You don't die as easily.
You level much faster since you don't need to teleport back to base so much due to the life steal/ spell vamp.
You can be at many places at once.
Your damage output comes from many different sources and not just from your abilities which rely on cool downs and energy.
You don't waste precious time in the graveyard or at base when you could be jungling/ganking/pushing.
Even if you get focused, you'll survive for some time.

Cons with this Hybrid build:

You will not have as much burst damage as an AP build, however you will have more sustained damage dealing which will increase your overall damage output.
If you are not skilled, you may not be able to chase down your enemy correctly and finish them off since you don't have an early game slow.

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Make sure to play Akali as a ninja. With this build you can do just that. Be there, and then not there. Shroud and teleport when ganked. Keep up the ganking and people will fear pushing out or losing their turrets during a 4v5 push. Good luck and I hope you guys enjoy this new build. Let me know how it goes and I'll update this if it gets too old.