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League of Legends Build Guide Author xSaikano

Akali- Ionia's Shadow Assasin

xSaikano Last updated on December 27, 2010
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This is my first guide so please be kind and i tried my best to make it understandable and less confusing :D
I build akali ap because i like her to do alot of magic damage so all my runes and items are mainly based on ap

-Awesome Chaser
-Heaps of outburst
-Very good at running away
-Fun to play
-Good at keeping stacks
-okay at 1v2

Cons: -squishy early game
-targeted if you have alot of stacks
-expensive items

Summoner Spells:Exhaust- helps you catch people, also makes champ who do alot of damage do misses on you :DFlash - In my opinon the best skill for running away, combined with twilight shroud akali would be soo hard to catch

Other summoner spells:Ignite: This spell is really useful, i used to use this alot until i switched exhaust. the reason why i changed was because there wasnt much use of ignite in late game team fights, so i find exhaust more useful

Core items: Hextech Gunblade - spell vamp is awesome :3 it even includes ad and ap pretty cool aye XDSocerers Shoes- Magic pen = more magic damage i would perfer this shoe out of the others but, if the enemy team has a lot of champs with stun/ slow/ snear/ blind etc i would get mercury threads it always comes in handyRylai's Crystal Scepter- One of my favourite item, its just... wow it has all of the important stuff combined together. hp ap slow :3 just awesome

Other items:Mejai's Soulstealer - the reason why its not a core item is because sometimes we don't get many kills which makes it pretty useless. I would only get this if i have a pretty good amount of killsZhonya's Ring - give alot n alot of ap but... its expensive :c

Optional Items:
now these items are your choice its just to fill in the last slot
you have a selection of void staff, lich bane, guinsoo's ragebladeGuinsoo's rageblade- i would perfer not to get this for last item coz its pretty useless because it doesn't give much ap or ad and in lategame your opponents die too fast for you to get the 8 stacks i would recommened this as a replacement for mejais if you dont have many killsLich Bane- personally i dont like this item, its not bad or anything but... to what i think akali getting a mana item??? whatt? i m akali i don't need mana!! but as you see this item's passive is just amazing and i see other akalis get thisVoid Staff- i would recommened this item. like i said before magic pen = more damage which is awesome :3 so if you add it together you would have... over 60% magic pen

Early Game:
Start off with a Amphying tome and a health pot, now if your lucky you would have at least 1 kill when you go back which brings you to around 1500gold at or at least 1000gold
when you recall you its best if your level 6 the first thing you get would be hextech revolver and if you can get boots of speed which you then make into sorcerer's shoes but before you do that check if the other team has at least 3 players with cc's if theres at least 3 getting mercury's threads is also good
After finishing your boots make a mejais and start collecting stacks :D

Mid Game:
Hopefully your mejais would have more then one stack at least if you dont have at least 4 then... its better if you sell your mejais and get something else
if you dont get mejai's soulstealer then i would recommened if you go for rylai's crystal scepter straight away, start off with giant's belt :D
now go kill like crazy dont mind ksing coz it always happens and since you are akali you need to be feed and have loaddss of stacks and if your team are good people they won't mind hehe X3
better finish your hextech gunblade coz you are doing alot of magic damage so spell vamp would be very useful~

mmm... right now you should have at least 12 stacks on mejais so less calculate how much ap you should have 251 not much is it :c
well lets get our zhonya's ring and see what happens :D you would have approximately 463 not bad right :3. even though zhonya's ring is expensive i find that its pretty worth it
this is where my games usually finish

Extended Game 1hr+:
the last item is your choice so you pick what to buy
but personally i would get void staff it gives quite alot of ap andddd it give magic pen :D

Attack Combo:
I have 3 attack combos one of them my friend recommended and the other 2 are just one that i used and became a habit.

Friend Combo-
Q>R>W>E>Q>Exhaust if the run>R and they should be dead

My Combo (sneak)-
R>W>Q>Exhaust if they run>E>Q>R and they should die

My Combo (normal)
W>R>Q>E>Exhaust if they run>Q>R and they die :D
*put w directly on them or behind them

Ranked Games:
when you reach ranked games it would be a lot harder then you expect and you would often have a jungler
if thats the case i suggest you tank solo lane, don't afraid to tower hug people who are over confident would tower dive and underestimate your outburst and... they would die which lets you have a free kill :D
for ranked games it is best if you do not chase enemy champs too far unless you are sure that no other enemys would be around
sometimes you would need a bit more survivability so getting an armor isn't a bad choice i would recommened Banshee's Veil, or Guardian Angel
Banshee's blocks a spell which is very useful at times it also provides a pretty good amount of hp but the mp part would go to waste
Guardian Angel it gives you an extra half a life :3 also adds armor and magic res

Try akali shes fun to play :D
Good Luck <3