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Akali - LinGz Style

Last updated on May 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey I am a german guy so I hope you'll understand my english :D
I play akali for ~1 month and i love her more and more with becoming better playing this ***kicking ninja. It is just the damage, jump, hide, gank and most important: scaring the enemies :D that makes this char so awesome !

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Skill Sequence

I would say this is the best and a standard skill sequence for akali.
Most players do it this way.
R > Q > E > W
R is the most important Akali skill -> haunt enemies or get away with targeting minions on your way.
Q is your main dmg skill. throw -> hit -> kill
The W skill at lvl 2 is just for getting away when you get ganked.
E is a nice AoE skill. with +ad AND !!! +ap dmg .. thats why akali hybrid kicks ***es (ad + ap)

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This is my own and my favourite item buy order. If you dont like this order please comment.
1. i buy Doran's blade to activate the passive.
2. Hextech Revolver cause of the Vampire + Ability Power for better laning. Dealing more dmg and nice healing bonus. After getting this item i normally stay on lane for a really long time.
3. Boots --> i normally choose boots of swiftness because akali has no CC (Shroud sucks as CC !) so she needs to be faster than the enemie. But its not a must have cause of your Ultimate.
If your enemie only has physical dmg choose ninja tabi with avoid. if they have much AP or CC choose Mercurys boots.
4. Rylais scepter --> more HP, AP and slow effect. nearly all you need ! Important Item for Akali.
5. Finish Hextech Gunblade --> This item is awesome for akali !!! It gives you AP, AD, SpellVamp, LifeSteal and a very nice active to slow your enemie ! AWESOME !!
6. Next Item will be Lich Bane. This item is really nice cause of its passive. It seems like it is not an item for akali because it gives a mana boost. But look at the nice passive bonus attack dmg after every skill use. And Akali uses A LOT OF SKILLS !!! And everytime so much extra dmg. love it <3
7. Rabadon's deathcape .. dont need to say anything right? (DMG Boost)³
8. An item i really like, too: Guinsoo's Rageblade. It doesnt only have extra AP and AD, it also has a great passive. Every time u attack or use a skill youll get AttackSpeed AND Ability Power. it can stack 8 times --> a lot of attack speed and 48 extra AP so this item gives you an additional 93 AP !!!!!! Nice huh? :D
But if the enemie team has much MR i would Choose Void Staff for the MagicPen.
Some players chose a second Rabadon's but what for? the unique passive wont work 2 times cause it is UNIQUE !!! and 155 AP is not as nice as an other item with less AP but more AD and a nice passive like Guinsoo's or MagicPen like VoidStaff. So i never choose a second Rabadon's.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - Best skill to get away for akali or get FB with flashing near to an enemie after using your Q skill. you can flash through walls or away from turrets or from bush to bush. it is so nice in the most situations.

Ignite - Nice to kill low hp enemies who are trying to run away or reducing heal from mundo, sona or anyone else like nidalee. the second reason is the 10 extra AP from Burning Embers when Ignite is on CD. it helps you activating your second passive.

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All in all in my opinion Akali is the most fun character and with a skilled player she kicks ***es early, mid and late game. When i play her i normally get -> 10-20 / 0-5 / 5-15 stats.

If you often die and your teammates say "OMG you suck. uninstall your game. noob, leave game" ... just say "ok" and keep on playing akali and you will kick ***es in the future ;) i sucked with akali 1 month ago, too and now often my mates say "best akali ever seen" :P . Noone plays a char perfectly, when he plays it the first, second, third ....................... time. so if your team starts flaming, ignore what they are writing ;)