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Akali Build Guide by aeroniero

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author aeroniero

Akali Make them Cry

aeroniero Last updated on October 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello fellow summoners. This a build of how I play Akali. Akali is a very unique champion. She has excellent burst damage and low cooldowns. She is one the best assasins in the game! This guide will focus how I play Akali. The build is still in progress.

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Pros and Cons

+ Excellent damage output
+ No mana
+ Stacking ulti
+ Great passive
+ Great escape mechanism
+ Nice farming skill
+ She "kill secures" nicely

- Her Twilight Shroud needs much energy
- Item dependent
- Expensive items
- Almost useless early game without good runes
- Lacking cc (without Rylai's Crystal Scepter )

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This set of runes is excellent for Akali. It enables her full passive (+10 AD + 20 AP). Armor for sustainability and a great chunk of AP. No other set of runes is better than that.

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These masteries give her the most damage output. 9/0/21 is also a viable option but she is not so dependent on her summoner spells and she needs the 3 AD for her passive.

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Start with and 3 .

Then Rush ! This item gives her what she needs. CC.

Buy full boots (choose which suits you best) and then buy (start with ).

Buy and then .

Upgrade to .

The last items is yours to choose. I prefer for more AP,AD life steal and spellvamp.

Other viable choices are (if they are stacking magic resistance)

(if you die often)

(if the enemies have much crowd control abilities like Amumu Warwick Malzahar Sion Taric Alistar.

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Summoner Spells

Akali can do anything! Chase, escape, juke, damage so she is not so summoner spell dependent. I choose and to escape/chase and to ensure first blood. You can also pick if the enemy has many ad carries.

Good Summoner Spells for Akali


Along with no one escapes!


Even if they escape they will die by ignite!


Can own everyone 1vs1 and chase.


Good for escape/chase.

Bad Summoner Spells for Akali




You are no tank or support.


You don't jungle.




The gained health late game is pityfull.


You are no support or tank.


The idea is good but the cooldown too long.


With Lich Bane you have good movement speed so teleport is useless.

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First start with and max it out first it will be your main damage skill. Then max out it will help you farm and improve your burst. Take every point in whenever possible.

Twin Disciplines

One of the best passives in the game! When activated at level 1 it will give you 10% spellvamp and 10% increased auto attack damage! At the end of the game you should be having 25% spellvamp and 120% increased auto attack damage! Make sure you have the right runes to activate it at level 1.

Mark of The Assassin

Your main damage skill. It deals tons of damage and has a very low cost/cooldown. Max this first. Also when laning try using the double marking technique to ensure maximum damage.

Twilight Shroud

This ability is what makes you a ninja. The best stealth in the game which can be used even during a team fight! They can't see you, they can't target you, they can't damage you (excluding AoE). Use it whenever you are in danger. Also be careful of it's large energy cost. Max this last since more points only improve it's slow.

Crescent Slash

Your farming AoE ability. It doesn't do much damage but is great for killing minions. Get in the middle of the minion wave, use Crescent Slash and auto attack to last hit. Also using it this way gives you a chunk of health 'cause of spellvamp.

Shadow Dance

This ability is just so ... unique! It makes you the best assassin in the game and more than that. It stacks up to 3 times and has a low cooldown. Use it to chase and close distance. Abuse its amazing range to quickly destroy the enemy carries even if they try to escape!

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Gameplay and Tactics

Pick solo lane if you can but you are also viable duo lane. Every champion with a stun is agood partner for Akali.

Early Game

Your priority number one is to get first blood. Do a technique called double marking in which you Mark of the Assassin, wait for the cooldown, and then with Flash (Don't be afraid to use it because of it's long cooldown. Remember that a kill or an assist > flash) or Shadow Dance close the distance auto attack, Mark of the Assassin , auto attack, crescent slash] and [[ignite . 90% of the times the target will die if he is not a tank.

To get a last hit near an enemy icon=twilight shroud and get all the last hits you want. Then go back and wait for it's cooldown and repeat.

When in Twilight Shroud think like a ninja. Act when you see an opening. Remember that Twilight Shroud also slows your opponents and it may be good for saving an ally. There are many tricks you can use with Twilight Shroud which I will show you in the future with videos and detailed guides.

Mid Game

Don't initiate on team fights when there are more than 3 enemies. Your Twilight Shroud doesn't make you invisible. Let the tank do that. In team fights you should ALWAYS be on top your Twilight Shroud that way you will nor be focusable. During team fights do the same pattern with early game Shadow Dance close the distance auto attack, Mark of the Assassin , auto attack, crescent slash] and [[ignite . Your priority targets should be :

Priority 1: Squishy Ranged/Melee Carry, AP Carry, Support

Priority 2: Tanky built champions like Udyr , Xin Zhao, Jax


Priority EMERGENCY KILL: Champions with oracle potion. They can disable your most useful ability Twilight Shroud.

Late Game

You are now most likely fed. The truth is that Akali even very fed can't carry the game all alone! Stick with your team and wreck the other team in team fights. (Rule Number 1 : Never be absent at team fights!)

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Avoid these...

There are some champion who can be very annoying vs Akali. These are:

Lee Sin

All of his abilities reveal you from your Twilight Shroud! Avoid him as much as you can although you can deal with him even without Twilight Shroud.


All of her abilities are skillshots and AoE. Akali hates AoE. Also the shield is soooo annoying!


She had AoE skillshots! Avoid her as much as possible.


He has AoE and skillshots.


His ultimate like Lee Sin gives away your position and his passive is annoying.

Twisted Fate

His ultimate can reveal your position so be careful.


Her traps are terrible!!!

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Solo 1vs2

If the enemies don't have a jungler, then possibly you will have to lane vs 2 champions. Don't be afraid, it's not too hard. First of all, remember to always hug your turrent. You won't be harassed that way. Also, take last hits inside your Twilight Shroud. Try to harass them a bit until you reach level 6. Then double mark for harass. when they both reach low health wait for 2 stacks on Shadow Dance and kill them with double marking and Ignite. Taking a double kill with Akali is hard and takes a lot of effort to completely be able to do it. After playing a lot of games with Akali you will learn wether it's the right time to attack and when not. Also make sure that none of them has Exhaust, if they have act like you would try to kill them and use Twilight Shroud the moment they Exhaust you. After waiting for the Exhaust to end, attack them and kill at least one of them if you can't double kill.