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Akali Build Guide by Lacko

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lacko

Akali My AD/AP Build

Lacko Last updated on June 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my personal Akali AP/AD build, I've played around 40-50 games with this build and needless to say I've won over 70% of the matches. When you're playing Akali you actually tend to get a little feeded(not every match though) but with good mates to play with, or playing against less good people. Anyway, you want the items as quickly as possible so buy the cheaper items, until you can buy the full one. For example: Boots of speed > Boots of Mobility. And Blasting wand and Pickaxe > Guinsoo's rageblade, And so on...

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Farming and slaying enemies

When you're playing with this build, it's best if you play very defensive in the beginning. And when you get your Hextech Gunblade you can start doing some heavy damage. For farming minions, when you see a wave of minions, you can Shadow Dance into the wave, do your Crescent Slash and hopefully getting all the minions. This will earn fast money and exp, and with life steal you will regain most of your Health points, allowing you to endlessly farm and kill enemies. You will be very strong at around level 10-12 by then you have Boots of Mobility, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Hextech Gunblade, and building the Infinity Edge. You can easily solo Dragon for some extra cash since Akali is going to need alot of money for this build. So you want to grab the minion farms as often as possible. Even though this build is very strong AD/AP you don't want to be too greedy, i.e thinking you can get a triple or pentakill on full hp enemy champs. But if an enemy is alone in a lane, and you don't think its a trap. You can most likely go for the kill unless it's a tank.

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If your team gets into a teamfight, you must be careful because CC rapes Akali. Twilight Shroud won't help you get away once you're in a teamfight, And the enemies are bunched up. In a teamfight you will wait until your teammates pick a target by then you strike from behind or from the sides. This will most of the time get you a kill, because you have huge AD and AP damage output, And don't worry if the enemy has full hp. You got a good amount of lifesteal!

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I know that alot of Akali players start off with Amplifying Tome, To activate Akali's passive Twin Disciplines, which will grant you 8% bonus magic damage. I like to start off with Boots of Speed and three health pots, this gives you more sustain and you can stay in the lane until you can afford Boots of Mobility and Guinsoo's Rageblade. About Guinsoo's Rageblade, I chose that item because it activates Twin Disciplines, granting you 11% Spell Vamp. And 13% bonus Magic Damage. This gives you great sustain, and healthy damage output. Third item I picked is Hextech Gunblade because it will give alot more Spell Vamp and Magic Damage from your passive, and for it's UNIQUE Active, Use this if you're chasing someone and your Shadow Dance is on cooldown. To the fourth item. This is were you will be like "Is this guy ****in' crazy!?" I am crazy yes that's why I chose Infinity Edge. Infinity Edge gives huge amount of AD, 25% Crit Chance, and 50+ Crit Strike Damage. With this item you will deal alot of damage and great lifesteal, You can now stay on the battlefield until the game is over if you'd like that. fifth item is pretty standard, it's Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the 80 AP and 500 HP it gives. Last but not least it's the Lich Bane, 80 Ability Power, 30 Magic Resistance, 350 Mana, 7 Movement Speed Multiplier. UNIQUE Passive: When you use an ability, your next physical attack will deal an additional 100% of your Ability Power in damage. As you can see this is an awesome item. When you got all these items you have full build, If you think it's not strong enough against the opposing champions. Feel free to change it how you like.

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You should as Akali just regularly lane, but later in the game you can grab the red buff "Blessing of the Lizard Elder". For some extra damage, and running around grabbing minion farms and killing neutral monsters in the jungle. But with Red buff you can pick off dragon before reaching level 10 which is nice. You don't really need the Blue buff "Crest of the Ancient Golem" so instead of taking it, give it to your AP caster.