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Build Guide by Arke

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arke

Akali safe build

Arke Last updated on September 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The details of the build will be broken down into Start Game, Mid Game and End Game. Before I begin I will describe the rune build and not to a great length I will describe the Mastery build. There will be no BS in this guide and no fluff.

The Runes prescribed are only for beginning game, you can and it would be advisable to go with full armor penetration but this setup is designed to give a little leeway if you should be pushing against a weaker foe and want to really hurt their tower before they should reorganize and re-lane.

Despite what the belief is for ASPD on Akali it is useless to have Aspd for anything but tower smashing by mid game.

The part of the Rune Set that does affect end game will be the Cool Down Speed, which helps a lot to score kills that would have otherwise remained out of reach.

This Mastery Build is to get Akalis burst damage to be ever present by end game. Akali is one of those few characters that can be great as a hybrid; I put to the rebirth being shortened because well unless youre using dps build on Akali dodge isnt going to be what saves you and if you should die at least youll be back in the game faster.

Start Game:
Long Sword, the only other option close to as good as this is Dorans Shield or Sword, but since neither has any synergies this is better. The AP book is good too but thats usually my 3rd or 2nd item, Akali can kill just fine without it.

Defense: Just hang back and use your Q thats all, you cant play mind games until level 2 so dont even bother unless youre playing against an overzealous idiot. Just buy time until level 2, if your fighting a good player that is melee they wont want to come near you unless they have high hp.

Melee - Akali a melee character first and foremost, for the first 2 levels you may have to suck this fact up and try to avoid other melee characters, most of them can probably 5 hit kill you. Unless you are with another burst damager or crowd controller just harass them with Q, enough to tickle really.

Ranged: Play it very safe, ranged players WILL NOT want to be near you, your best bet is to go in on a path that leaves the ranged target open use your Q on a mob before hand and get the hit to regen your Q should be up in 2 seconds before the approach, then Q the archer as you move to them for the punish. Or Q them then back off, then go back in but fake them and go for them even if they are out of range just back off and Q them as you back off and not before that.

By level 2 - the context changes, you can now play with whoever your laning with. If they are pushing too hard toss a W and go in it, punish whoever gets close enough. Use the Q to poke from within the W, as well as using the Q for escaping tight spots.
By Level 3 �¢ï¿½ï¿½ You can kill someone at this point, just watch your cool down. As long as your not dealing with a tank, if they are below ���½ pr at ���½ then you will kill them.

Level 3 Combo: W to Q to R to Melee
Level 3 Combo: Q to R to Melee to W to Q (If they live)

If they are close just toss a burn on them, if you underestimated them toss out an exhaust and finish the job from the safety of your W which should force them to run or die. (If your still unsure about your reaction speeds with Akali Heal is a very good move in place of Exhaust.)

I always start with the Long Sword it seems to get the job done, I then get a tome and work towards a swiftness boot.

Offense: Starting Offense is something that should only be done after level 3, before then youre taking too much damage. If there is a Sivir or Veigar on the map by level 3 get them to call Mia and go kill that Veigar.
But the real offense starts at level 6.

Mid Game:
By now you have the swiftness boots, which will take the place of a decent armor for a while as escaping is worth 3 times as much as the best armor. Get the Mallet for more HP and the slow proc from off your R. Stick to ganking the Veigars abut look out for lower hp tanks but do not underestimate them because if you cant kill them in your initial burst they will hurt you back hard.

The whole point here is the wind up to rage blade; once you get this item your life will be many times easier especially on punishing tanks for living. Rage blade seems to not get enough credit for Akallii, but its the only reason for her to get any aspd at all outside of turret smashing which coincidentally this helps with turret smashing as well, go figure.

Once Ive gotten rage blade I spend my time pushing minions, ganking when my team is massing all while killing creeps in the jungle. The whole point is to hit the number 1600 to get a might powerful staff that will up the ante a bit. (After this you dont want much more AP despite what others say, unless you went magic pen instead of armor pen on your rune build.) Also it dependent on what your enemy is doing, if you have a lot of melee dps on your team you might want to go AP.

If youve been getting hunted a bit maybe by another burst dps and dont want to waste money on sights then its probably better for you to go frozen mallet first, the hp build will help. Getting either the mallet or the large staff marks the beginning of end game for me.

End Game:
Akali at this point will have her hands full, do it right and you will be able to put the hurt on 2 to all 5 of your enemies, just remember who and keep feeding off them, keep an eye open for weakened foes and hunt them if you were in a team fight don�¢ï¿½ï¿½t worry about your hp if your above ���½ on a hunt just keep your W off CD and stay in or near the jungle. ZR should be all the AP you need but if you want to poke people for hit n runs, just get the guardian angel.

The R is really situational and honestly Ive never tried to use it as an escape but I heard it can be, honestly W for me is never off CD.

If the match is going very well though and youve been getting your kills a 4th item of choice over Guardians would be Trinity Force, this is only if youve been getting fed very well and are very easily getting your kills and getting out of the fight.

If you see 3 people with at half or below half hp and you have 3 stacks of your Rs then there is no reason that you should not be able to kill all 3 of them. Start with the squishy ones first or whoever is closer, this whole time you will be using your R to travel as you regen 1 stack after a kill. Then get the next one closes to the tower or about to escape. Even if you dont kill the first one, then use your R back to the first one to finish the job, go to the one you havent touched and kill him too.
Again, there is no reason why you cant kill them all.

Note 2:

If your hp is below half dont just run, especially if someone is 1 sec from being dead, toss a W, juke behind them so your in the chase, then go for the kill and high tail it outta there.