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Akali - Sheen Rush By The Dybbuk

Last updated on November 9, 2010
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>Hello im Roy AKA The Dybbuk.<

Ok im going to keep it simple.

Akalis Passive: 10 atk dmg needed for Spell vamp. And 20 AP for Extra Damage.
With this build you are able to get both at level one.

Because i take 1 Atk dmg Quint, combined with Brute Force in my mastery tree and a dorans
blade as my initial buy. i get that 10 Atk Damage, while my Mastery Tree provides me with
the rest of the AP needed to activate her other part of her passive.
( Quint 2.25 Damage, Brute force 3 Damage, Dorans Blade 6 dmg. Total: 11.25 )
( Seals + Glyps + 2 Quints = 24 AP. )

This is really important for me so i can lane very intensively, Because you will start
with : +120HP, +4 Life Steal, 11,25+ Damage, And 24 ability power.



Most builds ive read go for the hextech which i personally think is unnessesary if you
go for the leech. ( Sure it has nice stats for an early game, and turn in quite a solid
item ) I like to go for the sheen, it will give you that much needed burst to dominate
anyone early game. Shroud > Hit > Mark > hit. / Mark > Hit > Shroud > Hit. or
Mark > Shroud > hit.

>Boots Of Mobility<

My boots are the mobility ones for the reason i mid lane alot and that brings me back
and forth so much faster, and since i dont need atk speed or mercury which are nice aswell
depending on their team i find that mobility brings to much to the table.
Not only can you run back and forth fast it will let you go back to ur lane alot faster
and take creep camps alot faster when u desire to.

>Rylai Scepter<

I cant really comment on Rylai Scepter, it is a musthave because u need that AP and HP.

>Lich bane<

Where Sheen gives you that double base dmg, lich Bane gives you double your AP.
Combined with rylai it will give you alot of burst which you have to try to believe it.

>Guinsoo's Rageblade<

As most of you know Akali is a hybrid Since her E spell mostly profits from atk dmg.
Not only does it give you the Atk Damage but it also gives you the AP.
Akali is a very Macro intensive player if you play her right which means you spamm
alot of her skills, which you top off by hitting so this item is a musthave.
It will provide you with AP on skill hit and melee hits as well as attack speed,
you will be able to get those jungle buffs alot faster and it will help you in many ways.

>Black Cleaver & Zhonya's Ring<

You mostly foccused on ability power so far, and left the atk damage a bit behind which
is no problem since most of her skills profit from AP, but it will be wise to get that
atk damage up. together with guinsoo ( which lets you hit faster ) Black Cleaver is a
perfect item to do the job.

Zhonya's ring will be the cherry that tops of your build for the reason that she will
make your ap go skyhigh. but its passive is handy in numerous occasions to get out of
that battle you might have underestimated, or you found urself in a position you dont
want to be in. ( Hint: Put it in the first or second itembox so you can press 1 or 2 )


As i said before i like to take middle lane so do so when you can.
Reasons: Alot more minion kills which equals more cash and exp.
and your alone so you take all the exp yourself, ofcourse there are others that can
take that middle lane to be alot stronger then anyone thats not, but your akali and your
a ganker, and taking middle lane will prove its worth.

Mid laning can be tricky in the early levels specially against some champs like
mordekaizer, because even if you shroud hes still able to hit you and tank you ones u
get out. but do not worry you will be able to faceroll them ones your 6.
I always take my Q skill as my first skill. this will make you able to harras the enemy
and it will help you get those minion kills you desperately want to have.

use the mark to target minions but just stay back untill level 2. as the minions move in
you can start picking some off and you will reach level 2 quite quickly, take shroud as
your second skill. Now trow your mark and let the cooldown nearly refresh and trow a
shroud near your target and hit it. as soon as you hit it your mark will be ready for use
again, this will give you alot of burst. ( Dont be to late because when ur mark refreshes
the one you applied will be gone! )

As you reach lvl 3 you will take Qskill again for more burst. keep farming which is very
important, but let champions getting to close feel that they are dealing with akali.
as you reach level 4 you will be able to farm more efficient and PLEASE do so.
Mark ur target > wait a bit > Shroud > Hit > Mark > Hit > and use E.
If you find urself taking to much damage just use your shroud defensively and pick some
minions of as your skills will heal you.

Well lvl 5 is nothing interresting, but when you reach lvl 6 the fun will start.
Because ( if you followed my instructions ) you have played real defensively most will
not suspect and instant flash upon them and you doing the dmg you do. if the lane lets
you teleport back at level 6 and get your sheen ( if it doesnt try and get a kill using
the explained way below ). if you managed to get your sheen he will be in for a surprise.
Let your Ultimate stack towards 2 ( since it has 3 stacks ) Preferably use your mark before you use your ultimate to be able to get off that hit as soon as you arrive, if not then use it when u arrive at your target. Make sure u hit him after the mark untill you use your W skill because it will recharge your energy for another quick combo, lets break it down:
Q > R > hit > W > E > Q > Hit. If he runs use R > Q > hit > (E if you have it.) or:
R > Q > hit > W > E > Q > Hit. If he runs use R > Q > hit > (E if you have it.)
There are alot of combos you can apply but i wont go trough all of them. this works.
Now you either scared him, or hes dead. Most likely hes dead if you managed to get sheen.
If he didnt die he will run and recall, or play real defensive and scared to leave his turret.

if you killed him go back to base and get your boots and move back to your lane.
if you didnt farm abit more untill you can get your boots and go to base.

Ones you return i always dominate the lane, and you keep a lookout for a gank.
this is what you keep doing untill outer turrets fall with or without ur help, or untill
your team decides to push.

If you lane with someone and you didnt manage to get the middle lane do the exact same
thing just be carefull and have good communication. be aware of missing people and
remember that you recieve alot less xp and gold and you wont be as strong as you would
have mid lane.

Late game: Let your team engage then you move in with the exact same combo.
Be aware of oracles, if they have any move him to the top of your kill list, if it is
a tank, stay back and wait for oppertunitys.
if you find urself running in a straight line, use ur shroud to help your allies get away.
Most likely if you have a decent team you will dominate.

and your summoners skills are up to you, but i reccomend taking flash to flash in and use
your ultimate at an insane range, to flash out when your in trouble. of when they enclose
you in your shroud to get away.

GL & HF.