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Akali - Solo Queue Ranked

Last updated on March 18, 2011
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Since all the other Akali guides failed in the art of solo queue I decided I would help the community out.

Before reading on please note that this guide works best if u are solo top.

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Since the builder doesn't have them in the builder the other 6 yellow runes are Greater Seal of Lucidity +0.064 Energy regen/5 sec per level (1.15 at champion level 18)

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Early Game/Mid Game/Late Game

Early game whether its 2v1 or 1v1 just last hit and let the lane push so you are at your tower harass harass harass is the name of the game. Use the bushes to your advantage and just harass keep your opponent as low as possible and usually around level 4 you can become really aggressive and net a kill with your slow and blinking ability. Creep score isn't a big issue i mean don't neglect getting any creep kills but just make sure you don't push the lane.

Mid game is when you start roaming and ganking it becomes really easy once you get your sheen and after you get your phage you can start turret diving. At this point abuse your invisibilitys slowing capabilitys.

Late game is the hardest part because your with your team you gotta help them but remember you are clean up don't initiate and target those squishy carries as quickly and efficiently as possible while staying safe.

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Summoner Spells

There are many different summoner spells you can go but I can't run without ignite/ghost.

Ignite for the early game killing and late game keep them from heals.

Ghost is just by far the best summoner in the game offensive or defensive. Also works really well with your invisibility and escaping.