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League of Legends Build Guide Author HiresX

Akali Stack Monster

HiresX Last updated on May 15, 2010
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This is my first build so I had some issues with it.

For summoner abilities:
Ghost: I enjoy this one for the fact it helps out with chasing people who have
Ghost and for running away from other people.
Exhaust: Possibly the greatest summoner spell ever. Blinds and slows. Great for
Melee dependant heros.
Cleanse: This can be amazing as well for getting out of stuns and CC.
Ignite: Alot of people like the damage but I don't if you want it replace ghost
with it.

Now my mastery build I couldn't get the build thing to work but I use a 21-0-9 taking the AP and attack speed and attack damage.

For runes you can use your own preference as I personally don't think they make a massive difference for Akali. I personally use attack speed, CDR, and magic pen. Any combination of attack dmg/speed/AP/or CDR will work great for her.

Early Game
For early game start out with a Long sword. This gives you a bit of health regen and increases damage output and opens up for a sword of the occult a bit faster.
I generally stay out in a lane using my Q ability every time its off CD to farm creeps or harass enemies. When you have enough money to go back to base and outright buy a sword of the occult and boots do so. Now for boots Just get whatever you think be suits fighting the other team. If they have a lot of magic or CC Go with merc treads. If they have lots of melee go with ninja tabi.

Mid Game
By this time you should have Sword of Occult and a couple stacks hopefully. Get Mejai's asap. once that is done depending on if you need a slow or more damage or more health because you keep getting focused grab either the guinsoo's leviathan or rylia's.

Late Game
Hopefully by this time you've got atleast half stacks if not more on both your mejai's and sword. Finish getting the last of your items and You'll find you do pretty good damage and have plenty of survivability.

For your abilities before you dance into a person always mark them. soon as you dance use your crescent slash and save twilight shroud for times you need to help slow or your in a big team fight. and need to help make them stop focusing on you.

Sorry if this is not the best build but as long as your not an overly aggressive player till late game you will see at the least a 2:1 ratio in most games. If you have any suggestions just post a comment and I'll play with it to see how it fits. Thanks I appreciate all kinds of reviews.