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Akali Build Guide by Soul Split XI

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soul Split XI

Akali - The Shadows are your Friend [Mid Gameplay]

Soul Split XI Last updated on December 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello all! This is my first guide. I have been been using Akali as my main for quite a while, and realized that literally nobody builds her the way I do. And maybe with some proof, I can convince the game to shift directions. This is MY build, that works absolute wonders for me (I've never lost a 1v1 versus an Akali, and I have never lost my lane in a game; this might be bold to say and hard to believe, but I have NEVER lost my lane as Akali. Period.)

Try it out before you knock it.

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Before You Continue

This is a video of a guide I will make for playing Akali with my build. Just to show that it works, and give a more In-Depth, visual guide of how to play her rather than all that you will just read here. Combining the two will make even you, you little Darius player, into an unstoppable force of scepter wieldin' knife throwin' drop kickin' epicness.

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Akali's runes and masteries are designed to proc your double passive from level one. The survivability that 8% spell vamp gives you is enough to hold you in your lane, while the extra percent damage allows you to last-hit quite accurately and harass your opponent.

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    AMAZING Burst
    Fun to play
    Can even shut down tanks by herself
    Great clean-up
    One of the only assassins that can initiate a teamfight
    Multiple escape mechanics with Twilight Shroud and a well planned R
    Is a flippin' ninja

    Soon becomes the target of the enemy's attention
    AoE's can still damage her inside Twilight Shroud
    Vulnerable when her W is on cooldown
    Weak without ulti
    Oracles Elixir can ruin your entire game if you become focused

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Early Game

Focus on last hits! Akali excels at getting CS with the lane frozen at the turret. This also restricts your enemy from harassing you. Abuse it.

Akali as a whole doesn't hit her stride until level 6. Until you hit 6, play cautiously, focusing on last hits and harassing with your Q.

As soon as you hit 6, IT. IS. ON. If you are confident in your ability to defeat the enemy with only one use of your ultimate, drop kick them right away. If not, wait until you have two or three stacks, and you will easily defeat any mid champ.

Your burst order is: Q - R - Auto attack - E

After you have killed their mid, pat yourself on the back. Clean up any minions in your way, and head back to base to buy your


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Mid Game

After picking up Sheen, mid belongs to you. This is where opinions differ from me; EVERY AKALI PLAYER I HAVE EVER SEEN (Along with Katarina, but I will get into her in her own guide) builds Revolver first. NO. In my mind, you are an ASSASSIN. Survivability is nice, but Sheen can be used early game to secure your victory like no other. By the time your burst is over, Sheen will proc over 200-300 damage on a champion you otherwise would have missed out on. At level 6 (or any level in reality) this is a huge amount that you do not want to miss out on.

Gank other lanes, making sure to ping them of your presence. You will be able to kill the enemy champions with ease. So just do it. But don't forget about your lane.

By mid game you should have your Rylais. GG. The slow on this item is game changing: Enemy's can no longer escape you, even if they stun you and flash away, you can still catch them. Random Hecarim escaping your team? Drop kick his face and let your team catch up. Between the slow of your Twilight Shroud (W) and Rylais, you are an assassin with incredible CC capability. The extra health allows you some survivability, so you can just keep chucking knives, ya spear chucker.

NOW we can get Revolver. Or, you can rush your Lich Bane if you are absolutely dominating and just want to continue that trend. People WILL rage quit and blame their mid for feeding. Just brush it off, and get yourself a penta.

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Late Game

What late game? You're Akali!

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In All Seriousness

Late game is where you will be focused so hard. Even though you have shut down the entire team, if they make it to late game without surrendering, you will be the target of their attention. Guardian Angel will fix all of your problems. If you have played well enough, you can rush in the team and get a double/triple before they nuke you down. Then watch whoever is left FREAK OUT that you are about t- PENTAKILLLLLLLLL!!!!!!


Because there is no proper response to a penta kill, just respond to the team you just shut down with a calm, sincere "UHNNN!!!!"

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Special Thanks

Thanks to everyone supporting me and junk! My friend FederalExpress0 for playing Lulu and assuring that all our games are purple tasting. And my brother Jeremy M Davis for being the Furry Overlord (Teemo) with all the shrooms and love.

If you want to catch up with me in game, my summoner name is Soul Split XI

Thanks! Have fun drop kickin'!