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Akali Build Guide by Guest

Akali the undying ninja!

Akali the undying ninja!

Updated on June 29, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 1,854 Views 0 Comments
1,854 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Akali Build Guide By Guest Updated on June 29, 2011
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This is my first build so if you got any advice please leave them in the comments. This is a hybrid build on akali. Like u see on the items above, this will get u a huge amount of spell vamp. This is really helpfull, cose none can kill you even if ure almost dead.
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Why did i choose for 21/9/0? U really need the extra AD, AP, magic pren etc... from the offensive mastery line. Why ive chosen for the 9 in defence is cose of the extra movement speed from dodge attacks, togheter whit ninja tabi ure in fight still a little faster then ure opponent what can be very helpfull.
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Ninja Tabi: like ide said before togheter whit ure defence ure a little bit faster in fight then ure opponent.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: AP and AD what better then that for a akali? well maybe cose whit every spell and attack she does she get extra AS and AP. Ure in fight and u keep getting stronger its a very helpfull item when u use Akali, since not everyone like's it.

Hextech Gunblade: This is just the most overpowered item for akali ( my opinion ). It gives u AP for ure abilitys, Life steal cose u do some basic attack's to, AD for ure swing and spell vamp, and ofcourse where this build belonges to: SPELL VAMP! But make sure, always buy hextech revolver first.
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Skill Sequence

In this chapter ill explane how to make a succesfull Assasination. First throw Mark of the assasin to ur target. then shadow dance on him and hit him a few times. after that use swing mark shadow dance, probly hes dead by now and if hes not do the combo again this usually works for me but everyones got a opinion.
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Summoner Spells


Flash: Flash is very helpfull. To reach a target if ure charges are down, to make an epic escape, to flash away from assasination under a tower. I think this is ure main spell.

Ignite: Getting angry of lucker? Getting frustrated of healing? no porblem just put an ignite on them! Great for finishing of enemys and keep reminding: the recieve 50% reduce healing so put it in teamfights on champs like ww, mundo the one whit great life steal / healing.


Ghost: Helpfull to keep attacking them or run away very fast, but for killing people its not really a big help.

Cleanse: Getting a CC? no problem cleanse urself up and take some revenge!

Teleport: For easy map travel but not really a matchmaking spell for akali.

Never pick:

Heal: it gives u a reduction on healing and whit ure spell vamp its just a bad spell for u.
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I hope u guys had fun reading and get some good games! leave comments to advice, hate if u want or just wanna say something positive. Keep remembering: this is my first LoL build.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Akali Guide
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Akali the undying ninja!

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