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Akali Build Guide by Malkavian999

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Malkavian999

Akali Top Lane Guide to Counter all tanks/melee

Malkavian999 Last updated on May 1, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Introduction / Top Lane Guide

Hey there I am Malkavian and this is my Top Lane Akali Build. IF you want to know what kinda gameplay you are gonna follow please check out my Akali Top Lane Full Gameplay Video (Ranked) . And if you like it you can continue reading for details.

As a top laner your main goal is to win your lane / destroy your opponents turret and maintaining map control.

To do that you need to pick Teleport. I know some top laners like Renek/Fiora/Trynd/Riven players starts with ignite. That is WRONG! It is more like saying ' Hey guys I am gonna play to win my lane and you guys will be 4v5 in all mid/late game teamfights!' ' Ah btw also if I split push and if tf starts I can be there aproximately 1 min after tf starts!' 'Ah btw if enemy top laner has tp and if he is smart and if he split push i need to go over there to face him but if he tp to teamfight when i jsut get there gg wp enemy team will win.'

SO as a toplaner stop being selfish and pick TELEPORT (If you are not againist swain or vlad etc. But in that situation ask your midlaner to take tp.)

If you are not losing your lane hard. Do not use your Teleport to get into your lane all the time. You can use the first TP cooldown to get back in lane but use rest to get some objectives. It is just as bad as picking another summoner if you use Teleport to get back in lane all the time. Stop being selfish and use your abilities and resources to help teammates.

To play top lane you need be expert about champions. Not just all the top lane champions you need to know about junglers too. If you lack knowledge about your opponents skillset you will lose 1v1 most likely. Without knowing when you can deal spike damage and when you should deal damage do not play a solo lane. It is important to know which champion has advantage on what level.

For example Renekton is weak in 1-2 levels, Akali q+aa have insane 1st level damage, Riven has the most dmg output in lvl 1 with his q and aa combo, Vlad is a strong champion but in level 1-2 you can outdps a Vlad easily, Garen is good at level 2 and he doesnt use mana so be careful and dont let him liferegen so attack him once in a while to not proc his hp regen, Maokai is strong in every 5th spell etc.

So without knowing your enemy skillset and when your enemy can win trades do not play 1v1 lanes.

What you should do as a TOP LANER?

-Always try to be first in lane and kill first 2-3 melee mobs earlier than your opponent without taking damage.
-If you manage to kill enemy melee minions always trade with your enemy since your minions can deal more than you in 1st level.
-After using your omba fall back to lsoe enemy minion aggro. Minions deal tons of damage in first 1-3 level range so mind them.
-Always ward your river bush in 3-4 min mark. Most of the junglers gank top lane first when their jungle rotation is done. Depending on the champion they gank mostly in 3:30 min
-If you feel like losing trades, give up on some mobs stay close enough to get exp and farm under your turret.
-Btw learn how to farm under turret if you cant do it! (If you lose more than 2 minions under your turret that means you need training)
-Always build items to counter your opponents. If enemy has ad champs build armor if enemy has ap top laner build Magic resist.
-Keep an eye on bot lane side after lvl 6 and if your teammates deep wards bot lane ( means the wards on their lane side bush which is perfect for tp) always seek for gank opportunities ( if you enemies pushing lane and if they pass the deep ward)
-Try to be close to objectives. If you jungler pings rift herald be there.
-Do not leave your lane without pushing it. Top lane is a long lane so if you push lane and recall you can get back to lane without losing mobs to your turret.
-Do not push your lane unless you are very confident about dodging skills. Focus point of most junglers are top and mid lane.
-Try to kill crab in river to maintain more vision in your spare time.
-If you are sure enemy jungler is nor near and if your enemy leaves lane try to farm even the packs on your enemies 2nd turret (Proxy farm)
-In first 10 min build to win your lane but after that try to analyse enemy team and prepare yourself to teamfights. For example if your enemy is Vlad and if you already killed him 2-3 times. And if you game has a 4 kill Lucian on enemy team. Stop building MR items and build armor/hp items instead. See the bigger picture and win the game.
-If match is goin easy for you and if you think you can win trades easily on 1v1 When you see enemy jungler in bot lane without a red buff on him. Go for his jungle and try to steal red buff
-Always change your yellow trinket with the blue one after level 9. It gives more vision range and you can spam it as long as wards not seen. It is OP trust me.

Fun Video

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Thunderlord Mastery tree is the best mastery tree for Akali so far. Extra damage on 3rd attack which scales with ad/ap fits Akali great. Akali is a Hybrid Champions after all. You get benefit from both ap and ad. ap is good on early game and ad makes your damage really high and gives you sustain

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Most people rush Hextech with Akali and then go full damage. I see some people even building Guinsoo but I think most powerful Akali build is still AP. Also even though it is nerfed Sheen brings enormous dmg increase to Akali.

So I start with Corruption Potion since it is good to stay in lane and harass people in 1-2 level. When I first back I try to build Sheen. After Sheen I go for Giants Belt since we have good dps and we just need time to land a 2nd combo and hp allows you to stay alive till your 2nd combo.

People needs to understand that Akali is strong with her q+r+aa+e+aa combo. Without it you cant deal spike damage. So I build Sheen + Rylai+ Hextech on most of the matches with this order. And after Hextech finished I complete Lich Bane.

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Skill Sequence

Akali Akali's Most powerful combo is:

q (wait 2 secs) + r + aa + q + aa + e + w + q + r + aa ....

Most important part is to wait after first q which allows you to reset your cd again so when you jump to your enemy and aa you can use a second q and proc it again.

In late game you are gonna use:

r + q + aa + e + w + q + r + aa... etc

Since your r has more range than q and you cant get close without getting focused you need to flank your enemies most of the time and you need to engage with your r

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passive: gives spellwamp and lifesteal
q: deals minor ap damage but marks target. If you attack your target while it is marked you deal more ap damage to him.
w: makes you invisible as long as you stay in it without attacking an enemy.
e: deals ad damage to surrounding enemies.
r: jumps to your enemies while dealing ap damage.

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I find Akali very powerful in solo lane but in late game and vs cc team Akali gets useless in late game. So you need to focus on ganking/roaming and finishing game in early/mid game.

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Ranked Play

In ranked games your job is to take 1-2 kill from your enemy in lane and then use your teleport when you reach lvl 6 for bot lane to get kills+dragon. Then you can snowball your team. As an Akali player farming big numbers is never your goal. Farming good but roaming awards more.

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Pros / Cons

-Great damage in 1-2 level vs melee champions
-Great mobility and insane amount of damage
-Invisibility shroud also gives you speed.
-Snowballs fast

-Weak vs CC
-Weak vs Pink wards
-Not that much but tanky champions stops him a bit
-Relies on CC in her team in late game.

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Creeping / Jungling

Try to steal enemy junglers red buff or blue buff whenever you see enemy jungler in bot lane side. Try not to die more than 3 tiems in your laning phase.

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Team Work

Your job is to 1shot or 1combo enemy adc/apc then you should deal damage as much people as you can. To learn how to do that you can also watch my video. Which I carried hard while we were losing. (Ofc with help of my teammates)

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The End

If you have any feedbacks please do not hesitate to leave a comment.If you like the guide please give vote to this guide.

Have fun on your game!