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Akali Build Guide by speedzombie

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author speedzombie


speedzombie Last updated on September 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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To start out, this is my first ever guide. Akali is a very fun ap/ad carry with massive amounts of burst, huge amounts of spell vamp and huge range. Some say she isnt op but with this guide you'll think otherwise.

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Pros and Cons

-HUGE nuke
-very fast
-fun to play
-is great for mid lane
-low low CDs

-Is not that great until level 6 when she gets her ultimate
-Gets wrecked if stunlocked
-Oracles hurt her

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Runes and Summoner Spells

I picked up the magic pen for early and late game ruling. I got the ap runes for the bonus it gives me to my passive and the speed quintessences for of course chasing running and baiting.

I chose flash and ignite because the ignite gives great dmg and also the 10 AP is pretty nice. The flash is really great for akali. If you just finished killing a person at a tower and there are no creeps/ your jump is off CD then you can flash out. Also you can chase and dodge ultimates.

The move speed runes and items are really great. If u want to take out all the squishys and or melee carrys then you'll have to be able to run fast. With the defensive items in there you'll be able to jump into a pack of three instantly kill someone like tristana then twilight shroud and run away or jump away to someone who doesn't have any CCs or a creep.

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SMARTCASTING and is affectiveness

If you don't already know about smartcasting.. google it. With akali all of her spells are really short CDs and it can be monotonousness in the pace of battle to keep clicking. And if you really want to you can faceroll. with all of your spells smartcasted and your gunblade smartcasted on 1 then you just smash your keyboard and win. Easy as pie.

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Akali farms really well. If you're facing someone like cait in the middle then just keep throwing marks at the creeps when they have low health. Also remember that you get a good amount of hp if u hit them after u throw a mark.

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Twilight shroud

When soloing mid or running or anything be sure to always use twilight shroud. When mid and they are harrasing you put the shroud in front of you, go in, then throw your mark at a low health creep or at the champion and run back. If running from someone and they are a lot faster then you, either wait for their creeps to come and jump to them or jump to an enemy player that has low health. If you still haven't gotten away you can jump to more enemy creeps or just back at them and run into your shroud again. I usually don't use the shroud to slow people because my trinity force takes care of that and if not trinity force then my gunblade will. The shroud is best saved for fights because you never know when a gank will happen.

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Hints and tips

When in a team fight or running or whatever. Always remember you can jump to enemy creeps with your ultimate. However, with smart cast on be sure you know what your range is for your ultimate is. For instance, if you want to tower dive then make sure there are enemy monsters near you so after you kill him you can jump back to them so the tower only hits you a few times. Also remember to focus the squishys like ranged carrys or mages because they drop like flies. With this guide you can instantly do over 1500 dmg on someone with no defenses. When fighting blitz or someone with a skill shot and they are about to use it, JUMP at them. You'll go inside of them making them miss watever they shot then you can just do your shroud or whatever to get away or kill.

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MID lane/ Ganking

For this build to work you'll need insane moneys. For I recommend going mid because first, you'll be able to farm insanely well and second you wont have the pressure of if you attack one character you wont just get double teamed and butt raped. Keep using your Q and E for farming and when fighting an aggresive mid your W (shroud) so you can sneak in a mark of the assassin creep kill.

Akali is a great ganker. Gank side lanes whenever you can.

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With this build akali has 104 percent spell vamp and 50 percent life steal. 104 PERCENT! That's when you hit a creep with your mark then attack it you gain back 900 hp. With 100 hp I've solo'd a full health MF and a full health Xin with my insane burst and life steal. The MF was critting my for 600 but my spell vamp beat that. Keep in mind the picture has a deathcap in it. If they don't have many AD carrys you can get a deathcap.I had about 2.2k hp and i took 82k dmg. I died 5 times. That's 11k dmg. That leaves 72k. So i healed back maybe around 50k during battles with my spell vamp. (107% spell vamp 50% life steal) NOW THATS OP