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League of Legends Build Guide Author BallBreakimus

Alistar be Rollin'

BallBreakimus Last updated on December 30, 2010
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So, this is my support tank Alistar that is built specifically to push towers and save teammates' ***es. My goal here was to see if Alistar could be built off-tank, and lo and behold, I think this has potential. This is also my first guide here, so, be gentle. That being said, here goes:

Rune Selection

9x Mark of Alacrity -- This is for attacking turrets. Armor Pen doesn't matter against them, so attacking them faster is my solution for that.

9x Seal of Clarity -- Mana Regen is huge for Alistar, as his mana pool is pretty diminutive. Let's just say that his size is an overcompensation.

9x Glyph of Focus -- Flat cooldown reduction is really useful. Getting your CC back as fast as you can helps in teamfights and with surviving

3x Quintessence of Fortitude -- Having this extra health with the defense masteries puts you around 730 health lv 1. That allows you to be aggressive to get early game kills.

Mastery Selection

I chose the 0/21/9 build for the Armor, MR and health mostly. The damage reduction is really just icing on the cake. Also, having free health regen is nice, even if it is janky. [Alistar's tiny mana pool] Taking the full utility tree didn't seem as beneficial, as you only really take it for mana regen and summoner spell CD. I feel that 9 in that tree where my points are suffices, as your seals cover the main bulk of your mana regen.

Item Sequence

Start out with a Sapphire Crystal and both a Mana and Health potion.
From there, you will finish Tear of the Goddess and buy Boots of Speed.
At that point, you'll want to rush Guinsoo's Rageblade. This helps with not only killing your turrets, but also makes your abilities (Q and W both scale with AP 1:1) that much better.
Then you want to finish off building your boots. Depending on the other team, you will build Sorcerer's Boots or Mercury Treads. I only suggest the Treds if you're facing a team with an ***load of CC or AP champs.
At this point, you'll be around Mid-game, I'm assuming, so for extra survivability, I suggest buying Aegis of the Legion. It's cheap, and it's good for you and your team.
Then you'll want to immediately finish off Manamune so you're doing more damage all around.
Around this time you can choose to either continue the AP/AS style with either Nashor's Tooth or Malady. I think that Nashor's Tooth is a lot better because of the CD that it supplies, but you might be strapped for gold, so play accordingly.
You can also finish 'Tanking Up' by building items like Force of Nature, Sunfire Cape, Warmog's Armor, Thornmail, Banshee's Veil or Abyssal Scepter. I really like Scepter for it's utility, as it does 3 things.
The build you see at the top is what I suggest, as it's pretty balanced against most teams. If teams tend to be AD or AP heavy, just adjust accordingly.

I would also like to stress the importance of Sight Wards. They are invaluable for guarding against ganks and for keeping general map awareness. They are lifesavers.


Alistar has the ability to go 2v1 if your team has a jungler, but I prefer to lane with someone when I play with him. In combination with other heroes, your team is bound to get FB because of his really good CC. I prefer laning with a ranged squishy as his heal (E) is most beneficial that way.


Grab your early-game items and head to your lane. You want to be last-hitting the **** out of creeps. Rush back as soon as you have enough for Tear and boots and then run back. For a tank, Alistar is a crazy-good farmer. His -Q- is crazy against creep waves throughout the entire game. Early on, you just want to wait until a few of them are just below half health to use it. You should kill those 2 or 3 creeps and weaken any of the other ones that are close by. If any of the other team members over-extend or get a little adventurous, PUNISH THEM. Make sure to png them so your laning buddy knows, and engage with Q. It's at this point you want to pop ignite so your getting DoT while you're beating them up. When they try to run away Headbutt (W) them to death. Pop your heal as you need to, but remember to keep an eye on your mana. Even bomb-*** healer-tanks of doom are ****ed if they don't have mana in a fight.


At this point you should have Tear, Rageblade and Either Sorc boots or Merc Treds. This is when you do one of two things:
1.Start pushing the **** out of turrets
2.Start ganking the **** out of the other team
Follow those detailed instructions, and your on your way to vicory. Also, in the meantime, be sure to get Aegis of the Legion and finish Manamune and start working on your other items. Keep in mind that you are a tank/pusher and not a carry, so try to let the carries get most of the kills.


By now, you should have finished most of your items and the game should be full-on team-fight mode. For these instances I absolutely URGE you to not be first person to engage. You are the off-tank/healer. Your objective, unless absolutely necessary, is to come in from the side, Headbutt their squishy carry off to the side then jump into the fray. Remember to get as close as you can to as many of their team members as you can for the stun's full effect. From there, spam Q and E.

I'm pretty sure you know by now that you can Ult and dive for turret kills pretty easily. Even with several opposing champs harassing you, with the AS and AD of your items, stacking with your Ult, you should be able to kill a full-health turret in ten seconds or less. Do this for the win.

In Closing

Hope you enjoyed my take on this Champ. As with every other champ in the League, He has the massive potential to kick all kinds of ***.

If you liked this, give me the 1+

Have fun.