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Alistar King of the Guardians

Last updated on July 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Huge Creature Against Enemy CHAPTER-1

People usually plays support with Alistar.But those people didnt see Alistar as a tank next to the ad carry on bottom line.Its actually a tactic.Im calling it "FHPI" it means Flash-Headbutt-Pulverize-Ignite...Im not going to explain it too long.Because its an easy tactic but you can't apply it truly without practice..(I will upload a video about this tactic soon)And you dont have to be bottom with Ali and this tactic.You can be better top then Darius.Tactic works untill level 6.But i killed 12 people at level 5 with this tactic.I will prove it soon.Tactic is basicly.If some champion ignores you and attack the turret (Ad carries doing this lot) you will use flash behind him and with using headbutt you will throw him in front of the turret(There should be max 5 minions) and you will go between to him quickly and use the Pulverize and last thing you will use the ignite on him and start to auto attacks.If you did smoothly what i said minions will be dead at the pulverize time.And turret will start to attack him/her.

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Huge Creature Against Enemy CHAPTER-2

When you playing as a tank Alistar and going up next to an ad carry,FHPI is changeable.
If your friend is Ashe as an ad carry you can wait at the second grass with ashe.when some of the come for check out the grass you will flash behind him and do the same tactic with ashe.Ashe will finish him.

If you playing next to Caitlyn its hard to kill an enemy unit.Caitlyn should go jungle and stack his auto attack even if he didnt kill golem.he just should stack it.And caitlyn should open his q skill first and she must take an ignite.That way you can kill one of them at the start.

If you are playing next to Teemo,Tristana,Vayne,Its easy to kill if target is an ad carry too.If it is a support its easier to kill it.if target is a tank like alistar.Ashe must be waiting in 2.grass and alistar must wait 1.grass.When someone came out ashe will make fake run and pull one of them to close to alistar but he cant go 1.grass too.because if he do that they wont follow.when they followh him alistar will do his trick and... First Blood.

If your friend is twisted fate as an ad carry,it will be an epic own.Even better then Ashe&Alistar..Do you know why? Because;
1-Twisted Fate have a passive skill,it makes more damage with 4 stacks.If Twisted Fate takes attackspeed items,it will be like bang,bang,booooooooom,bang bang boooooooom :) i meant it will be too quick.
2-Twisted Fate have Stun and Slow.When alistar finish the FHPI Twisted will stun the target,ignite it and start to auto attack.OWNEEEEEEEEEEED! :)
3-TF Have Teleport and Seing the everybody on map as ulti.If alistar is a solo top he will apply the FHPI Tactic next to turret and twisted will be teleport there on mid as a mage.and they both will kill the target.Its not 1 time thing its can happen all the time when enemy start to attack turret and ignores alistar.If the ignoring champ is Malphite,You guys should make more effort for kill him.You should stun him 2 times consecutively and dont let malphite take a breath.Its same on mundo.Because they both can run away.Let the running away they can kill TF with ulti.You guys know mundo is immortal with 1 Warmog+Ulti+Other deffensive items. :) But we are talking about untill level 6.level 10 they wont take warmog or lot of defensive items on that level.
Thats My Tactic About Alistar,If do you like Alistar, USE IT! FHPI
You guys can also communicate with me.Im Anakin16...