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Last updated on February 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The big reason all the yorick players build a manamume is because of the need of mana. Therefore we have the dorans ring. The ring gives a 5 mana reward for every last hit.

While you lane you need to farm using only your auto attacks. Having the att. speed runes will help you with last hitting.

Don't go all in on your champion. Stay focussed on the last hits and harass your opponent with your E. Especially when your opponent did some kind of damage, heal yourself up with the lifesteal of your E.

Once you hit level 2, you could start harassing AND lasthitting minions you wouldnt get with auto's using your W. Because of the runes and dorans ring, you have some AP, so you can also do extra damage. Though, this will cost you mana, so dont do it to often!
Your W is also valid for brush checking and saving yourself from enemy ganks. Pop it near the ganking opponent and he'll get slowed enormous. If he gets near you use your E to stay alive and keep going for the W to keep them away from you.

BRUSH PROBLEMS (?) - As you might know, the ghouls won't follow your enemie in the brush. You could ward the brush to let the ghouls follow you, or even better: use your w first in the brush and then let your others follow the champion inside the brush.


  • Farm using auto attacks
  • Don't push away from the middle of lane
  • Harass using E and later W
  • Evade ganks using your W
  • Start ganks using W and come closer using your Q on a minion (or opponent)
  • Check brushes using W

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Later Laning

Around now you should need to have your trinity force. This makes you a good roamer. Go gank mid once and go check out the enemies jungle.

- Cause a Yorick with blue, is a happy Yorick! -

When you are in lane, the ganks of your enemies will be more intense: using ults.
When the ganking and laning opponent chase you, it's always nice to go for your ult on yourself. Walk to your turret and let your clone do some dmg on the enemies while blocking all their skillshots.

GANKS (?):
it's pretty easy to see a gank coming without a ward.
When a player is going to do some kind of spell or skill on you, he'll get a yellow line surrounding him. When you notice this you should back (ofcourse), but if you notice he keeps losing farm and keeps getting the yellow line, you need to know something is up
- like a jungler in the brush? -

This fact is also true for when somebody is ganking in your favor. So when you see an allie in the brush, or coming to wards, stay cool. Don't chance anything about your gaming style. Let the opponent come out towards you and than go for the W and Q. Your jungler can come out and - BOOM! - you (or your jungler) got a kill!.

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Teamfights and more

When your or the opponent top turret is destroyed, your laning is over. From now on you need to gank and jungle,, - But still keep an eye on your top lane to farm! -.

Yorick is good in a 1v1 because he can make it easily to a 2v1 using the ult. Once you find an enemie, first check a couple of things: Do you have enough mana? and Do you have enought health?

Once both are true, you can go in! Start with your E to gain back the life he gets from you popping all of his abbilities first. From there all you need to do is spam your Q, W and E to let your passive do its thing. Halfway your fight you can use your R to give you extra damage and extra survibability. (Dont use your R when going in to the fight because your enemie will flee and you used your skills for nothing.

Dont get caught in a 1v2 situation, only when you are really fed and have a huge advantage.
- But when you do, follow the 1v1 situation but focussing the TANKY ONE with your E, and the SQUISHY ONE with your Q and W (and ignite).

Teamfight will be the time to shine. Because you have a lot of sustain during the teamfight using your ghouls (giving you health and reduced dmg) you can be a real pain in the *** for the enemie. Go for the squishy onces and go your way up to the tanks.
- ULT (?), it is common to ult your ADC for maximum output of the dmg. BUT as i have seen in lots of games playing yorick, yorick deals more dmg lategame (using this build) than the adc does. If this is the case: JUST ULT YOURSELF, be selfish.


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