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All Lane Poppynation

Last updated on January 26, 2014
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Hello, my Summoner Name is not Important
I maked this Poppy Build to, show some Buildways to Play Poppy on every Lane.
Yes Poppy can play every Role !!!(Support/ ADC/ MID/ Jungler/ Top)
And I add some Funny Builds to Play on Twisted Treeline and Howling Abyss.

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My Main Spell ist Ghost
Very Good Spell to Escape or Chase/Dive
Some Times i also play with Teleport
This Spell is pretty Awsome to get Back to Lane, Lane Teleport Gang or Backdoor/Splitpush

Sometimes i take Flash
but i think this Spell is not so Good as Ghost

My Secondary Spell is Ignite/Exhaust
I only take Exhaust
when i play Support Poppy, because i think this Spell helps alot to shut down the Enemy ADC
Else i take Ignite
as a very good DMG Spell and Healingreducer

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Cons/ Pros

- Greatest Enemy: True Damage and DoTs because then your Passive didnt Work
- Still very easy to kill ( The Passiv is great but didnt make you Unkillable)
- Sometimes is hard to decide which enemy to aim with your Ultimate
- need her Farm to get the Gold and pwn her Enemy

+ Poppy is one of the Least Played Champs so you have a Surprise Effect on your Side
+ Great Burst ( especially on AP)
+ Great Towerdiver and Chaser ( Ulti + High Movementspeed)
+ Fast Baron/Dragon clear (The Q does %dmg on HP), (Poppy can do Solo Baron when building right)
+ Great Teamfight Impact ( You are the one who Aim the Enemy ADC or Mage and Oneshot him and nobody can stop you exept one, but this one is not enough for you)
+ Able to do a Pentakill, when nobody Focus you at the Start of the Teamfight, because you are the Underdog

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When i Play Jungle Poppy, i mostly play Junglefarm Poppy and gang sometimes on the Lanes, but mostly Farm, because you need your Gold to get down the Enemy at the lategame.

My Farmroute is
Blue(Smite)--> GreatGhost --> Wolves(Smite) --> Ghostcamp --> Red(Smite)
--> Gang Bot/Top/Mid --> Backport to Heal and Shop
--> Wolves --> Ghostcamp --> Golems(Smite) --> Backport and Shop
then you can decide Gang another Lane or start Farmroute Again with Golems or Great Ghost

else you can also play nearly all other fast jungling routes with poppy

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Poppy needs her Farm to get her Items and Kill the Enemy

Most of the Time on the Lane (Top/Mid/Bot ADC) i try to lasthit and Farm under the Tower
Why Farm under the Tower?
You get the Same farm as you enemy but your lane is pushed at you side, so the enemy jungle is not able to gang you easily + your Jungler had i easier to gang your Enemy.

When you have Problems to hold your Lane and get Bullied out,
i recommend Greater Quintessence of Health Regeneration the healtregen per Sec help you Alot to Stay in Lane and Farm

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Using your Ultimate

Using your Ultimate is sometimes a Hard Decision
I try to Make a Priortlist which Enemy you should Ulti in which Situation

Support(with no CC) > ADC > Rest > Mage
In Teamfight mostly i Ulti the Enemy Support when he has no CC because CC is the Only Thing that can Stop you from Killing Enemies.
There Existing alot of Support who have alot of CC like (Alistar/ Leona/ Tresh/ Blitz/ Janna, etc) then i Ulti the Enemy ADC.
Why Ulti the Enemy ADC? You ask maybe yourself now.
Its an Easy Explanation:
Mostly the Enemy ADC has no CC.
--> But he does a Lot of Damage and kill you?
--> When you Ulti the Enemy ADC you does 20% More damage to Him so he is more easy to Kill and mostly in a few Seks dead (2-3)
--> Also most Enemy goes Panic when they see you ulti him so he flews, when he flew he cant do damage to you, what is good for you because you are always faster then the Enemy then you are Poppy ( W, Ghost + Items and Runes with MovementSpeed) catches everything

This way you can easily can kill alot of People in 1vs2 because its a 1 vs 1 first which you win easily because of you Burst and Stun and then the next enemy it is the Same.

Also you can go in 1vs5 ( with your team in the Near) kill the Enemy ADC and run away with no harm, and then run back into the Teamfightfight and win the Teamfight Easily becaue you are 5vs4 and the enemy has no ADC.

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How to Burst Down the Enemy (No Math)

As AP Poppy
(Twin Shadows to Reveal and Slow them/ Seraph´s Embrace to shield you when Lowlife
(your Passiv Doubles the Shield, because when Lowlife mostly everthing is more then 10% and get reduced)

Ulti --> Deathfire Grasp --> Hextech Gunblade --> E --> AA --> Q

As AD Poppy ( an Active Muramana adds to all of your Skills and AA ca. 120 Extra DMG which is n1)

Ulti --> Hextech Gunblade --> Blade of the Ruined King --> E --> AA --> Q

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Last Words

I know there a Lot of Grammar and Writing Mistakes in this Guide because English is not my Main Language, i hope thats no Problem for you.
I hope this Guide which mostly would get no Attention helped you a little Bit to Play Poppy and Pwn the Enemy in the Name of Valoran.

Last Lesson: Dont Forget your Active Items they are Awsome and Pretty Strong and you have alot of them in your Build
( BotRK, Gunblade, Deathfire Grasp, Twin Shadows, Ward Item ;), Bottle, Trinket, Frost Queen Claim, Seraph´s Embrace, Muramana( alot of DMG), Hydra, Ghostblade, Scimar, Face of the Mountain, Randiums.