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League of Legends Build Guide Author funkel1989

Alpha death!

funkel1989 Last updated on October 7, 2010
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Now before we start everyone that looks at this and says an AP built Yi is going to suck you really need to try this build first. I promise as long as you�re not dumb *** and play teamwork your pretty much going to rape early game and end game and mid game you should be doing pretty decent also.

First your summoner spells will work best as clarity and teleport. This will keep your mana up so you can continually use your alpha strike giving you break farming ability when it comes to creeps, and a somewhat ranged harassment ability. In doing this your first items should also be the miki pendant and 2 health pots. It is very important to stay in battle as much as possible to not fall behind and get gold gold gold. Clarity helps restore yours and your lane mate�s mana when needed. If you do die teleport will get you back fast and your miki pendant and health pots also help with mana and keeping your health up so you can afford to jump in at time when you wouldn't normally be able to.

First trip back:
On your first trip back you should be around level 4 or 5 at MAX! You should not need to go back until you have 2000 gold. That keeps you in battle during important times and also when you do leave you can get your full boots of mobility and finish off the fiendish codex. This should put you right back in battle with a teleport or if you have already used it with the boots of mobility it won't take long to get back there at what should be 451 movement speed.

This should start the team fight or gank your *** phase. Now would be a great time right around the time you hit level 6 or even before to run down the river to gank middle because at such a low level it�s completely unexpected. With your increased AP and movement speed by now you can do quite a lot of damage with one alpha strike which should also be around level 3. This is a great last hit when a zilian or Ashe is trying to run away from a ryse or something. Never stay though! A gank is ok but you don't want to pull enemy heroes from there lanes to help out until a few more levels. If you did choose to jump in and gank this could be a good chance to get a second organized gank back at your line with the hero from middle coming along to help. Make sure to communicate with your team, this is key to a winning fight.

Now keeping in mind with 2 ganks and if you are the one that got the hero kills you should have enough gold for a stringer. About 1150? Pop a blue pill and head back to get it and teleport back to your lane because it should be recharged by now. If you happened to have enough money go ahead and finish the Nashors tooth also because this is a very important item in this build. It gives you the cool down reduction you need to make the AP build worth it. After you have the Nashors tooth you should be able to alpha strike with increased damage because of your AP about every 5.5 seconds or less. This is very amazing against someone that is faster than you that is still semi squishy because you can deal enough damage to make them run...alpha strike...they start running and you run after them with increased speed because of boots of mobility and highlander and right when you come into range you can alpha strike again which will put you right next to them for a finishing blow. This is also very good for tower diving if your enemy is almost too there tower and you can avoid using your highlander. You can alpha strike land right next to the tower and highlander right out of range of the tower with a dead enemy hero.

About now with all the ganking going on you should be ending the team battle phase. This will probably take place mostly in middle and hopefully all of your team mates are participating and not feeding the hell out of them. So with the right support hero's (Like a singed or kayle or twitch that can deal massive damage without being seen there and even a sona!) your team should be doing fairly well in team fights. your part is to stick back and wait till an opportunity or a stun or taunt or anything gets cast by your team, jump in on a squishy mega damage enemy hero, alpha strike and do by now almost 600 damage total to 4 hero's all at once and land on the one your targeting pop wuju and highlander and beat the **** out of them then run out fast before your highlander wares off.

Basically this will continue the entire game and you will continue to make money and go back whenever you have the opportunity to get the remaining items. Rylais crystal scepter is the last core item you need. Wits end and lichbane are not needed to rape they just help. Also always remember in team fights to pop clarity to restore your teams mana when needed to help them stay in battle longer and if your health gets too low to pull out and meditate to regain your health and pop a clarity going back in if you need to rather than before going out. Your meditate should restore about 800 health in that range depending on what AP items you have. Another key point is when you�re using highlander to take out a hero as long as you get the kill all your cooldowns are refreshed and available for use again.

This build provided in late game the ability to stay in battle without going back for extended periods of time. You may even be able to outlast a tank because of your ability to restore all your mana and a great deal with your health and your cool down reduction allows for a lot of magic damage dealt to multiple enemy heroes at once and even late game is great for farming large creep waves.

If team fights are not going well in this late game stage another thing master yi can do is backdooring. When your entire team charges in for a team fight teleport to a side lane and start waling at a tower with your creeps. Highlander and wuju style is an amazing thing for taking out towers and still getting you out fast before they come for you.

Key points of this build:

Some of the key points of this build are the fact that even though you are building AP for extra magic damage you still have crazy attack speed and damage because of your abilities so it�s not like your losing anything except life steal or crit from a normal build and if you play it right those things aren�t that important because you can always pull back and heal and you don't need to do 800 physical damage every second when you can do magic damage against heroes with no magic resist and lots of armor because no one expects an AP YI.