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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wabbit_Hunter

Amummu The Sad Winner

Wabbit_Hunter Last updated on May 1, 2015
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You first start at blue after blue u need to take the crab the clear the parrots and check for wards after that kill red or rocks and start ganking or go back and buy your blue smite its up to you and how well you have been clearing.

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You will start ganking at lvl 3 cause ammumu is op at early game. To engage use your Q then E and it will be easy for your ally to chach up with you. You will start ganking bot at or after lvl 6 try hitting both the adc and support with your ult.

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Useing Your Ult

Useing ammumus ult is the main key to vicotory u should not feel free to ult anyone. U need to save your ult for stunting multiple enemys 2=OK 3=Good 4=Great 5=GG WP. Try to never ult just 1 target casue that sucks.

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Pros Cons

-Good Ganks
-Easy to farm with
-OP ult
-Very good mid/late game
-OK escapes
-Good Counter-Ganks

-Very squishy early
-Can be killed easy in early
-Can be easliy counter ganked
-Bad if you miss Q

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Team Work

You will need to have good communication with your team to make good all-ins with your ult. If you also have an AOE CC ally cc make sure to look at that allys green dot.


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