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Amumu...AoE team win

Last updated on January 25, 2011
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Chapter 1

Lets face it. Amumu (will here-to-forth be referred to as 'mumu') is a beast.

My 5v5 team consists of Mumu, Kennen, Fiddlesticks, Udyr (or shen), and Pantheon.

We have Fiddle mid, kennen 2v1 lane, udyr jungle (or join in Kennen's lane), and pantheon and myself lane a 2v2, preferably blue buff side. Though we're on blue buff side, amke sure Udyr is ok without blue buff before you steal it from him.

In the laning phase, tantrum to kill minions, and yes, you can steal from pantheon, because he will get enough gold, so don't feel guilty, plus he needs you to be geared for him to be good.

I am a VERY aggressive player once I get my sunfire cape, and around level 10-11+. Turret dive, and bandage toss like a madman, BUT ONLY IF YOUR TEAM IS WITH YOU! I try to coordinate attacks mainly with kennen, since I can bandage toss in, ult stun, and let him get his aoe stun going, if their team clumps together its a total team lockdown. Also keep in mind you have heal, and you'll use it every team fight if it's available, its your best friend.

As a team fight area, make sure to have GREAT map awareness, because you should be able to 1v1 or 1v2 almost anybody by level 16+, make sure you watch minions, and protect your towers. A team fight can wait, but a turret only lives once, and let your team know when your not going in, because if you play aggressively, they expect you to jump into battle, which could lead to a mis-queue for fiddle or pantheon's ult.

Remember, playing good takes confidence, and confidence takes practice. So if you suck for 5 games in a row, take a break for the night, and hit it again the next night.

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Now that we have the basic strategy of gameplay down, notice the build is not complete. That is the standard build I always get, and from here I'll give you different options, because as a tank, 'tab' is your best friend, you'll be defending against whatever weapons they bring to the battlefield.

I don't know how to 'add items' on this area, so I'll just be listing by name, but if your a serious player you'll know what Item it is from the name, and you can check it out in the store during your practice game.

Start with your Regrowth pendent, which will get you by for the initial face check of bushes.
Once you've got 365 gold, and its safe to recall, do it immediately to purchase the Philosopher's stone. You'll have around 41-42 hp5, and 16 or so mp5, plus the xtra gold never hurt early. Teleport back in to a safe location.

Next, save up for the 1k gold. You can purchase your boots of swiftness now. No need to go back unless dire circumstances if your low on health. With your massive hp5, waiting in bushes is usually good enough to stay in the lane. You'll reach 1k gold around the time your teleport is ready.

Stay in the lane as long as you can at this point. Your next main goal is the Sunfire cape, so how you build to it doesn't matter at this level in the game, but get the pieces if you can afford them and have to go back to base.

After your sunfire cape is built, you should be able to farm minions VERY easily. Also team fights in middle usually start about this time.

Banshee's veil is the next item. Even if they are AD heavy, its nice to defend against a stun, or lux's laser, or any slows, etc. It adds MUCH needed mana, so you have to get it.

Now is when it becomes your interpretation. You can upgrade your Philosopher's stone to the Reverie, its a nice speed boost, and extra health & CDR(cooldown reduction).
If they are heavy AD, or if ANYBODY has a bloodrazor, or is building to it, you HAVE to get thornmail next, let them kill themselves if they want to attack you.

If you get the thornmail, and they are AD heavy, then you will get the new hourglass item (make sure you put it on a good button, like 2). Its a life saver, and catches enemies who want to focus the tank down off guard.

If they are AP heavy, which seems to be the trend, and nobody has a bloodrazor, you want to get the force of nature. Great Hp5, and movement speed. If they have a bloodrazor, and heavy AP, you will want thornmail and the force of nature, and no hourglass.

If you are getting focused every time and going down before your team can finish them, get the Guardian Angel.

Once you have the core build down, its your responsibility to make sure you can help your team in the best way possible, with the best items. After all, they are all depending on you.

If you have any questions, or want more game-play tips or tricks, contact me in game @ ShuFilla I'm on most nights Central time.

Ignore the Veigar games, I was having fun, and losing :)