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Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides

Amumu Build Guide by PrizmSnipe

Jungle Amumu Build :: ✘ EUW ✘ by Hellerup

By PrizmSnipe | Updated on February 6, 2020
459 Votes
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Amumu
    Standard Build
  • LoL Champion: Amumu
    My own Amumu vs 1 Tank/2 if weak.

Runes: Main Runes

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Main Sums
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Jungle Role
Ranked #1 in
Jungle Role
Win 52%
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Ability Order Main Path

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies

Champion Build Guide

Amumu Build :: ✘ EUW ✘ by Hellerup

By PrizmSnipe
HRP Who is Hellerup? Hellerup / Steven is a ALL LANE PLAYER: Hello, I am the creator of all these guides, i'm danish therefor my english could be read wrong in some cases, but I believe you understand 99% of my sentences. I make guides because I think it's cool to bring some awesome guides out there with a pretty good build! This introduction text will appear on all of my guides, because I believe it's alright to let people who decide to read your guides instead of just looking at what to build as first items etc, get to know who's making the guides and who's also got impact on my guides.

Something to keep in mind, I inspired A LOT of people to make guides and even inspired their design.

HRP Who is Kurtdenstore21? Kurtdenstore21 is a TOPLANER: He is a danish player, who got to Challenger playing only Tryndamere which would make him a so called "OTP/One Trick Pony", and also one of my best friends IRL. Not only being one of my best friends IRL, he's also a phenomenal Tryndamere player, and I believe him to be in TOP 3 as Trynd in the world. That would also make my guides build a bit more stable in terms of it being good. Kurt is always trying to find new builds that works even better, so stay tuned for secret builds! He test his builds in Master ELO.

HRP Who is Godbro? Godbro is a MIDLANER: He is a danish player, The guy who's the reason that "Nidalee too tanky" meme came to life through xPeke by juking(Dodge) the abilities of his Xerath."Too Tanky" he's also a guy who got 4 Challenger Jackets because he had 4 accounts in TOP 10 EUW at the same time, that also means he knows something about the game, and some of my guides are based off his build that works with him. I don't believe you could go wrong with using his build, his builds are just different to most, which could make it harder for some to use.

HRP Who is Styllee? Styllee is a JUNGLE: He is a danish player, who's a S8 peak at Rank #13 on EU West and is Rank #1 w/ 1300+LP in S9. One of my guides is made in collaborating with Stylle, therefore he's to be found here. You can find him by going to the current #1 Ivern Guide, which is made by him, he also got a few other jungle guides, which are truly reliable. It's not for fun he's the current #1 in EU West, you can learn something from him!


If you do like my guide and it helped you, feel free to give it a upvote, that also helps me and my guide in the ladder system! I will do my best to make great builds on Mobafire, which is a site people tend to see as a joke.


If you think something should be added to the guide, then feel free to come up with suggestions, but I do not respons to commands like "Add [???] otherwise your build is weird" or similar. But I do take note of suggestions!


I realized making guides, people tend to want to attack your guide if you don't use a build they don't like. Simply proceed to move on if you don't like my build. Nothing is wrong if it's obviously not a troll guide. Like it or leave it!



- What are the benefits of playing this champion?

+ Lategame Scale
+ Burst Damage
+ CC
+ Waveclear
+ AOE Ultimate
+ Carry Games
+ Lockdowns
+ KS'er

You have a great waveclear with Amumu, as you get your items throughout the game, already after Stalker's Blade, your waveclear should be fine. With my builds you get Burst Damage no matter what, which greatly helps your team killing off those enemies. His Q and Ultimate is the carrymu. A right ultimate can carry games, you wanna lock people down and make your team do the work. With your Q, you will take kills, no matter what.

- What are the drawbacks of playing this champion?

- Ultimate Reliant
- Counterjungle
- Q Reliant
- Mana Hungry
- Team Reliant
- Tanks
- No Push
- Champ

Amumu sure is a strong champion, but don't get me wrong. There are many other strong champs out there, which could harm Amumu. Despite being Amumu, he is very fragile to counterjungle, so make sure your team is guarding right and respond quickly. If you miss Q, that could be a big problem, since that's what you rely on. If your team is losing hard, it will also be really hard for you. You will have a hard time against 2-3 tanks


When you play Amumu, these two items become important. If you feel like snowballing and just destroy the squishy enemy team, then this is a really good item, but if they got 2-3 tanks, then it might be useless in the end which we don't want. With this item you don't really get the burst that people want on Amumu, but don't get me wrong. Cinderhulk is a really strong item too, as Amumu is a supposed Tank champ. You will sustain and be benefitcal if they have plenty of tanks and CC.
Ninja Tabis


Ninja Tabis > ARMOR
Getting these boots in a match where they may have really much AD, is a good idea! It's what makes a good player, when to know what to build differently than what's in the tunnel vision. Ninja Tabis is always a good pick if they have at least 3 AD.

Mercury's Treads > MAGIC RESIST
Getting these boots in a match where they may have really much AP or even CC, is a good idea! It's important to stay useful rather than being one of those who die off quickly! It's really great against CC(Crowd Control) which is stun ETC.
Snowball Boots
Meanwhile "Snowball" means you getting fed and people can't stop you, think of a snowball rolling down a big snowy hill. These boots are viable if you got some insane macros on Amumu, in all ELOs. However my build with Amumu using these boots is a build you only use against 1 tank or 2 less heavy tanks. Full AP Amumu won't really do well no matter what.
Snipe Them
I don't believe it's wrong to use this item on Amumu if we're in the right game. It's all dependable on how the game goes. If you're using the Predator Build, then it means they have less tanks and you are most likely to oneshots ADC+Midlaners pretty easily. And you're not alone, so you team would be around. You get this if you're ahead. Or in a lategame where you get full build without losing early.
Runes Back to Top
Aftershock Build 1: This is the standard Amumu build, that you would use in most situations, and it should be pretty good. So far it's working in all ranks, if you have the macro for it. You might not see Amumu often in higher elo, but that doesn't mean he can't work there, other champions are just more popular.

Predator Build 2: Amumu with Predator is rather new and interesting. It is NEVER wrong to try something else than what's on most peoples preference, and that's also shown in my Ekko Guide with Glacial Augment. And here we run Predator because it's fun.
A Tanky Character
Meanwhile it's true that Amumu is classified as a Tank, it's not completely wrong to go this. It is possible, and I did it in Diamond 5 EUW with 14/0 once. Meanwhile having people telling me they got 14-3 games in Gold/Platinum with the Predator Build, it is possible. Just like you see Supports in the jungle and midlane sometimes. But standard Amumu build will remain the tanky Amumu.
With the Removed Runes, thing's could get rather interesting for Amumu. Well not really, we're playing Jungle, and may as well just get both after 10mins. But we will just a tickle weaker without 5+ Early Armor, or Mirror Shell. Sad day for toplaners though.Well this does affect our Amumu, and that's pretty sad. But it's not that sad though. We don't want to swap Bone Plating out with anything for now, since it's still truly powerful and we want to keep this powerfulness it still delivers. ANTI BURST thanks.

Smite: Smite is essential for jungle. If you don't have Smite, you wouldn't be Level 2 after that Blue Buff or that Red Buff. That's why you will take Smite, and ALWAYS make sure you join the game with Smite, otherwise you may just have ruined the game, unless you got a badass team.

Ignite: Talking about NOT trading Flash out for Ignite, that's true. Let's not do that, but if you ever decide to do so, then play extremely aggresive, even though, aggresive Flash Amumu, may just be better unless you wanna dive the enemy jungle, but let's not.

Flash: We don't want to leave flash out, or trade it for ignite.. never. Imagine if you had to engage with ultimate and not Q. Flash in and fire that Ultimate off, so you can stun the whole enemy team, or Flash+Q so we can catch that running guy, don't let them flee.

"Solitude can be lonelier than death." ~Amumu

Legend claims that Amumu is a lonely and melancholy soul from ancient Shurima, roaming the world in search of a friend. Doomed by an ancient curse to remain alone forever, his Cursed Touch touch is death, his affection ruin. Those who claim to have seen him describe a living cadaver, small in stature and wrapped in creeping bandages. Amumu has inspired myths, songs, and folklore told and retold for generations such that it is impossible to separate truth from fiction.

If you want to read more on Amumu's Lore then click the following: Amumu's Lore

This is simply all the different terms and slangs used in Leauge of Legends, explained

Keep in mind, if you want to know of some slang, then click on "F3" or if it doesn't work then "Fn+F3" and then a box will appear, in that box you can type anything, that will lead you directly to the word you're looking for, so if you're looking for the meaning behind "CS" then click F3, and look CS up, and it will point out where CS is in the text.

Click here to get taken to original forum of what's written below!

top, mid, bottom = the lanes in LoL.
river = The river which cuts across the map diagonally in Summoners Rift
baron, nashor, worm = the big worm like boss that gives a noticeable buff to the whole team when killed. The big red skull on the minimap
dragon = the powerful neutral creep that provides gold and experience to the entire team. Located on the river near the bottom lane
jungle = The mass of trees and paths that exist between the lanes

ace= all of the enemy team is dead for the moment. Beware spawn times but now is an excellent time to push.
aoe = area of effect, an ability which covers an area, rather than a single character.
AP = Ability Power. The stat which boosts the effectiveness of abilities.
aura = A 'passive' which applies not only to the hero who has it, but also to heroes within the given range for the aura. A shareable passive.
bd/backdoor= To attack the enemies towers and base without the cover of your creeps there
brush = The large grass in LoL which causes your hero to be hidden to people outside of the brush
buff = Typically a temporary increase to some stat(s)
carry = A character who, if played properly, wins late game fights for a team. Typically these heroes are weak early game and require a lot of farming.
CC = crowd control. Moves that interfere with the other champions actions such as stun, fear, knockbacks/ups and blind.
]CD= Cool down, the time between using abilities.
champion = The particular character that you as the summoner control
dd = direct damage ability. Typically DDs are unavoidable: Click ability, click target, profit. For example: Annie's Q fireball.
Disable = A Disable is a debuff that usually prevents some kind of action on the player. Stuns, roots, silences are all examples of disables
DOT = Damage over time.
dps = Damage per second. Also referes to characters who job it is to deal damage (As opposed to support and tanks)
executed= killed by a tower with no enemy hero receiving credit for it
Farm = Farming involves the amassing of gold for player. This is usually best done by killing a lot of creeps and killing them very quickly. Certain Heroes like Ashe and Tristana are great farmers: The first has a +gold passive, and the latter has an AOE passive.
feed = A player who dies constantly feeds the other team (via the gold reward for killing someone). Being called a feeder is not a compliment. A player who is fed has a lot of kills.
grass = see brush
harass - to annoy the enemy with small bursts of non lethal damage, often forcing them to go heal or be set up for a gangk.
hero = non-canon name for a champion
humiliation= killed by a creep with no enemy hero receiving credit for it
IAS= Increased Attack Speed
juke, juking = When being chased, juking is to fool your pursuers. Typically this happens in the jungle. A successful juke could range from eluding the enemy by exploiting line of sight, or could simply cause the enemy to mistarget a spell.
jungle = to attack neutral creeps, allowing for 2 solo lanes and better ganking.
lane = the road like expanses that contain towers and lead to and from the bases
last hit = Getting the very last hit, or killing blow.
MR= Magic Resist. Works as armor against magic abilities, reducing the damage.
ms = movement speed
neutrals = The creep-enemies who live in the jungle
neuts = neutrals
passive = An ability which is not activated but helps a character. For example, Morgana's passive allows her to heal a small % of the damage her spells inflict. Passives usually apply only to the hero who has them.
pbaoe = point blank area of affect. The area of effect is centered around the caster such as Nunu's Ultimate or any aura. (not widely used)
Proc = refers to a weapon, item or ability activating with the "Chance on Hit" or "Chance on Use" effect (an ability or a spell). "Programmed Random OCcurence"
Root = A debuff which prevents any movement by a champion (summoner spells excluded)
Silence = A debuff which prevents any abilities being used by a champion (summoner spells excluded)
skillshot = an ability that fires a projectile that can be dodged. For example: Morgana's cage, Ashe's ultimate arrow
Snowball = an item that grows with kills, that can quickly become very dangerous unless kept in checked by death.
Stun = A debuff which prevents any action by a champion (summoner spells excluded)
summoner = Your representation in the game. Essentially you are the puppet master of your selected Champion and you have your own summoner abilities along with the champion's abilities.
support = Characters who job it is to support other characters: Healers, buffers, etc
tank = Character with a lot of HP and likely armor/resistance. Whose job is to initiate battles with the enemy players/turrets as to draw damage onto himself.
tp - summoner spell teleport used to traverse the map "I'll tp back in"
ult = ultimate ability. The R Ability.
unique = In LoL certain auras/passive are unique, meaning they do not stack.

adjudicator = Either an older beta tester, or a beta tester whose skill in game or feedback out of game have been noted.
Council = Very competitive players with added influence on the game's development
Emissary = trusted forum member, and guide.
Wrenchman = Proven tech help provider
tl;dr = Too Long Didn't Read, as many of you may say about this post
qft= quoted for truth
IP = Influence Points, the in game money that anyone can earn by playing
RP= Riot Points, in game money purchased with U.S. Dollars
OP= Overpowered or Original Poster, the thread creator
UP= underpowered, or the direction opposite down
ITT= “I think that” or “in this thread”
QQ = meaning to tell some one to quit, often as a rage quit. Coincidentally depicts a set of crying eyes and has also come to mean "cry more"
build = how a champion and its summoner is built. For champions this may includes the items one buys on a champion, and the order one gets a champion's skills. For summoners, this refers to their masteries and rune selections.
burst = A large volume of damage done quickly and typically then very little sustained follow up damage.
deny, denies= Basically last hitting your own creep. This mechanic does not exist in LoL. In Dota this would prevent the other from earning the gold and experience for killing the creep.
disc, dc = disconnect from a game.
Dota = Defense of the the Ancients. A mod for War3 that virtually launched the moba genre
Elo = The score a person has in the Ranking system.
leave, leaver = To quit a game before it is over.
mastery, masteries = The talent-tree system of LoL
moba = multiplayer online battle arena
raqequit = To quit a game in anger (Being killed, losing)
runes = Refers to LoL's rune system, however this term is overloaded and some players also refer to sigils as runes
scrim= short for scrimmage. A scrim is a practice match, usually before one of the teams go into a more serious 'ladder' match.
skin = Items that give a Champion a new look (Costumes, clothes, etc)
smurf = a low level account for an experienced player to face lower opponents
talents = A non-canon term for masteries
vent = Ventrilo. It is voice communication software used to coordinate as a team. Riot has its own vent server which it offers to players for convenience.

b = back, fall back, they're coming for you
back = fall back, they're coming for you
bait - to deliberately appear in a position to be easily ganged so as to lure 1 or more players to be gangked by your team "go bait them in to the jungle"
base, basing = going back to base
bp, pill, pilling = blue pilling, going back to base
care = be careful, they may be coming for you
d, defend - to sit at a tower and/or inhibitor and attempt to avoid confrontation while stopping the enemy from killing the objective "I'm gonna d mid"
DD (alternative)= don't die. Also sometimes direct damage
focus = To target a player. Meaning that as a team you all will all focus on a specified hero to kill first.
gank - to go (often with more than one player) to try and kill an enemy, often by surprise "lets gank bottom" . An Ambush
heal - either the summoner spell, a champion ability, or the act of returning to base to regenerate HP and mana "you should heal"
Kite= to draw a hero away from a comfort zone such as tower or allies and into a gank, creepwave, or other painful situation
lom = low on mana
miss, mia = Missing, missing in action. Commonly used to describe when a hero is missing from a lane and may indicate to the team that a gank may happen.
oom = out of mana
pot = potion (sometimes elixirs too)
push - to gather up a creep wave and attempt to destroy an enemy tower "I'm going to push bottom"
QQ = meaning to tell some one to quit, often as a rage quit. Coincidentally depicts a set of crying eyes and has also come to mean "cry more"
raqequit = To quit a game in anger (Being killed, losing)
shop,buy = To go back to base to go shopping, can mean you should shop or they are shopping

gg = good game.
gj = good job.
gl hf - good luck, have fun, usually an encouraging sportsmanlike phrase said before a game,
disc, dc = disconnect from a game.