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League of Legends Build Guide Author Narzynth

Amumu: Cry your way into the jungle and out of elo hell

Narzynth Last updated on May 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to the ways I use to make that sad champion put a huge smile on my face. Amumu is currently one of the best junglers with huge gank potential and also as he is fairly easy to play he is one of the most effective champions. In this guide I'm going to write some things down and it's up to you to read, memorize, practice and put into play these strategies to become a very effective Amumu and make the other team just as sad as he is.

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This is currently my favorite rune setup for Amumu.

Quints: Flat health quints are almost needed on this little guy as his Health can get quite low during your first jungle run

Marks: Mpen marks are great because all of his damage is magic and piercing through that early magic resist can often net you a kill from a gank that might not have happened otherwise, if you prefer some other marks then go for it, but these are my favorite.

Seals: Flat armor, Amumu jungles quite low on the first time around, save yourself some scare and pick these up to make it a bit safer.

Glyphs: MR per level, great glyphs can make a big difference since you have relatively low MR till you pick up Negatron.

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Tier 1:
1/1 Imp. Smite - to get cd and extra gold, never a bad thing.

Tier 1:
3/3 resistance - More MR for the early games never hurts, also unlocks Tier 2 mastery
3/3 hardiness - Makes jungling a bit easier, armor is always nice

Tier 2:
3/3 Strength of Spirit - Helps to keep your health a little bit higher and in general helps out all the time you aren't full hp, which, as a tank, is most of the time

Tier 3:

3/3 Harden Skin - Blocks physical damage, jungle mobs do physical damage, again less damage from everything means it's more safe

Tier 4:

4/4 Veteran's Scars - Again going back to the early game and the jungling, you need to stay safe, especially in ranked games, more Health means you can take more damage.


Tier 1:

1/1 Haste - Makes your ghost better, enough said

1/3 Perseverance - One point for the extra 2% is lovely, the extra 1% for the other points not so much worth it

2/3 Good Hands - 6.66% less down time if you die, great because every second can count

Tier 2:

4/4 Awareness - You won't level from your first camp if you don't take this. This means your jungling is slower and you can easily die.

Tier 3:

3/3 Meditation - Amumu runs out of mana quickly once you start to give blue buff to your own teams carries, every little MP5 helps Mid-late game

2/2 Utility Mastery - With this you can finish your first jungle run, teleport back, buy boots and get to ganking before blue buff wears out.

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Cloth5 (short for cloth armor + 5 health potions) is a necessary start for Amumu, added armor plus the health regen for killing your jungle creeps. After your first jungle clear you'll most likely teleport back to buy boots, health pots and maybe a ward. These boots give the move speed to get around faster and get those ganks secured.

Heart of gold will be your constant 5g/10 for almost the rest of the game which is why you build it next. I usually have mine by around 10mns, say a game lasts 40 minutes that is:

5g/10 x 6 = 30g/min. 30g/min x 30 = 900gold total.

That really is insane when you consider that it will nearly pay for itself in your average game, not to mention that it builds into a great item (Randuin's Omen). It also gives you some early game tankiness which always helps

Mercury treads are pretty much the most OP boots in the game, 35% reduction on almost every Crowd control ability and 25 MR.

Once you have HoG and Merc treads you need to look at the enemy team. Check to see if anyone is fed. Fed Katarina on the other team? Better buy a negatron cloak. Fed Xin? get that chain vest ASAP. Usually I build right into a giant's belt into sunfire. Amumu's W combined with sunfire is insane damage. You'll never realise it through numbers but both of these tick per second which can be 80 DPS mid game, combined with your E, Q and R damage you will be able to 1v1 almost any champion mid game with sunfire cape.

Catalyst and Banshee's veil are great on Amumu once late game comes and your Mage carry is taking blue buff instead of you. You'll often find yourself low on mana without it and when you need to through that last stun to kill that running Ashe you'll regret it if you didn't buy your catalyst.

After your core build of: HoG, Merc Treads, Sunfire and Banshee's veil is when you really start building to stop them. If they have destructive AD carries finish your Randuin's Omen and when you get close to them in a team fight, bash your hotkey for the Randuin's active and start headbutting them to death. Force of Nature is very nice on amumu for the Magic resist and health regen. The movement speed is also insane, but with your Q and R you shouldn't need it desperately, if you do then make sure to have ghost up for team fights.

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Skill Sequence


You need W to start jungling, whack it on and things fall around you.

Double E on 2-3 will reduce your damage taken and give you something to spam for more damage

Q at 4 lets you gank when you're ready for it.

Side notes: The reason I go 3W into 5Q is that early game Q costs relatively a lot of mana compared with W and E which cost 8m/s and 50 mana respectively. Mid game when your stuns are going for a bunch of damage are more effective than the % of damage you'd get from W. It's better to take the last 2 points on W in 17-18 where the other team is likely a bit more tanky.

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Summoner Spells

Smite - You need it on every jungler in the game no matter what anyone says. It helps you kill buffs, smite steal dragons, barons, enemy buffs, increases jungling speed, does a ton of damage to a pushing cannon minions which will make the enemy team think twice about continuing to push the lane you may be covering. Hands down the number one spell in the jungle, please never jungle without it on any champion no matter what.

Ghost - My preferred secondary as you can use it to gank, chase or flee. It's uses are endless, just make sure not to pop it when it looks like you're going to die or else you've wasted it if you do, unless you've kited the enemies into your tower or team for a surprise turn around counter gank Amumu style which results in 4 second CC, under tower damage, that's a LONG time.

Flash - Viable and very good, it's a personal preference I take ghost, it just makes ganks feel better and chasing more reliable for me. Flash is great for flash Q's or R's and especially for flashing over dragon/baron back wall for an escape or such.

None of the other spells are really worth taking. If you're scared you can take heal but it will end up hurting you late game, same with all the other spells.

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Ranked Play


Get the point? Damn you need wards in ranked, and even in normal too if you want to win. Wards give vision which prevents ganks, the enemy taking baron or dragon and it also allows to counter gank. See that Karthus standing in mid bush cause of your ward? Go pwn him for not thinking you have a ward there.

Wards need to be placed in key locations around the map for maximum efficiency. These are the most common spots.

Buff camps - Yours and the enemies. Very important for stealing their buffs and protecting yours. Can't tell you the number of times I've lost or stolen buffs because of wards.

Dragon - Outside the front of dragon if you attack from the top. Outside the front or inside the back if you're on the bottom. Dragon is 190g for the entire team, this is crucial in preventing the enemy team taking it. One dragon won't break a game but losing 4-5 will as it accounts for 760-950 gold for every enemy champion.

Baron - Such a buff like this needs to be warded. Baron doesn't spawn until 15:00 so no point warding it until then. In higher elo games people will take baron at first possible opportunity so take care to watch out for the level 13-15 baron attempts if you're in such a rank.

The river - Many points on the river can be warded for effectiveness, inside bushes by the side lanes, in the middle of bushes to check how the enemies are moving, baron and dragon of course. Wards really can win or lose you a game, but don't gimp your item build for them!

This means if you go to base and can buy your next item don't sacrifice it for wards. If you're 400g from your sunfire then delaying it 150-225g won't hurt, but buying wards instead can put you at a disadvantage.

Note that this is ranked, in higher ELO games, and perhaps by chance or smart low ELO players, Amumu CAN and SHOULD be banned if possible. He is a destructive force and his damage output and AoE snare wins team fights, they really really do. Always make sure to have a backup champion to play in case.

When you gank make sure you ping so your team knows why the heck you're there, most people in low ELO don't even know how important a jungler is, so ping spam, ghost up and run in like a mummy on speed. Don't use your stun to initiate unless you have too, it's better used as a tool to allow your team to catch up, to finish someone off, or to dive them under the tower more easily. Always remember to tell your team that pushed lanes don't get ganks from you because well... it's very hard and impractical to gank an enemy under their own tower.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle Path:

Blue, Wolves, Wraiths, Red, Golems

Blue buff: AT the start of the game you need protection. Have your team stand around blue buff river to help protect you as you're vulnerable to a 5v1 gank. While killing the blue buff, auto attack the golem ONCE and turn on W immediately after and keep auto attacking. Pop one of your Health potions as soon as you take damage. Keep W on and auto attack the golem until it reaches 400-445 HP. Smite hits for 445 damage at level 1 and you want to prevent and sneaky play by counter-jungling or being ganked. After the golem is dead turn off W and finish off the lizards. It helps alot to have the lizards standing in your W as you kill the golem as it damages them without you attacking them.

Wolves: Keep using your health potions one second after they finish so you don't waste any and get maximum uptime. Hit the big wolf then W, spam E as often as you can and turn off W once the big wolf is dead then finish off the other 2.

Wraiths: Keep the health pots going. Stand in the middle of wraiths and attack the big one with your W on and spam E. You should kill all wraiths at roughly the same time after your second E.

Red buff: Health potions. Stand in the middle of the mobs, turn W on, spam E, auto attack the Lizard buff, smite at 470-495. The mini lizards should die before the big one thanks to E.

Golems: Use your last potion if you still have one. Here is where it can be dangerous, if you don't have 300+ HP at this point and aren't used to jungling Amumu it's probably too risky to kill these without a health potion running. If all went well at the other camps then swap auto attacking between them with W on and E when you can. If you go under 50 mana at this point stop using E and just let W do it's thing. Swapping your autoattacks between the golems allows red buff and your passive to take effect so you kill them faster.

Congrats you made it past the hardest bit of jungling. I usually finish at 4:00 or so, give or take 10 seconds, this gives you enough time to go base, buy boots, and gank at around 4:30-4:45.

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Pros / Cons

Fast jungle, by far one of the fastest to reach lvl 4, might even be the fastest.
Great ganking and low level damage output
Very tanky late game
High amount of damage over prolonged team fights thanks to W
Can use Q to stun! This stops ults, summoner teleport, channeled spells, the uses are endless, be creative
His ult wins games, honestly. One good ult shuts down their entire team and lets you ace them while they can do nothing.

Jungles at low health
Missing your Q can lose a team fight
Miss using your ult can lose a team fight
Low mana and can run out during long team fights, take blue buff as often as possible to counter

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Team Work

In team fights it's your job to get in there and take it in the face. You are your teams tank and you should initiate. See that Ashe walking forward to kill a creep in a team standoff? Q that archer noob and get the team fight going.

Try and keep next to the enemy team carries/ those doing damage to your team, keep W on and keep pressing E. Do as much damage as possible to allow your team to mop up. Use R to shut down auto attack champs as well as using stun to diable people.

Mid team fight save your Q to stop ults such as Katarina, Fiddle, Nunu, Malzahar, Warwick. Use Q to stop the damage from an ad champion. Use your R the same way, to stop damage or to root the other players.


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One of the best champions in game in the right hands. I don't promote kill stealing but getting a few kills early game will REALLY help your dominance. A tanky Amumu can 1v1 pretty much anyone in the game thanks to his W. There's a reason the enemies don't want to stand next to you, and it's not because you're a mummy...

Playing Amumu right can easily net you 8/4/16 in a game and just make the enemies scared to come close to you. It's very easy to carry with Amumu, he's just so lovable!

Thanks for reading. Going to go over and proof read the guide occasionally, add pictures, statistics, maths, anything else needed to make this better.

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Score screenshots

I will periodically add screenshots of games I play as Mumu. I don't play him so much now so might be a bit slow with them but I'll upload when i play and remember.