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League of Legends Build Guide Author salvadas

Amumu: crying so much it hurts

salvadas Last updated on May 15, 2011
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My Amumu

Well this is my amumu and how i play him... This is a legit build that everytime i use it i never get any less than 25 kills... Well i get less if they give up before i can. With amumu you don't need any special ability power or anything like that because despair is enough. Popping despair with boots of speed and ghost lets you keep up with those runners while the armor and such keeps you from dying from ==ANY== source of damage. with this build you can seriously take on 3-4v1 maybe even 5v1 and come out on top. I almost got a couple penta kills but the karthus "god forbid that ks king" popped his ult too much. Don't knock it til you try it.

Im not gonna get into pros and cons because the only thing you need to know is
1. you can pump out amazing damge.
2. you can take a lot of damage.
3. you're a freaking mummy.
and 4. you can stun whole team easily

Summoner spells: for me ghost is a must to chase down champs. i would say flash but itspretty much useless unless your ganking. your bandage toss should be able to take care of that.
Teleport is really my favorite spell.. it lets you get anywhere your team needs you in like 5 seconds. a must have for my tank, but you can use whatever suits your playng style.

Runes: i chose basic magic resist runes to make up for the magic resist that this champ is missing. thats alli have to say in that matter :D

Items: Dont dis my item set. the armor is mainly maxed out before the last two armor items, but its the effects that i look for on those, not the armor, the only thing the armor hlps with after randuins omen is the duration of said items effect.
Situational Items: The only situational items i can think of are Thornmail and Banshees veil.
Thornmail>> You can switch this item out for either Sunfire Cape or Guardian angel. but only do this if the other team is got some insane melee dps such as master yi
Banshees veil>> i dont use this item personally but if your getting cc too much switch it out. its up to you to switch it out for whatever you want. not me so look at the situation and decide for yourself.

Tanking: as a Tank you should be the one starting the team fights and keeping everyones attention focused on you so your team can survive and push if you happen to die "if youre good you wont die ;)" but to initiate a team fight make sure your team is ready and initiate it in this order "grabbing the blue buff helps more than anything else" first pop your despair then bandage toss to the closest enemy after you do this you wanna get close to the person on their team with the most health for despair to be effective. after you do this tantrum and if they start running away ult them to keep them in place. now you just keep spamming tantrum and bandage toss until your team wins. And thats all. you should have enough armor to tank turrets.... but you probably wont be able to kill them by yourself so make sure you have help.

With amumu i have managed to take down teams by myself because they were dumb ennough to try and take me on.. with despair eating away at their health frozen heart slowing their attack speed and tantrum nuking them, it is almost impossible for amumu not to win the fight...

if i can find out how to videotape my game i would put one on here but i dont know how to.... i also dont know how to put my match history or anything like that on here so i need some help if you wanna see how i do.

~~Comment what you think, like, or dislike, so i can improve build please(:~~
(Btw this is my first build)