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League of Legends Build Guide Author sky

Amumu- Dont make me cry on you!

sky Last updated on November 21, 2010
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Hello all, this is my first guide. I chose Amumu because I use him alot and wish to share how i play him with everyone. Im aggressive with Amumu and his dealings. He is one of the best characters in the current meta-game and probably will be for sometime. He can jungle as well but I lane most of the time.


Bandage Toss
This is his skillshot. If hit it will stun the opponent and deal a bit of damage. I get one point in this right away for FB and then msx it last because even at max level the cooldown is fairly long so maxing your other skills first will do more damage. Learn to use this well.

This is a very important skill later on. It does base damage and percent damage depending on the other person's health. It's mana costly so don't forget to turn it off.

Amumu's main offence. Its passive gives a small damage reduction but what you want is to farm minions with it. Amumu hits all enemy Champions and creeps within a small radius. Even better is when you get hit the cooldown goes down by one. Meaning you can spam it alot. This should be max'd by level nine.

Curse of the Sad Mummy
Now its time for the best ultimate in all of LoL. Amumu stun's all enemys within a area for 2 seconds and deals a small bit of damage. This is a huge advantage to be able to stop a fleeing enemy or stop an entire team from being able to attack while your team whales on them. Dont be afraid to use it to save a life or grab that one guy that may just get away.

Cursed Touch: Not a horrible passive. You dont notice it much when you hit someone but im sure it has helped me a fair bit. Takes down their magic resist a fair bit.


Your tanking so i grab all damage reductions, health and dodge i can get.
For utilities i grab mana regen, extra experience and the extra gold slot.


Im not too picky, i change alot. I like more health at the start because Amumu has a squishy start. He eats mana fairly fast so i grab mana reg/5 seconds. Their's also no better feeling that dodging that one attack that could of killed you so i grab dodge runes. Magic pen helps his skills do more damage but these are what i prefer. Could grab other runes but these work best for my playstyle.


My spells are fairly straight forward. Ignite is great for that mundo that keeps coming back or getting that one champion who tries to run. While haste allows you to get close enough to stun or tantrum or run away. You could exchange these for exhaust or flash as well but again, not my play style.


Early Game
Buy a Regrowth Pendant and a health pot and head off to your lane. Try to find someone who does good damage like garen. Your main goal is too farm until you can get your pendant and maybe your boots. From here you should be level 6 or soon to be. Be aggressive and dont be afraid to use your skills. Grab blue buff if your running outta mana way to fast. Get your banshee veil started ASAP.

Mid Game
Keep working towards your banshee veil. Ganking is a good idea as well. Once you get your banshee veil youll want to get your giants belt and sunfire cape right away. This is your core build. If they got a high amount of magic get force of nature next. If DPS get another sunfire cape. You and your team should be constantly ganking and grouping up for team fights.

Late game
By now you should be well into team fighting and constantly grabbing blue buff and dragon when its up. At this point you want to grab a Guardian Angel so you can be as annoying as possible, die then come back and annoy some more! Once you grab that you want your last sunfire. You can ditch the stone at around guardian angel if you need that last bit of gold. Ive gotten full build a few times. Usually youll get around first sunfire cape.

Items and why?

Philosophers Pendant: This helps alot because of the health and mana regen. I go back and grab this ASAP.

Boots: Now this is where you can switch it up. I prefer the extra speed with the boots of swiftness but if they are really Crowd Control heavy with spells get merc trads.

Banshee Veil: Health? Yes please! Mana? Oh why thank you. Blocking one spell every 30 seconds? I can tank even longer! Take that sion, your stun did nothing!

Sunfire Cape(s): Stacks well with despair while giving armor and health, whats not to like?

Force of Nature: Magic Resist, and health back at a fast rate? Its almost like I can't die.

Guardian Angel: It has been nerfed but it still gives armor and magic resist. Ive gotten a triple kill a few times cuz of this.


I have had many wins with this build. Ive used it in ranked a few times as well and ive had compliments. If you like it thumbs up. If not oh well.If you want to add me im: Renagade Spider