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League of Legends Build Guide Author Photographs

Amumu- (Honestly, I always thought his name was Ammu)

Photographs Last updated on January 10, 2011
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Chapter 1

As most of you realize, the most recent patch nerf'd Sunfire Cape's. Amumu can no longer stack them up and run into a gank spitting fire everywhere. What a pity.

I've been playing League of Legends since open beta, and I've been using Mobafire for as long as I can remember. I figured it was time to give back to the community by uploading my own builds that have worked time and time again for me.

Amumu is the quintessential tank- he has the OP AoE stun, the AoE damage, and coupled with a good build, you should lead your team to victory.

Let's get started with the early-game:
I like to start out with Doran's Shield and a HP Pot. The shield should be enough to make you fairly durable right when the game starts, and you should be able to last-hit minions with no problem. However- Amumu is in no way a good early-game champion. In fact, he's quite squishy, and his movement speed is so slow that you'll be the target of much harassment. You'll need a lot of gold to play an effective tank, so don't be afraid to pop your Despair spell for one second to get that minion kill without taking damage from enemy champions. You'll want to get boots fairly early as well, just to improve on your movement speed. "B" right when you have enough money to get Boots of Speed. You'll be able to command your lane and last-hit much easier, and it's well-worth the time returning to base.

Once you get to level 6 and put a skill point into your OP ulti, it's time to announce to your team that you're "Gank-ready". Mid-game is starting, and you'll be the initiator of each and every gank. This is why boots are so important.

Sunfire Cape, although recently nerfed, is still your top-priority item. Coupled with Despair, Tantrum, and your ulti, you should be doing a lot of base damage to enemies without even touching them. Right from level 6 with your ulti, "B" back to base, get the Sunfire Cape, and head out into that Fog of War. Look around for viable ganks, and hide in the bushes. BE SURE TO LAND YOUR BANDAGE TOSS. Try to lead your opponents with it- don't throw it where they're standing, throw it a little behind them. If you miss, your flash comes in handy, and you'll be able to flash in and ulti it up. Pop your Despair before you ulti to get in maximum damage, and be sure to Tantrum any sorry foe who targets you.
With your opponents all bandaged up your teammates should have no problem finishing them off.

The next item you'll want to get is Banshee's Veil. Now- this is heavily debated. However, in the games that I've seen, Amumu is easily countered with CC's, and the enemy team drops him before he has a chance to ulti. Gank lost. (This is also why I chose Mercury's Treads as your boots.) With Banshee's Veil and Mercury's Treads, you'll always be able to pop in your ulti and win the gank. Rinse and repeat this procedure, and win gank after gank.

By now, everything will be situational. If the enemy team is AP, get magic resist. If they're DPS, get a Thornmail. This is self-explanatory. However, it's always good practice to get Randuin's Omen- after you stun them with your AoE, wait for it to wear off, then apply the item-effect for Randuin's. This further slow's enemies down, and will almost guarantee a successful gank.

Things to keep in mind:
You are Amumu. Your role is the initiator. You should have far more assists than kills, and definitely more than deaths. You should not be the one stealing away all the kills- you are the tank. Don't get greedy in the battlefield ;)

This build will stay continuously updated, and suggestions are welcome. Keep in mind that this is the first build I have ever made, and pointing out errors for me should be helpful.

-Photographs <3
HoT Clan