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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Amumu jungle by DanDinh

Last updated on December 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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If you start withyou have to start on Ancient Golem with a leash. Follow on to Wolves, Wraith, Double Golem, and Ancient Lizard. Now you should be level 4 and near full health to gank. Look for ganks top, mid, and bottom. You can always just attempt a gank you know you're going to fail to just burn their summoner's spell and apply pressure. If the jungle is respawning, get back to it ASAP because you want to get to lvl 6 because your gank potential is so much higher then.

If you start with you should do Wraith Camp first (smite the big 1), then wolves and then wait 5-10 seconds to do golem. It is best to just run back to mid last for a few seconds to avoid clairvoyance then get back on to ancient golem. At level 2 your should be able to solo Ancient Golem with relative ease. You want to hit the Ancient Golem when your smite timer is at around 12 seconds because thats how long its going to take you to kill it.

You can now track back to double golem, as you finish double golem, the wraith camp should spawn then so should the wolf pack. You would now go to base, pick up several more heath potions, defensive items, and go back to lizard and double golem. By now you are nearing 6. You should look for gank if you can, otherwise get to level 6.

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This is my standard mastery build. It gives me the most effective health and is very effective mid and late game. These masteries are not set in stone and isn't intended for the fastest jungle Amumu build. Sometimes I opt to go 0/9/21 when I start with

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My runes here are pretty standard, as a jungler you do not really need anything besides runes that adds to your effective health pool. I did not get armor pen/magic pen because Amumu has his passive to cover on the magic side and he really doesn't do much physical damage at all.

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Mid Game

At about 8-15 minutes, you should be strong enough to get dragon. If the enemy has any type of disadvantage, you and your team should group as 4 or 5 when your ultimate is up and get dragon.
For example:
If there is 2 enemies top, have 1 ally defend top and group as 4
If there is 1 enemy down mid or bottom, group as 4 or 5 and do dragon
If bottom is or mid has 2 or more people at 1/2 or less hit points. Have your low hp people back immediately regroup and dragon. The first team that regroups first has dragon control.

Aside from dragon control, Mid game is where you want to coordinate gank in between global objectives. You need to let your team know when your ult is up to coordinate 3-4 man ganks in lanes and take towers. In a heavily warded game, you may opt to pick up an oracles to comb chokes for wards to get more successful ganks.

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Late Game

Late game is all about forcing Dragon Fights and Baron Fights. Amumu fights best in the jungle and away from towers. You can almost always bait a team fight away from towers by grouping up along paths to Baron and Dragon when it spawns. Make sure you choose to fight only when your ultimate is up.

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Team Fights

In team fights, you want to position your self so that you are in front and your allies are in a cone behind you. Make sure your range is about 600-900 range behind you and your melee is almost side by side with you when you are roaming. Being close means that your allies can follow up immediately when you've caught someone. Having your allies cone our slightly prevents them all from being hit by aoe and cc's by flanks.

As Amumu, after the initial engage you want to tantrum and despair but delay your ultimate until you see the enemy starting using their burst on either you or an ally. You can either use your bandage to single out 1 person if they are all running, cc the person zerging your carry have you use your ultimate, or cc their carry.