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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Amumu jungle : the op mummy

Last updated on November 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there!

I'm Nik nnn nik and I've been playing the game for quite some time. Amumu has been my fav. champ since forever. I've been playing him jungle, supp, top, anything.

Why Amumu?
People say he's not a viable pick, and they may be true, but if u play him right, u can make plays that change team fights and the whole game.

Continuing the guide:--->

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Quints. - You can play move speed or ap quints. even tank ones, but I feel like move speed are the best for him since he's not the damage dealer in the team and the move speed bonus gives you an advantage late moreover the early game. The ganks are much easier.

Marks - Magic pen. But why? he's not the damage dealer I said. But the magic pen gives him that damage he needs to make ganks more effective. Ap carryes stack the mr with kata and Gragas being strong, abyssal scepter is a strong item. The magic pen. marks combined with Sorcerers boots are just too strong for that.

Seals - armor needed for any jungler, likewise strong against ad carryes.

Glyphs - Why not per lvl? I feel like the runes per level are not that effective since the runes are meant for early game over late so the flat mr gives you enough for some tankyness.

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Not much to say in this chapter, i go 0,21,9 cause I play him a tank. so nothing to explain here. classic jungle masteries.

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You must build him situational, like you dont buy

start with boots, 3 pots. of course. nothing special there. with the right runes, you can do the jungle really easy. Many people would go for philosopher's stone, heart of gold and other stuff. I played that for a long time, but then i tried the dorans and they're awesome. u get tanky and to the jungle very easily. you can also go for philo, heart of gold and next but i like this much better. finish boots for magic pen. the reason is more damage. the current meta is get mr and armor for all positions so u dont need ap for the damage, the magic pen is simply enough Rush the sunfire? but why? i don't have a special explanation for that, i just like it. getting tanky, again for the jungle and stacks with the w. it's tons of damage with a tank. Abyssal scepter is the obvious choice for him. since you haven't been taking any mr in the earlier items, and it deals damage. but the further items are more focused on tanky support. shurelia is also an obvious choice. you may go for philo earlier to get that gold/10, but if u don't get it from the start it's a waste of cash and money. and the active from shurelia is pretty sick. randuin and aegis are awesome choices. of course aegis is a more early item, but i put him in the back because it's situational. the same is with the randuin. Again all of these items are situational. you wont get mr if the enemy has no magic damage of course. so build it on your own depending on the game.

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Skill Sequence

what to say here? get tantrum first. u can get w also and then get tantrum but i feel like tantrum is much better to get first. take q at level 4 since u won't be early ganking. it's hard to gank without your ult up. specially if you don't hit your q first.

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Summoner Spells

smite and flash obvious decisions. you can get exhaust and trade it for flash but i feel that's not as viable as flash. flash is always a good choice. you can go flash ult in and that is simply awesome. so i always take flash.

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Pros / Cons

- changes team fight with the ult. specially if u hit the q
- so strong with the damage+tankiness
- the passive - mr reduction - so good in team fights and 1v1
- So much fun to play
- Snoopeh's pro pick :)

- Not a viable choice
- have to hit the q for the ganks and its hard

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Creeping / Jungling

Have your team protect the red buff and u start at blue. it's important that you get the blue buff. for the xp and for the mana. you can do wolves first with no problems, just get your team to help you a bit. they should pull you blue as well. if you get a hard pull, that's even better. Continue your route to the ghosts. when i jungle him, i am usually so fast, that the wolves are not up yet when i finish blue, so i continue to the ghosts or wraiths or how are they called. when u kill them u go to the elder lizard. in this time u should pop some pots so u are fully healed and . when u reach leve 4, u should start ganking but dont forget to farm. amumu becomes crazy when he hits 6. ganks are amazing, nuf said.