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League of Legends Build Guide Author amoeba1126

Amumu just wants to help

amoeba1126 Last updated on December 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The purpose of this build centers entirely around supporting team fights through DPS, CC, and regeneration boosts, while maintaining enough initial survivability during the early game stage and deal enough damage to carry your team to victory in the end game. That said, this doesn't mean that you are impossible to kill, so make sure you have sufficient backup or a way out before you commit. To clarify, like the Bi-Polar Fireball build, this build keeps you dangling on that boundary between hard as hell to kill, but still fairly inviting for opponents give you a few whacks while your teammates jump on them.


Mark - Since you have fairly low AP until later in the game, magic penetration runes will help you deal some extra damage.
Seal - These runes will help you regenerate mana and keep Despair on longer.
Glyph - While they don't give you as much CDR in the long run, the CDR gained from the items in this build make that irrelevant. With flat CDR runes, you gain the benefits max CDR by the time you finish getting Frozen Heart.
Quint - Flat health and a good amount will help you tons early game.


- Start off with a Sapphire Crystal and two health potions
- As soon as you can, upgrade to a Catalyst of Protector and Teleport back. Catalyst will allow for much longer farming sessions.
- When you have enough gold to get Mercury Treads, grab them and run back
- You want to get Glacial Shield next, which will grant you three very important things; MP, AR, and CDR. This allows you to survive longer and use your abilities more often.
- Ganking should now be happening with greater regularity by now, so you will want to upgrade Catalyst to Innervating Locket. This will essentially be the regenerative buff not only for you, but for your entire team as well. The 10% CDR helps a lot too.
- Here is where things get a bit tricky. If the other team or your team has a lot of casters, I would Force of Nature. Otherwise focus on getting Rylai's first.
- If the game lasts long enough, I would get Lich Bane as the cherry on top.


Basically, this build is designed to wreck havoc on the other team, while simultaneously supporting yours. To make things easier to see, I will list each ability and item's benefits.

Innervating Locket: This allows you to simultaneously buff both your allies and yourself as far as regenerative abilities go. It's secondary passive however is what really shines. With Despair on and a constant spam of Tantrum during team fights, you will receive 50 HP and 20 MP in 2 seconds every 3 seconds. This can go a long way in sustaining yourself as you help your team.
Mercury Treads: I chose Treads over Tabi for the MR and CC reduction benefits. This will allow for better survivability, meaning you stay in team fights longer.
Frozen Heart: This item is actually very useful. Not only does it give you a ton of mana and armor, it slows down your cooldown by 25% and enemy attack speeds by 20%. This means you tank better, use abilities more often, and lower the melee damage output of enemies (slower attack speed means less times they can attack).
Rylai's Crystal Scepter: While the 80 AP and 500 HP are huge pluses, it is the synergy between Rylai's and Despair/Tantrum that makes this item so frightening for the other team. With this item, you keep the enemies constantly slowed at 15% (barring any MR or CC reduction items on their end), which needless to say, goes a very long way in helping,
Force of Nature: This is a great item to have for Amumu. It's healing properties are awesome and should easily keep you alive in team fights.
Lich Bane: While most games don't get this far, Lich Bane is a nice item to complete your slots. Obvious increase in damage aside, it allows you to move faster, tank spells better, and use abilities more due to increase in mana pool.

Bandage Toss: Great initiator and will help in chasing enemies down due to its long range and fairly quick speed. Use it wisely though, because if your teammates cannot catch up in time after you initiate and you get jumped, it won't be pretty. If that happens and you survive the onslaught, turn on Despair and Flash out of there and run towards your teammates. You can use your ultimate if available, though I would see if I can save it first. It is much more useful in a team fight and using it to escape when you don't have is a waste.
Despair: Great for tanks and good for everything else. When you combine this with Rylai's, it can be devastating for the other team.
Tantrum: The first ability you want to max out. It is great for farming and deals a ton of damage on enemies. Combined with Rylai's and it will also slow down enemies around you. The icing on the cake is that it is dirt cheap to use and every time something hits you, it cools down faster.
Curse of the Sad Mummy: This is quite possibly one of the best ultimates in the game and can completely devastate the other team in a team fight. Aside from its fairly significant damage, it completely disables enemies in its range for 2.5 seconds. As you all know by now, a lot can happen in a team fight within 2.5 seconds.


This build is not meant for the faint hearted. You are like a US Marine when you are playing this build; first one in and typically last one out. You are always smack in the middle of the eye of the hurricane. Why you ask? The answer is simple; that is where you are most effective and deal the most damage. This puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulders and a misstep can horribly screw the flow of the team fight. To provide more in depth guide, I will break this down into the three stages of the game.

Early Game
With the exception of Bandage Toss, Amumu's range for his normal abilities and melee are rather pathetic. While flat HP Quints will help you survive longer, being such a close range champ makes you a rather easy target. It is best to lane with a long range player who can keep the enemies off you as you farm. The faster you get Catalyst of the Protector and max out Tantrum, the easier it will be for you. Your Bandage Toss has a huge initial cooldown and while the flat cooldown Glyph runes help, you should look to only use it to setup ganks. Simply focus on surviving during the early game stage, but keep an eye out for possible ganking opportunities.

Mid Game
By this time, you should have already converted Catalyst of Protector to Innervating Locket and purchased Treads. Try to get Glacial Storm. The increase in mana and cooldown reduction will help a lot in cutting down the time you have to wait between Tosses and the armor will really help. Which item you get next depends really on how you have been doing. If you are getting hurt a lot or the other oppoenent is a caster, this is a great item to get. If they have a lot of physical and melee champions, focus on getting Frozen Heart as fast as you can. This will allow you to tank most physical damage champs at this time while slowing down their attacks at the same time. If you are doing good and your team is able to hold its own, I would get Rylai's first. It is very important to remember your role in team fights; you initiate and support. This means you are the first one to enter the fray and usually the last one to leave. Watch the flow of the battle and use your ultimate when you feel it is most effective. This is typically when the enemies are clustered around you and you can stun them for your own team to lay waste. If you have strong AoE ultimate champions like Fiddlesticks or Nunu on your team, you can combo with them for hilarious results.

End Game
In the early stages of the End Game, you will want to finish getting the 4th and 5th item. By now, assuming that the game is not over already, finish up your 5th item and then pick up Lich Bane for some additional fun. It will allow you to move faster and tacking on an extra 160 magic damage to each melee will help out a ton. Like in Mid Game, you will continue your role as initiator and support. Just remember, while you are tough to kill, you are not invincible.