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Amumu, so much gold

Last updated on February 25, 2012
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This guide is meant to be used to build on off tank with amumu. You have to know how to use amumu with some skill otherwise this will never work for you, you will never be able to farm enough to get the build and you will be useless to your team.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is the best summoner spell, so it's a MUST have for almost any champ, it's a great way to place amumu's ulti or escape.

Smite is necessary for jungling, it speeds up your run throughs of jungles. If you do not jungle, which I would not recommend, but if you don't then there are several other options for spells as well. Also, if you don't jungle, be sure to change your masteries so that you don't waste several points on tough skin and bladed armor.

Other choices for summoner spells are:

Ghost: If you prefer this to flash then definitely use it, plus it's a great way to escape, especially with the speed this build gives you, it will just enhance it greatly.

Exhaust: If you like this spell then use it, you already have a lot of stuns in your abilities so it's not worth it in my opinion to chase someone with it, but if you like it go ahead.

Heal: This is great in team fights. I know people say it's a noobish spell, but it's a nice team heal that can easily help your team win fights.

Cleanse: Great because of the cc removal, helps you get away.

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Skill Sequence

you start with despair for it's damage, but then go with tantrum for it's damage removal, which helps a lot when jungling. Then you go for despair, since it's your key ability, other than your ulti of course. Bandage toss is mostly used for a stun, so you don't need additional damage from it till after you have leveled up the others, just get it at lvl 4 to be able to use it because it is very useful but then wait till then end to lvl it up again.

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Philosopher's stone and Heart of Gold are to be used to give you extra gold throughout the game, making building much, much easier. You'll find that this build isn't actually as ridiculous as it seems once you get to using amumu this way. Rylai's Crystal Sceptor is the key item here, which is why we get it first after our boots, mercury's treads, and starting items. Not only do we get 80 AP and 500 health, but we also get slowing tears!! once you have this just run along-side enemy champs, don't attack if you're chasing, it'll slow you down. just run with them and use your abilities as you go, you'll kill them much faster that way than just attacking, because they can't get away. Plus, this is great in team fights, because if you lose and have to run away, when they get close they get slowed, so it's impossible for them to chase you once you've started running. After that Sunfire Cape is standard for a tank. Force of Nature is great because of the high MR, the health regen, but most importantly the movement bonus. You'll find this is very helpful. Frozen heart for CR and the slow, and then rabadon's death cap for a lot of AP, you won't need more armor at this point because you'll already have plenty of that as well as health and with rabadon's death cap you can be both tank and basically carry for your team.

Optional Items to replace any but Rylai's Crystal Sceptor are:

Abyssal Spector: 70AP, 57 MR, and a nice aura to help your whole team. If your team is predominantly AP then you can get this.

Void Staff: If you need something cheaper than rabadon's death cap get this or Abyssal Spector. This will give you 70 AP and also 40 Magic Penetration, which is always helpful.

Zhonya's Hourglass: If you want both Ap and armor, this is what you need. The active is the best part though, it can save you in a team fight if you get low.

Guardian Angel: 68 armor, 38 MR, and when you die, then it's round 2!

Randuin's Omen: 350 Health, 75 armor, plus health regen and CR. The active can be great in team fights, if used correctly. Generally replace Sunfire Cape with this.

Thornmail: This will shut out their AD carry, due to the 100 armor and 30% damage return, but use this at your caution; you sacrifice a lot of other stats for this and you cause the other team to never attack you, making you useless to your team as a tank.

Warmog's Armor: LOTS OF HEALTH!!!! Works great with Force of Nature.

Quicksilver Sash: 56 MR and a nice dubuff. Use it you need the debuff or something cheaper.

Lich Bane: A great item if you can find a way to fit it into the build. The 350 mana, 80 AP, 30 MR, and 7% movement speed are great, especially the movement stacked with Force of Nature. You could replace Force of Nature with this if you don't need too much MR against the other team.

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Creeping / Jungling

If you jungle, which you should if you're going to follow this guide, then there is an order you should always follow.

1 blue buff, have someone leash, use smite
2 wolves
3 wraiths, use health potion
4 red buff, use smite again
5 IF over 300 health, go to golems, if not back to wraiths or if they're not up then wolves, then do the other vice-versa
6 back home, buy philosopher's stone

Now, while you jungle, you can also gank lanes. I tend to help mid and solo top first over bot, just because they tend to fend for themselves better than one person. Gank whenever you can.

At the beginning, have people prevent a counter jungle!!!! If the other team counter jungle's you and takes your blue buff, you have already lost the game (unless your team is a lot better than the other team). If they get early kills on you and make you fear your own jungle, then you're useless and won't be able to build.

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Thanks for reading this guide, I hope it helps you. Any comments or suggestions are welcome! A guide can always use improvement, the improvements just have to be found, so if you find one let me know!


Don't get screwed early in the jungle.