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Amumu Solo Mid? O.o

Last updated on May 10, 2010
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Alright, I know what you're thinking...WTF??!!! Makes no sense! He is much better with blah blah blah blah. If you think that then just try my guide one time and see if u don't change your mind. There are so many advantages to having a level 6 Amumu before the other heroes can get there. You will have the other team's head spinning, not knowing what just hit them.

******************************** WARNING *************************************
In order for this build to be successful, you can't be a complete ****** when it comes to last hitting...the way I build, you should have no problems doing this, even with the opposing hero harassing the **** out of you. It is not uncommon to be sitting at around half health for most of the duration of you mid escapades. Also, don't get discouraged if u take a quick death and your team starts QQing because of a stupid mistake. It will all work out in the end.


1. Always start off with Doran's Shield. This will give you both a bit more survivability and some well needed hp regen. If you are starting to get harassed too much, just sit back and leach some exp whil your Doran's heals you up some and you can get back to the last hitting shortly.

2. WHY NOT GET THE EVADE BOOTS??? Well that is simple. My guide is focused on you being the center of attention. You want to be hit, and hit a lot. With the opposing team focused on you, you can spam your tantrum and, being the uber tank that you are, your teammates will be able to roll in unharmed and finish off those flies buzzing around you. Now, the reason I take the magic reducing boots is because, I don't know if u noticed, but I stack sunfire capes like crazy and since they do an aoe magic damage per second...I mean, you can figure that out I think.

3. SUNFIRE CAPES!!!! This is obviously the main item in my build. with your ult, that ignite skill I suggested u get, despair, and all those sunfire is very easy to see that your uber tank just became CRAZY dps. Toss on a tantrum or two when you are chasing them down and stun 'em later on in the game with your bandage toss and you have a killing machine on your hands.

4. Chalice is just a luxury item. Only thing I really use it for is late game (if the game is still going on at this point). With this item, you pretty much have infinite mana and can spam your despair skill (never turn it off in other words) and still have mana.


The runes I chose are completely my own choice. I would suggest you have similar ones, but anything to do with Hp/regen will do. If you want to, AP runes are not out of the question.


I didn't completely fill out the masteries on purpose. They, like the runes, are subjective. Just put your own spin on them and I am sure you will do fine. The important ones are the ones I took the time to mark.


Tantrum is gotten first because it is your main skill. It gives you survivability from the damage reduction ESPECIALLY in early game since you will undoubtedly be harassed a lot since you are a melee in middle lane. It also makes farming the middle lane terribly easy because whatever you cannot last hit with your normal attack you can tantrum and finish them off. Just make sure to play very conservatively and only get close to last hit or harass the opposing hero with a tantrum. BACK OFF IMMEDIATELY AFTER DOING SO. This is important both for giving the other team's mid hero confidence (which will be used against him later) and important for the obvious reason of not dying.

If you REALLY want to, you can go ahead and put ONE level into it early. Do not max this skill over Despair because this is not an AP build so Despair is a lot more useful early. I personally find it more beneficial to max despair as early as possible. Besides, the way I play Amumu, I only use bandage toss for chasing heroes and last hitting them by jumping to them and using tantrum and following them until my crazy dps from sunfire capes and despair kills them off. However, if you think I am dumb for not taking an early level in bandage toss, then go ahead, take it early. I can promise you that you will need the damage from Despair to get kills as early as I do.

Last but not least, GET YOUR ULT MAXED ASAP. This is obvious and I am not gonna waste my time explaining it. With this guide, I will tell you that you are ALMOST guaranteed a kill every time your ult is up starting at level 6.


Ignite gives you that extra push on your dps to get a very fast kill which is the main purpose of this build. Without this skill I don't know if it would be possible to receive a level 6 kill like I often times get.

Teleport is also VERY important seeing as you will probably be needing to run back to base against a very difficult laning foe. It serves its purposes later in game too for ganks and loner kills (both are Amumu's speacialty). Teleport is the main reason you are able to get a kill at level 6 tho so I HIGHLY suggest you take this skill.


Let me start this bye saying that if you get an early death then you ARE doing something wrong. Don't be discouraged though. Just adjust and get out there and be level 6ish I doubt that your teammates will be QQ ing anymore if you follow this guide correctly.

Now for the part you have all been waiting for...HOW IN THE EFF DO YOU MID WITH AMUMU!!!??? Well, it really isn't that hard. In fact, the hardest part is convincing your teammates that it's a good idea. Just tell them that you want mid and if they start giving you flack about it, tell them to just trust you and if you need a lane swap, you will let them know asap. After you get that first kill, I promise they won't be QQ ing about it anymore.

Like I warned at the beginning of this guide...You MUST be good at last hitting in order to be able to farm well mid vs. an undoubtedly ranged mid foe. Every little hit counts when you are being harassed non-stop (which I can guarantee will happen). Roll up with your auto attack and get a couple of minions down to low health and finish off as many as you can with your tantrum spell. It's good to take a bit of hits from the opposing hero because it will (a) give him confidence which will hopefully make him reckless and (b) refill your tantrum cooldown so you can last hit faster/easier.

Keep farming until level 6. It is a relatively boring game up until this point. You should have farmed up enough money by now to AT LEAST buy the basic boots. This is essential for you to get your first kill here. Once you are both level 6 and you have the money for your boots. Blue pill back to base, buy your boots, and assuming you haven't used it yet, teleport back to your lane. This way you barely missed any exp/gold and now you are fast enough for chasing your hopefully unbooted opponent.

Hopefully at this point in the game you have been harassing your opponent middle enough so he isn't at full health (if he is, you probably cannot kill him yet). Also, you have hopefully been using my tactics to your advantage and your opponent is harassing you and getting reckless. Now you just have to wait for him to make a mistake and once he does Capitalize on him using my killer combo which needs to be done as quickly as possible.

*************************** AMUMU COMBO!!! **************************
1. Turn on Despair
2. Get in range and Pop Your Ultimate
3. Ignite that turd
4. Now just chase him hitting your Tantrum as often as possible.

One thing I want everyone who reads this to be aware of is that you are a very good tank and you can chase into towers at a very early level with Amumu. Just be careful and don't go too far or you will pay the price, but it's not uncommon for me to be level 6 and last hit at a tower and roll away with a kill and my life.

If you can get an early kill or two with your ultimate then the rest of the game will be easy for you. Use your ult from now on in GANKING SITUATIONS ONLY, but you can still focus one person and use the combo above. Once you stack the sunfire capes (which should be relatively easy to farm if you get early kills) the game will most likely be over because you will be a tank that does a crazy amount of dps and with the backing of your team, you should be able to just ignore the turrets and dive in making for a fast push to the inhibitors and a quick and painful final push to their big tower.


I hope you guys enjoyed this guide and if it gets a good response there will be other hero guides to come.