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League of Legends Build Guide Author tajatysz

Amumu - The Killing Mummy

tajatysz Last updated on January 16, 2011
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Amumu is great tank, some people say he is weak, they are wrong, with good item build, runes and masteries, i had no lost match as Amumu, and my most deaths for single match is only 4, this build will make all sad mummies happy again.

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Pros & Cons

-GREAT tank
-Good farmer with Tantrum+Despair

-Loses mana really fast early
-No escape

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust- My absolutely favourite summoner spell, good for everything.

Ignite- My second fav, VERY annoying DoT, on high lvl it deals much damage, and also reduces inc healing, good for teamfights and finishing off low hp enemies out of your range.

Ghost- Very good spell, boosts up yorur speed, good for escaping, as well as for chasing.

Revive- 510 Sec cd...You still want it?

Smite- This is NOT a jungling build

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Bandage Toss- Stuns an enemy and pulls you to them, i stick a point to it at lvl 1 and start lvling it along with Despair after maxing out Tantrum, i use it to start killing an enemy, to not let enemy escape, or just to stun an enemy in teamfight.

Despair(TOGGLE)- Burns your mana, and deals damage to nearby enemies each second, i stick a point to it at lvl 4 and start maxing it right before maxing out Tantrum, i use it in every champion fight, 1v1 as well as for teamfights and ganks, great if combined with Sunfire Cape.

Tantrum- Passively decreases physical damage taken, upon activation deals damage to nearby enemies, i stick a point into it at lvl 2, and max it out first, i use it everytime, at fights, farming minions, EVERY type of fight whenever it isn't on CD.

Curse of the Sad Mummy(Ult)- Creates large area, all enemies caught into then area right after activation are rooted, and all enemies on it are taking damage each second, i use it for teamfights, or just to root enemies to save an ally.

Skill Combos
Single Target- Bandage Toss->Despair->Tantrum Spam
Teamfight- Bandage Toss->Despair->Curse of the Sad Mummy->Tantrum Spam

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I always start up with Regrowth Pendant to let me stay on my lane longer and a Mana Potion because Amumu loses mana really fast early. I recall about at lvl 6 or 800 gold, with Regrowth Pendant you don't need to recall when wounded, just tower hug and you'll regen really fast. After first recall i buy Philosopher's Stone for more HP regen, some Mana regen and faster gold gaining, and Boots of Speed->Ninja Tabi(if enough money, don't recall if you haven't got money for Philosopher's Stone+Boots of Speed). After getting Ninja Tabi get Shurelya's Reverie for Regens and CD reduction, which is important for Amumu. After that im getting 3 Standard Tank items, Sunfire Capex2 and Thornmail Which are GREAT for Amumu, as you just stand between minions, activate Despair, and thanks to those items they just suddenly die! After those i want more HP and regen, so i'm getting my Warmog's Armor.

Optional Items
Mercury Treads instead of Ninja Tabi if enemy team is hard on CC

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Early Game

Just keep farming minions as all other champs, but Amumu has no long range skills, that makes him sad, because he's unable to harras, remember to play defensively, you are a tank, do not waste your mana, if your lane partner is aggresive, you can be aggresive too, cause on low lvls, you can easily pick off one target with Bandage Toss and mash him with basic atttack which is not hard early, second one will probably escape when your target is on about 30-50%

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Mid Game

Now you can start ganking with your partner, go help at mid and the other lane, then come back at your lane with more gold, pick Golem Buff often to get mana regen and CD reduction.

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Late Game

Push, push, and gank, even with tank items you can easily gank if you've got dps as a lane parnter, keep pushing towers to win, don't let your enemies do much.