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Amumu Build Guide by Jackx2

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jackx2

Amumu THE tank

Jackx2 Last updated on August 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey name is Jackx2 first build / guide here on mobafire! Before we get into the details i build amumu to do some minor damage and be a GREAT tank! So if your looking for ap mumu this is not the place for you.

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I use greater marks of desolation for some armor penetration so amumu can do some good damage while tanking then i use greater seals of replenishment to get your mana back quickly becuase when your using despair it eats your mana up quickly same with bandage toss! I also use greather glyphs of fortitude to boost up his health for some early game tanking. And last but not least Greater Qunitessences of Desolation for more armor pen! Get some hard hitting going on.

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I use 9-0-18 for some minor damage and cooldown reductions in the utility get your abilites back faster.

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First off i start with a ninja tabi to get some good movement with some dodge in there for when your being attacked. Afterwards i go for sunfire cape usually starting off with the giants belt which gives me great tankiness early game where u can take a lot of hits. With the sunfire cape it adds good health and armor with a good passive for easy farming and damage. Then i go to thornmail or gaurdian angel depending if they have more ad or ap usually going with thornmail first for AWSOME armor! And some damage going back to your enemies when they attack you. After when i got my gaurdian angel it gives you a free revive! With some good armor and magic resistance. Then i go for my warmogs by now its late game and they are doing heavy damage so this warmogs armor gives you 1k hp alomost which saves your life! I then go to a force of nature for MORE hp and armor.

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With your Q ability which is bandage toss is used as a stun / engaging skill when going into a teamfight so when you go in you for the ad ranged or the big damage dealer so they get stunned quickly to where your team can take them out.

With your W ability which is despair its a area affect where enemies surrounding you lose a percentage of their health each second great for farming creeps late game and for good damage when in combat

Your E ability which is tantrum is basically a harrasing / spam ability for when your in combat you can spam your e to where you do a good amount of damage each time and good for harrasing when in combination with your q to stun then e and run away amazing harrasment but takes up a good amount of mana.

Your Ultimate (r ability) Curse of the Sad Mummy is where amumu stuns everyone enemy around him disabling them from attacking nor moving also doing a good amount of damage to them as well where your team quickly cleans them up.

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Summoner Spells

I usually go with exhaust and ignite to where if they are running away and really low you ignite and go back to the battle or if your team is chasing you exhaust which makes you a great addition to your team even more.

You can also go for Flash and ghost to switch out for others to where flash either gets you in a great ult spot or gets you out of sticky situatuons. Ghost for catching up to people and then stunning them for a kill.

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Basically with all the items late game you are almost unkillable and even if killed you can revive with gaurdian angel and keep on tanking and dealing good amounts of damage as your doing it additiaonaly with summoner spells slowing them down or killing them off thank you and this is my first guide on moba fire and my first on amumu hope you all like it!

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Creep Waves

To take creep waves out easily is you activate your despair skill with your sunfire cape stand in the middle of them and there you go LOTS of money and creep wave eliminated.

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Team work

Usually when going into a fight you have to initaite so you bandage toss in to get a quick stun on activate your despair (w skill) then start spamming your tantrum (e skill) and when your team is there you ult and stun all of them by then they should all be elimanated if they are running away exhaust them or ignite them if they are really low. Also quick easy tip against tryndamere if hes in undying rage ignite him about 3 seconds after so when gets out of it you get an easy kill.

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Pros / Cons

The Pros

Really good to tank early game
Almost unkillable late game
Does good damage while in lane and tanking
Really fun to annoy people with

The Cons
Beggining of game try not to tank to much your kinda squishy
If built inproperly can be killed really easily