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Amumu Build Guide by Nate Tow

Amumu, the Tanky Jungler.

By Nate Tow | Updated on October 11, 2011

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Amumu is possibly the best jungling champion in League of Legends. Not only is he able to clear the jungle with amazing speed, but his ganks make him one to be feared, literally. Follow my guide and your enemies will be afraid to farm comfortably in their lane.

My Jungle Route:

Blue Buff Golem - Wolves - Wraiths - Red Buff Lizard - Double Golems
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Greater Quintessence of Ability Power Amumu does do magic damage with all of his abilities. Although most junglers use flat HP quints, I find ability power quints give me that extra early ganking potential since I am building mostly tank starting off. This is situational of course.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Some Junglers take armor pen reds to kill the Jungle monsters faster, but again Amumu does magic damage, and his Despair ability will do tons of damage. For this reason, I take magic pen reds instead of armor pen.

Greater Seal of Armor Almost all junglers should grab flat armor seals in order to jungle with relative ease.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs can vary according to a summoner's preferences, but magic resist per level Glyphs are very cheap and come in handy for that extra magic resistance.
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1-8-21 is the standard mastery page for most junglers. Be sure to take improved Smite and Flash. Also take the extra experience gain and neutral monster buff in the utlity tree. By taking the extra experience mastery, you will be level 2 after you are finished with the blue golem.
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Starting items with most junglers will be Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion. However, it may be better to start with Regrowth Pendant and 1 Health Potion and changing that regrowth pendant into a Philosopher's Stone. Late game once you have all item slots full with your late game items and no longer need the gold advantage, you can sale your philosopher's stone for something else, (more AP or more tank items ect.)

Work on your boots, Mercury's Treads for the extra magic resist and tenacity. (*Note, most people build Ninja Tabi on tanks, and I have seen some build it on Amumu. However, Tantrum's cool down is reduced every time Amumu is basic attacked. Building Ninja Tabi reduces this ability.)

Now it is time to build tanky. Work on your Sunfire Cape as soon as possible. This allows for greater jungling and damage when ganking. Despair and Sunfire combined do crazy damage, without the enemy actually realizing how much life you are constantly draining from them. After Sunfire, you can choose ro build Guardian Angel in case you are dying more than you want to. A substitution for Guardian Angel would be a Banshee's Veil. Keep in mind to build according to what you need. If the enemy team has more AP, build magic resistance. If the enemy has more AD, build armor. Overall, keep a mix of magic resist and armor to counter any problem that comes your way. Other great tank items on Amumu are Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen. If you are doing extremely well, and actually getting a lot of kills, you can choose to build even more tanky with Warmog's Armor or Thornmail/ Force of Nature or you can actually start building Ability Power.

Amumu's despair + sunfire cape + overall tankiness will make him deceptively strong, but building ability power on Amumu will make you even more of a force to be reckoned with. Around late game, when doing extremely well, I will start building my Rod of Ages and Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Again, this is optional.
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Skill Sequence

This is also very optional, but be sure to try to max out Tantrum before anything else. Tantrum's passive allows for more defense and greater ease in the jungle. Leveling up Despair will also help you clear the jungle faster.

Of course, level up the ultimate abilities at levels 6, 11, and 16.
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Ability Explanations!

Cursed Touch - Amumu's attacks reduce the target's Magic Resistance for a short duration.

* Passive is pretty much self explanatory. Amumu deals magic damage and with this passive, Amumu will do more damage.

Bandage Toss - Amumu tosses a sticky bandage at a target, stunning and damaging the target while he pulls himself to them.

* This is a GREAT initiator. This is what makes Amumu's ganks very powerful. Although the stun is short, it allows for Amumu to catch fleeing enemies and closes gaps well. This ability is also very good when running away. Bandage tossing into a Wraith camp, over a wall, will save your life from certain death!

Despair - Overcome by anguish, nearby enemies lose a percentage of their maximum health each second.

* This ability works well at clearing the jungle monsters very fast. Also, this ability shreds those high health tanks on the enemy team! Paired with sunfire, despair will shred your enemy's health.

Tantrum - Permanently reduces the physical damage Amumu would take. Amumu can unleash his rage, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Each time Amumu is hit, the cooldown on tantrum is reduced by 0.5 seconds.

* This is also very good at clearing your jungle. Tantrum's passive allows Amumu to take less damage, and the fast cooldown (especially when fighting multiple targets basic attacking you) allows you to spam on your enemies.

Curse of the Sad Mummy - Amumu entangles surrounding enemy units in bandages, damaging them and rendering them unable to attack or move.

* This ultimate, in my opinion, is one of the best in the game. This ultimate is an AoE stun that works VERY well in team fights. As the tank, and as a ganker, it is your job to initiate, and Amumu does this perfectly. Bandage toss into the enemy's carry, turn on your despair ability and spam click tantrum whenever the ability is off cooldown. Once the enemy team is all in position, use your ultimate. By this time, the enemy team will all be half health, and you may have even killed the enemy carry. This allows for the rest of your team members to come behind you and mop up. Sometimes you will die in the process, but one thing is for sure. You WILL win a team fight if utilized correctly!
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Summoner Spells

Smite because you are a jungler.

Flash because it gives you more utility in your ganking, and can be used defensively or offensively. Overall, a great ability that i utilize to the fullest with Amumu.

Ghost ghost is also a good substitute for flash because it allows you to chase down enemies or run away. Bandage Toss has a pretty long cool down, so ghosting a run away enemy can give you time for your bandage toss to come out of cool down just in time for that finishing stun!
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Always be available to your team if their lane is being pushed too much or if someone needs to fall back to heal/buy. As a jungler, it is your job to hold, protect, gank, and help push lanes when the time is right.

Gank as many times as you can! As Amumu, level 4 ganks are extremely good. Usually at level 4, I will already have the red and blue buffs and I can easily gank the middle lane for a kill. Shutting down an enemy's solo mid can vastly help in winning a match. Remember last hitting minions wins games. It is your job as the jungler to deny your enemies these minion kills!

Typically, you will have a solo top, a solo mid, and a carry/support bot. While it is the support's job to ward the bottom lane, it is the jungler's responsibility to keep everything else warded. I usually buy a ward for my solo top lane, especially when the enemy team has a jungler. It is also your responsibility to control dragon. Warding dragon and pinging for your bot carry to help you kill the dragon can greatly improve your team's chances at dominating the match.

As a jungler, you have smite, which comes in handy not only for the jungle, but for stealing baron buff or dragon. There have been many times that the enemy team gets together for a baron attempt, and my team is out of position. This is my que to get as close as I can to the baron, and flash/bandage toss in for a last minute smite, to possibly get the baron buff for my team. Although this can result in your death, it leaves the enemy team with no baron buff, and it leaves four of your members with the baron buff. This can turn a game around.
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1. Amumu can clear the jungle very fast with despair and tantrum.
2. Amumu is a tank, and a GREAT initiator with his bandage toss and ultimate stuns. Don't be afraid to get in there and deal tons of damage.
3. Amumu is great at not only tanking for his team, but also shutting down other team's tanks. Amumu has amazing dot with his despair ability and the magic damage from Sunfire Cape.

1. Amumu is VERY mana heavy since Despair constantly drains mana when left active. Be sure to get the blue golem buff whenever it is available.
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Overall, Amumu is one of the best tanks, junglers, and initiators in the game. I suggest start ganking your lanes at level 4, when you have red + blue buff, and you have your bandage toss. When you gank with Amumu, be sure to have some rage from the enemy team. Amumu's ganks are just too good and result in multiple lane dominance for your team. I hope you enjoy my simple guide to jungling Amumu. Comment and rate! Thank you.

Note some items are different from my guide build. For example, I sold my wriggles late game to buy other AP items once I got pretty fed. Overall, items are situational, as they always are when playing League of Legends!

*NOTE: This guide will be updated and become more in depth later on. Currently attending College and will try to add more, at the viewer's request! This is my first guide and any critique/feedback will be appreciated and welcomed! Thank you again community!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Nate Tow
Nate Tow Amumu Guide

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Amumu, the Tanky Jungler.