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Amumu Build Guide by DougieFresh

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DougieFresh

Amumu - The Tanky Terror

DougieFresh Last updated on October 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Greetings everyone, my name is Doug and this is going to be my first entry on MobaFire. I consider myself as a decent player, nowhere near the high ELO's some of you have reached, but I do believe I know how to play a few champions I own extremely effectively. Throughout my League of Legends career (which has consisted of only about 6 months) Amumu has been my one go-to champion that I can play and literally almost guarantee a win (through the leveling phases or normal games and low ELO gets a bit more competitive in the higher ELO's as you are most certainly aware!). So anyways, I will go ahead and jump right into this guide, and again this is my first guide so PLEASE leave feedback, positive and negative, I will read it and hopefully continue to produce guides to help people just like myself!

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2 Greater Quintessence of Health
1 Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
9 Greater Mark of Cooldown Reduction
9 Greater Seal of Replenishment
9 Greater Glyph of Armor

I pick these runes for a multitude of reasons. The flat health quints contribute to the overall tankyness of Amumu, and I throw in the movement speed to get that early advantage so you can harass with your despair. CD reduction is useful for spamming tantrum, which you will use in place of your auto-attack. Mana regen helps out a ton early game, since most of your farm comes from spells. Also, the armor obviously contributes to the tanky build as well.

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For my masteries, I take a pretty standard tanking build, focusing in defense and then piecing together utility points for maximum laning control. Not only do the utility masteries help my sustainability, but the point in ghost will become incredibly useful for ganks or escapes.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ghost...need I say more. Hey I guess I will since I am writing a novel. Flash ofcourse needs no explanation, but ghost might be just as valuable if not more. Amumu is all about staying all over your opponent, and ghost can give you that much needed boost.

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Here is a section of my guide that took me some thinking. I never build Amumu in one specific way. Every single one of my selections is based on my thought process throughout that game. One thing that remains constant is my catalyst beginning (but not as the very first item). Each game I will either get a Ruby or Sapphire crystal (depending on whether I believe I will be harassed in lane). I normally begin with a Ruby simply for the immunity to harassment early game. After my initial crystal, I grab boots for his chasing, which is a necessity if you want to play how I play. I then proceed to grab my Catalyst, Merc Treads or Swiftness depending on the composition, and then a Chain Mail. Amumu is all about armor! I grimace when I see players beginning with Warmog's and proceeding to other health related items. Warmog's is a fine endgame item, but it is simply not what you need to be focusing on early game. After my chain mail, I grab my Sunfire Cape (A MUST)!. Now here is one of the many judgement calls you must make. With your catalyst, you can either build into a Rod of Ages (ON AMUMU WTF!? YEA...) or a Banshees. Whenever I see a champion such as Annie or Leblanc who use their single spell combo and then go blank for a good while, I grab a Banshees and laugh when their combos only bring me down to 60% (if that). When confronted with casters such as Ryze, I grab a Rod for the sustain and damage. If you ever see a Yi or Tryn (among others) on the enemy team, Thornmail is your next buy. Most of the time, people are confused who they should target, since Amumu's damage output is so great over time. Rylai's and GA are my final purchases, going for the slow on my Despair, which virtually demolishes anyone 1v1, and GA for the resistance and of course, every good Mummy has reincarnation...DUH!

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Skills and Their Order

Bandage Toss is one of the best ganking abilities in the game. I normally grab a quick point in this at either level 1 or 3, depending on how my team decides to handle early game. Don't underestimate the stun, even if the enemy is right beside you, feel free to toss it out, and with sufficient CD reduction it should pop back up if you need to chase.

Despair is Amumu's pride and glory...Q_Q Not only is this a great draining spell on enemy tanks and neutral monsters, it is also a great farming skill coupled with Tantrum around level 8. I normally will take this in sequence with Tantrum, alternating 1 by 1. I have found this maximizes sustainability and power in lane.

Tantrum is sometimes overlooked in Amumu's design. His damage from it is quite substantial, but even better, the reduced damage you take really does add up in the midst of battle. Once again, I alternate leveling this skill up with Despair.

Curse of the Sad Mummy is one of the, if not the best ultimate in the game. Not only does it freeze every enemy in a huge radius, it also deals significant damages and stops every single action opponents are taking on the spot. This ultimate added with his impressive AoE spells devastates any opponent, even tanks.

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Farming is an aquired skill on Amumu, and it is also a very mana-heavy task. Tantrum should be your source of last-hitting up until around level 8, when you have your Despair and Tantrum up to rank 3 and you can begin to solo minion waves. Harassment is something almost all melee laners must deal with, but on Amumu he is not very effected. Just run in, pop ur tantrum, get that gold, and run out. No harm done, and if they attack you, most likely they will end up taking more damage they did to you from your creeps.

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Amumu's constant AoE with Despair and Sunfire cape is phenomenal, paired with his insane durability and speed he is no easy match for any 1v1 champion. Many melee champions attack and chase in between, Amumu is similiar but you will not be attacking. Tantrum is your attack in your pursuit, and it has decent range to snag opponents. With the over 2% health drain from Despair and great output from Tantrum, many enemies fall to Amuumu, no matter how fast they are. You might need the occasional bandage toss if you dont have your Rylais yet, but still...

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Team Work

Amumu's ult wins teamfights. Period. With his heavy AoE damage from Despair and Tantrum, along with the support from your team, I have 2v5'd numerous times with a strong secondary ult such as Miss Fortunes. Make sure you tell your team to be prepared, because when Amumu bandages in, that 2 second ult window is the time to shine. Another idea is to set a bait, preferably an AP champion with Zonia's, if there is no Kayle ult or Zilean Ult. After the initial burst, with the greedy opponents exposing themselves trying to grab the kill, bandage in and ult, and WHAM! never saw it coming.

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Amumu has a few overlooked getaway mechanisms that often save me from sticky situations. When fighting the the jungles near Dragon and Baron, you can easily bandage over the wall and snag then, taking minimal damage and removing yourself from harm. This can also be used on small creep camps, not as effectively, but it gets the job done. Amumus ultimate has amazing range, so don't hesitate to test it on fleeing opponents with low health if, god forbid, you miss your skill shot!!!

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So let's cover what we have learned! We now our runes, masteries, item build (or a good guideline), SS's, skill progression, tips, tricks, farming help, and some strategies for team fights!
Thank you all so much for viewing my first guide on Amumu, The Sad Mummy. Please leave feedback,
positive and negative. Thanks!