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Malzahar Build Guide by Chromuro

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chromuro

An in-depth look inside the Void Prophet's mind [S8]

Chromuro Last updated on September 12, 2018
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IonicWind | June 2, 2018 6:16am
Great guide!! I feel like it just needs an Banshee's Veil optional/situational path
Chromuro (17) | June 2, 2018 6:28am
Thank you! :D
Yeah, I don't really like Banshee's Veil on malzahar since the item passive doesn't interact separatedly with malz passive, but it is always a good source of MR/AP, so I'll put it right now (since I have already the editor open lol)
IonicWind | June 2, 2018 6:57am
TY I think this guide is perfect for this patch GJ
Witwickies (2) | May 17, 2018 5:29am
Hello :)
First of all, great guide! I see you put a lot of work into this ^^ I would also ask you one question - what do you think about rushing Shurelia as first item? It has really low cooldown and if you combine it with celerity rune then Malzahar's all-in can be soooo dangerous ;) In the other hand it doesn't give any mana, so some issues may occur :/
Chromuro (17) | May 17, 2018 6:17am
Hi and thank you for the kind words!
So, shurelya's first item... I saw that a lot during this MSI (if you didn't see, try to look at pobelter's malzahar here; it's a completely different item build focused more on raw power and utility) where they take first tear of goddess for the mana and then first complete item shurelya's. I'm not really fond of it, I must be honest: yes, it synergize with celerity (I wrote it literally today lol), but if you don't use it literally when you are in the face of your enemy the effective burst time is really limited. Moreover it just came in mind that celerity is one of the "adaptive stats" runes: that means that all the bonus that you get from shurelya's goes to AD instead of AP.
Quick math: Malz's base AD is 55+the AD he gets from S+P tree+the AD he gets from levelling up (I don't know the precise number, sorry) -> at least 63 AD
Doran's ring gives 15 AP+40 AP from shurelya's -> 55 AP
So if you try to take shurelya's as first item (with this build, mind this), you would just get more damage on your AA (or on your voidlings AA, but you lose time casting them, reducing even more the burst time)(I know, with an amp tome there isn't any problem, but I want just to take this isolated case).
In the end, if you take shurelya's first item it is only for its active on its own; then as you stated it doesn't give mana or mana regen, so laning phase would be tricky.
All of this doesn't stop you to take it as second or third item: after the lost chapter item (luden's, archangel or glp) you have enough mana and AP to overcome the adaptive stats problem, so you can float at the speed of sound AND do damage with your skills.
I hope everything is clear and helpful and I hope it answers your question :D
Witwickies (2) | May 17, 2018 6:45am
Woow, thanks a lot for this fast reply ;) I wouldn't even consider possibility of getting AD from celerity in this case. I am certainly going to look at Pobelter's build ^^ Good lack in fields of justice! ^^
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Rermo99 (2) | May 16, 2018 9:12am
Very good guide mate! Good choice on the presence of mind, I personally was so stuck on it's synergy with lux that I didn't even thought of using it on any other champ xD
If you need any tip for your guide I'll be happy to help anytime :P
Chromuro (17) | May 17, 2018 3:50am
Thank you! Yeah, presence of mind is particularly powerfull on champs that already have partial ult reset, but it's so good that it has become one of my "when in doubt, use this" rune.
And obviously thank you for your offer, I'll remember it :D
f-town | May 14, 2018 3:17pm
excellent guide...gotta love the Malz :)
Chromuro (17) | May 17, 2018 3:50am
Thank you! Yup, malzahar is love, malzahar is life ;)
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