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Anivia-In a flash

Last updated on March 8, 2011
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I am a Anivia main. Infact, since I began playing LoL in mid 2010, shes who ive played 90% of my games. The other 10% was playing other heros just to learn their strengths weakness etc. So ive seen alot of high rated builds on here that are written by people with anivia win ratios of like %50-55 and less than 100 ranked wins total. Fair enough this isnt everything, but heres some of my findings on anivia and how I've carried more games with this bird, than some of my friends have at the 1800elo lvl have with their champs. Before I do though, my time is precious to me, so im not wasting time making this guide look good. I dont care about negative or positive criticism.

I will give 3 builds, for 3 different scenerios.

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Build 1 - Early Game

Build 1. Early game build - 90% chance to fb, 2nd blood, and continous blood until the cows come home if your midding against a karthus/ashe/teemo/twitch/tf/any hero with a lower than normal starting hp.

Masteries: standard 9/0/21. But the differnce here is, isntead of archaic knowledge, get burning embers. It gives you 10 ap extra while ignite is on cooldown, and we are going to for map early game ap.

Runes. All flat AP except for 9 marks in magic penetration

Summoners / ignite/flash

Items: dorans ring/amplyfying tome/boots
Final Build: Rabadons Cap/ 2 archangels/ Sorcerers boots/ hourglass/ banchees

The Plan - All my early game anivia tactics are generally the same. Heres how I do it. People notice anivias big burst and play D, making it hard to get a kill. However, people dont notice small damage. Anivia has long auto attack range. People are good at dodging anivias skill shot. Take those 3 points and blend them together and heres what you get. Autoattack enemies when they approach mions for CS but be careful not to agro the opponents minions, in many cases theyll kill you faster than the enemy. typically after 3-4 auto attacks they will say enough is enough and turn to attack you. Notice this pivitol molment. They can easily dodge your skill shot, but when they commit to attack you, they are not thinking about straffing. As soon as you see the approach vector for a counter attack, throw the flash frost and follow up the stun with 2-3, more auto attacks as by now they will be running.

They should be at about half hp right now. Now your lvl 2. Kill time. Auto attack somemore, if they retreat, bide your time, if they advance, golden. Ignite them, getting that extra 10 ap, flash frost, frost bite, follow up with auto attacks. Usually they will flash away, but by now they have 40 hp. if you have to follow up with your flash and land the remaining auto attacks for the kill.

Return to base and buy a amplyfying tome, putting your ap around 70ap at 4 minutes into the game. From here, you control the whole game, gank at will.

Theres alot more to this early game build, but im not giving away all my secrets.

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Build 2 - Late Game/ battlestar galactica build (BSG)

Probably my favorite build, but one of the harder builds to pull off. As im writing this guide a friend asked me to que with him and I went this build, came out with a 20/0/14 score. But it takes some brains. The name derives from a battleship. A battleship is big and powerful, and very few things can even approach it without being eaten, but its slow and needs support ships. This build basically combines the old school archangels stacking build with a little flavour of my own.

Runes: All mana per lvl - By lvl 18 you should have about an extra 900 mana. This stacks way better for late game ap than ap per lvl runes, but alot of people havent even considered it.

Masteries: 9/0/12

Summoners: flash/ ghost

Items: meki pendant/ tear of the goddess, boots
Final build: Rabadons deathcap/ 5 archangels (you may want to keep your boots, i dont, i just hide behind my team)

This build goes as follows. Focus on cs, cs cs cs cs all day until the cows come home, get kill assists, maybe even get a kill, but focus on keeping your cs ages beyond everyone elses, and with all the mana you have, itll be a breeze.

With baron, ap elixar, and the final build, ive gotten OVER 1650 ap. You hide behind your team, and when the team fight starts, they just die. A teemo ran at me, I flash frosted him, before I could frostbite him, he was dead. Heros with no MR will become obselete. The main goal here is to stay out of range, because, your slow as hell.

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Build 3 - My safe build

This is the build ill roll in a normal game.

Runes: All cooldown except for the 9 Magic Pen marks
Anivia has low cooldowns, getting the full 40% cdr on her is so OP, your basically a machinegun with your e, I can ult+e, flashfrost+e, and then e again and they're dead

Masteries: 9/0/21

Summoners: flash / ghost

Items: Tear/boots/blasting wand
Final Build: Rabadons/archangels/Rod of ages/Relais crystal sceptre/ Sorcerers shoes/ Banchees viel

This build is a mix of strong hp, good ap, and you can build a good support/dps around this build. My tactics while using this build ill explain more in my final chapter, my general anivia tactics.

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General Anivia's Tactics

1. I always ask myself, "this place im at, is it the right place to be right now?" Just because you are standing somewhere doesnt mean its where you should be. Team fights are litterally won and lost depending on where you are on the map, and in the fight.

Where should you be. If its early game, building up your cs and watching your mini map. Generally I dont even look at my screen while im farming, I watch my mini map. If someone mias I know it before its called, if team positions change, I know it. One thing alot of you need to learn, is what I call my, "estimation powered map hax" and heres what they involve. If you have people in your jungle, and minions pushed up, and wards at both river jungle entrances, you have a good idea where they are not(your side of the river) If you do not see them at their towers in their lanes you now know they are either a) in their base, or b) in their jungle, or c) at baron, or MOST likley, if its end game, d) all in one little bush waiting for your TF to facecheck.

Use this to your advantage, dont just assume because you dont see them that you dont know where they are. Where would you be if you were them? As anivia you have a great recon tool. Your wall. Use this to check bushes/baron/drago/ before going in. it gives great line of sight.

TEAM FIGHTS: super important info

The team fight is on. The tanks are soaking up damage, the dps are slashing away and each teams supports sit in the back (if they have half a brain and didnt get caught) trying to tip the scales in their teams favour. What does anivia do?

She A) throws a flashfrost into the biggest glob of enemies and stuns as many as she can, while at the same time throwing down her ult into the same glob. She then picks the squishiest hero to use her frostbite on. OK.STOP. All your abilities are now on cooldown, or are they.....

Nows when you use that wall. At this point (3-4 seconds in) one or more of your teammates will be close to dieing, and they dont have an egg, so theyll be running for the hills. While it may disrupt the battle slighty to the negative side, its really important to keep your tryns/yis alive, wall them away from anyone who may be chasing them and let them escape to go lifesteal some hp back from minions, allowing them to return to battle - OR - your winning the fight soundly because your anivia is so pro, and now the dirty dogs are trying to escape. Flash ahead and wall them all in you your team can ace without a worry.

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Final Notes

I have alot more tips to offer for anivia, and frankly i didnt give some of my best stuff, but im paranoid of people learning my tricks. If this review is greeted with positive reviews, ill consider dropping more info.

My current anivia stats

Out of 404 ranked wins, over 65% are with anivia. My seccondary main tryndemere takes up most of the other chunk.

Ranked win ratio with anivia: 63% - In my opinion, after you subtract the 25% chance that you get a total garbage team, that puts me at 88% win ratio. So yeah, bite me.