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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Anivia: Support?

Last updated on April 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I apologize for what will turn out to be an overall terrible guide for a build I haven't actually tried yet. That's right, this guide is purely speculation on what I think a support Anivia might look like. And it is poorly done. Which is why I'm posting to get feedback.

Before you start flaming and down voting for various reasons, at least glance over it. Then down vote. Because it probably deserves it anyway. But after that tell me WHY you down voted. Perhaps something I can do to make support Anivia more viable.

Anyway, on to the guide.

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Support Anivia has the nice early game damage once she reaches level 2. Even without ability power her Frostbite can hurt. Aggressive plays made at level 2 can set the tone for the entire laning phase.

That said, her damage late game is terrible, at least with this build. So we're going to focus on her utility. If you want her to do damage then just play her AP Mid. Her CC may not be the best, but she has plenty of potential for annoying the enemy team. Constantly harassing with Flash Frost to make them either dodge and deny them CS or stun them so your carry can hit and run. Or stunning the jungler when he comes to gank.

Crystallize is a very useful tool that can lock small passages, making her useful when encountering enemies in the jungle. Late game, if you're losing a team fight and need to flee she can slow down or even stop the enemy team with it and Glacial Storm.

Glacial Storm is used to slow fleeing and chasing enemies as well as disrupting team fights. It's very unlikely that the enemy carry or AP will simply stand in it while your team tries to kill them. The same probably can't be said for their tanks when they realize it doesn't do nearly as much damage as a full AP Anivia, but they might panic and try to flee anyway. This could give your team the advantage.

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Magic Pen for early damage.

8 GP10 because supports are often starved for gold, but the 9th will provide only .25 GP10. I feel it might be better to get something else to fill that space. So mana regen.

Mana regen, because Anivia can get VERY mana hungry.


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Quick glance over this section.

Summoner's Wrath, Summoner's Resolve and Mastermind to boost your Summoner's Skills.

Meditation for the early game Mana regen.

Greed and Wealth for more Gold.

Awareness to boost your exp, since supports will often lose exp when leaving lane to ward.

Sorcery and Intelligence because CDR is always nice. With the items in this build, you'll have exactly 40% CDR end game.

Wanderer and Nimble because Anivia will be heavily dependent on positioning.

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Skill Sequence

The skills sequence is to make the most of Anivia's wall by maxing it's range as early as possible.
Maxing Flash Frost second to lower it's cool down.

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Exhaust and Summoner Heal are just my prefered support spells. Clarity is viable if you're playing aggressively and Flash can also be very useful for positioning.

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Boots are Swiftness: Because as stated earlier, her positioning is very important. Not just for her wall, but her Flash Frost as well.

Shurelya's Reverie:
Can combine very well with Glacial Storm to either escape or catch the enemy team before or after team fights. The CDR is also very useful.

Frozen Heart:
Anivia can be very mana hungry, and Frozen Heart can help with that. The passive is the the real reason we're buying this though. Slowing the attack speed of an enemy carry is never a bad idea. The armor and CDR we get from this are great, too.

Shard of True Ice:
Because Anivia is a Cryopheonix. This just makes sense. All jokes aside, Shard of True Ice is one of my absolute favorite support items. It offers a mana regen aura which can let you and your carry make more plays, GP10 which everys support needs and an amazing Blizzard aura. Using Blizzard on your bruiser or tank can slow a fleeing target enough to grab that kill. Using it on your carry or AP can keep the enemy bruiser far behind.

I am aware of the fact that this item is basically a smaller, weaker version of your Glacial Storm, but there are a few reasons why I feel it's completely viable despite being redundant.
Blizzard may be smaller, but it costs no mana and is mobile. Using it on your teammates after the enemy has already moved out of your Glacial Storm can be very annoying. Not to mention using it when you have little or no mana.

Mikael's Crucible:
Another favorite support item. And espcially useful mid game when you get ganked. Healing and removing CC from your carry as well as disrupting the enemy with your own CC. The mana regen will be extremely useful as well.

Ruby Sightstone:
Warding is always important. Map control can win you the game.

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Team Work

Your biggest job in team fights is disruption. Your damage will likely be worthless. When either team initiates, Flash Frost high priority targets like the carry or AP. Using Glacial Storm can scatter them, giving you the chance to easily focus down people as they flee. And as previously stated several times, Crystallize can get you kills or save your life. But you must be very careful where and when you drop it. It's cool down won't allow you any room for mistakes, and the last thing you need to do is lock your bruiser in the middle of the enemy team by accident. Or block your own team from chasing because you didn't move far enough forward before using it.

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Support Anivia may not do much damage, but she has plenty of disruption and utility. Between her natural CC and support items like Sightstone and Mikael's Crucible, you'll be nearly impossible to gank. A well placed Crystallize or Flash Frost can secure your carry a kill and early game aggression using Frostbite can set the tone for your lane and give you an early game advantage.

So that's the end of the guide. You may now flame and down vote to your hearts content. But please leave comments that may be useful for a REAL support Anivia guide.