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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Willmus

Anivia the AP Chicken

Willmus Last updated on March 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is the build that I found to be the most efficient when it comes to playing as Anivia. This is a VERY advanced build that has minimal room for mistakes. This build of Anivia is as squishy as it gets, and you must be good at avoiding damage in order to efficiently play this build. Seem a bit too hard? Its worth it. This Anivia will nuke the piss out of any character. The last game I played, I would smack Miss Fortune down to 1/4 health in one, 3 second damage burst. In the last game I played, I kited the whole team down mid lane and ended up alive, even when I was at their turret. Interested in learning how to do this? Read up friend.

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The idea here was to stack as much AP as possible. Originally I did all AP runes, but I discovered that my mana just couldn't keep up with my demand for it. My solution to that was to buy some Greater Mark of Replenishments so I could get my mana back quicker. This turned out very well and I stuck with them. I left the other AP runes as is, simply because they were effective.

I am well aware that the Greater Glyph of Force gives more AP in the end game, but you will be pissing AP out of your eyes by that point. I got the Greater Seal of Potency because it greatly helps in the start game. I have been playing Anivia for over 300 games, so I have experience in this subject :P

9-Greater Mark of Replenishment
9-Greater Seal of Potency
9-Greater Glyph of Force
3-Greater Quintessence of Force

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For masteries, I use a 10/0/20 spec tree that compliments my Anivia very handsomely. Make sure you level up Burning Embers in Offense, seeing that it gives you an additional 10 AP at the touch of a button. Please refer to the Mastery Tree to get a good idea of what I am talking about.

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Items. The most important part of any build. I will explain why I buy each item and why I buy it at the time specified.

1. Boots of Mobility- I buy these first because Anivia is so slow she is practically crippled. When in the start game, It is difficult to get your attacks off if you cant even get within range of them. These boots are also essential when it comes to fleeing a battle. Anivia does damage in 2 shot bursts. when that burst is over, she practically sits stagnant until Flash Frost is off cooldown. For that reason, you are going to want to GTFO so you don't die a defenseless chicken. Remember, Anivia will die in 4 shots easy with this build, so never underestimate the power of mobility.

2. 3x Mana Potions- I buy these with the remaining money from the boots at the start of the game. I know that I won't be recalling until I have at least 1k gold, so these mana potions help a TON! Don't hesitate to use them, because they become useless after the third item.

3. Tear of the Goddess- This item relieves a ton of stress. Once I buy this item, I don't worry too much about my mana situation. I buy this item as early as possible because it gives me the mana I need, and its essential that I start building my total mana for when I buy Archangels staff. You now can play a bit more aggressive seeing that you have the mana to support it.

4. Blasting Wand- AP... Yes... Let the nuking begin.

5. Archangels Staff- I love this item. Not only do you get some mana, but you get AP. A lot of AP. 3% of your total mana gets converted to AP, which is pretty impressive seeing that you bought Tear of the Goddess a while ago. Have fun, because you should be nuking harder than anyone else at this point.

6. Sorcerer's Shoes- Remember my little rant about how much mobility helps? Well, this, combined with flash and crystallize (level 10) practically makes you untouchable. Want to know whats better? 20% Spell Pen! This helps a lot when it comes to our tank friends.

7. Needlessly Large Rod- At this point, you are just trying to buy Rabadon's Deathcap, so if you have the money for a Blasting Wand but not this, don't worry about it and buy the Blasting wand. I have noticed that when I go back, I will typically have enough money for a Needlessly Large Rod, but it doesn't matter which one. you go with

8. Blasting Wand- Same idea as above. Just get the two of them

9. Rabadon's Deathcap- When Zhonya's Ring got split, I nearly **** my pants. I had no need for Stasis with Anivia, so now I can get pure AP without the ******** and extra money. Once you have this item, you will easily be in the 400's with your AP, and steadily growing. At this point, you will nuke hard. I really mean that. Its rather exhilarating watching the opponent run at you, lose half of their health when you nuke the piss out of them, then run away out of fear. I always let a chuckle slip when things like this happen.

10. Archangel's Staff- Gotta remember, your Mana is pretty vast right now, so convert 3% of that **** to AP!

11. 3x Needlessly Large Rod- Rabadon's Deathcap increases AP by 30%, so get as much AP as possible!

Mejai's Soulstealer- This has its huge pros and huge cons. I don't use it simply because I am not a gambler. I do pug matches on occasion, and I have been burnt too many times by this item because I didn't get the stacks in time. Truth is, you can nuke without it, without the stress, so I leave it alone. If used correctly though... Thats another story.

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Skill Sequence

Refer to the Skill chart in order to get the leveling right.

Now, Anivia is difficult to play because it can be hard to frost the target with her and if the target isn't chilled when you want to do damage, you are not going to do damage.

Flash Frost- This is your main chilling spell. That is what it is used for. Chilling. That is all. Don't expect a substantial amount of damage from this because that comes from Frostbite. Flash Frost can be difficult to use because it is slow... If the opponent can see when it is launched, they can easily move out of the way. There are many strategies in order to hide the bolt, but the main one I use is to hide it in the creeps. Send the bolt through them and its harder to see, thus making it hard to dodge. Another good way to hit them is to anticipate their actions. One can kinda tell when they are moving in, so shoot it when they are running at you, but not quite in range. When the bolt gets to the end of its range, it will explode, stunning the opponent, leaving them chilled for your Frostbite attack. Another reason why Anivia is hard is because you must master the ability to stun people with your Flash Frost attack. When launched, you can explode the bolt at any time just by reactivating Flash Frost (default Q). This is nice because when they are stunned, you can get close enough to use Frostbite. Play around and get used to toggling the bolt when using. I never let the bolt explode on its own. I am always toggling the bolt. A good thing to know about the blast is that it will stun every enemy player within its blast radius. Very helpful when kiting, seeing that they usually stack on each other.

Crystallize- I never even use this till at least level 10 or 12. If you are just starting to play Anivia, use this very sparingly. You can piss a lot of people off with a poor placement of this. When I use crystallize, it is typically because I am trying to kite the opponent and keep my distance. However, you can also block an opponent in and nuke them down. If you are good enough, you can use this wall to save your teammates as well. This spell works great in the jungle, seeing that it completely blocks all efficient access to you. All in all, you will be fine without it until the end game.

Frostbite- This is your damage. There is a pre-requisite however. The opponent must be chilled in order for this to do anything. If they are not chilled, the damage is reduced be half. Useless. Their are many ways of achieving this, like Flash Frost to Frostbite, Glacial Storm to Frostbite, or one of my favorites, Frostbite to Glacial Storm (the timing window for this is VERY small, thus making it difficult to pull off.). Bear in mind that Anivia doesn't need to be the one who chills the opponent. Nunu or Ashe are just as capable, making them good lane partners. Now this has a shorter range than Flash Frost, which is why it is imperative that you get the stun off on Flash Frost.

Glacial Storm- I mainly use this for chilling opponents, but it becomes extremely useful in the end game when mana is not a factor. Truth is, this spell is a mana vacuum, rendering it near useless in early to mid game. In early to mid game, the only use for it is to toggle it for a split second in order to chill the opponent. Thats it. In the end game however, this spell is a beast. You clear creeps like a pro, and you bring a lot to the table when it comes to team fights. It really brings in money because of the creeps and assists/kills. Anivia tends to get a lot of assists because of this spell, which is good money. I can get an average of 12 assists per game. The main thing to remember about this spell is that it will kill your mana, so use very sparingly till the endgame.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite- Make sure this is on cooldown most of the time. When its on cooldown, if you specced your talent tree like the guide, you will get an additional 10 AP. Pretty convenient in early game. Don't forget its importance though when you are going to finish someone off.

Flash- This spell will save your ***. 90% of the time, I use it for escape reasons. It does have its positives on the offensive side as well. See the Kiting section for more info on this spell.

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Now, I am giving this egg a whole chapter because there is so much strategy involved in this little egg that it deserves its own chapter. This passive is the best passive in the game, hands down. You get a free life every 6 minutes! There is so much potential for trolling with this egg that it makes me smile. Now lets get to the strategy.

Since you get a free life, you are permitted to play very aggressively at the beginning of the game. Not only does playing aggressively make the opponent less likely to pick on you, but you get the opportunity to get first blood! In the event that you do go down, chances are that they won't be able to kill you seeing that they are level 1 and don't do **** for damage. When you pop up again, you can guage whether or not you want to kill them or flee.

KEY POINT! IF YOU ARE ABOUT TO GO DOWN AND HAVE YOUR EGG, DON'T RECALL! CAMP A TURRET! Truth is, people are greedy by nature. When they take you down and you go into your egg, they will feel that they are close to killing you and will try to kill you, even if in turret range!!! if you go down in turret range, they will keep hitting you, thus making the turret hit them, which really ****s them up. The opponent gets torn, and will get hit one or more times before deciding that it is a lost cause. Either way, you are alive now, almost full health, while your opponent is clutching their *** screaming RAPE. Depending on the situation, you can hang around or recall. That is for you to determine.

KEY POINT 2! Make it clear to your teammates that you have egg. They can play a role in this strategy as well. When you go down into egg near a teammate, make sure your teammate knows to **** up the person who is attacking you. The person attacking you feels obligated to hit you because they are already so close, and you can't hit them back. The reality is, you are hitting them back. Your teammate is scoring free hits on this player, usually resulting in the opponent dying. You may hatch with ****ty health, but you didn't die and now you can recall. Profit made. In the event that your teammate has ****ty health, hopefully they run. Don't get mad at them if they do, because 1 dying is always better than 2.

If you do end up surviving the egg phase, flash away asap and throw up a wall in order to hinder their progress. You will escape alive in most situations. If you don't have a wall, stun them and truck along towards home.

The best part about this egg is watching people complain in /all about how op it is and how unfair it is. All I reply with is :).

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The Art of Kiting

Kiting is an essential skill when it comes to Anivia, and especially this build. This is the skill that is going to save you *** every time. Every time. You can get away from literally every single champion using this process. Here is how I do my Kiting.

1. Flash- Get the gap you need in order to work efficiently
2. Flash Frost Stun- Shoot one back and stun the guy. This should be enough to put the thought in his mind to turn around.
3. Crystallize- This one is a pretty good one. Don't slam right in their face. Put it right behind you. This gives them time to decide whether or not they want to keep going. If it is right in their face, they just go around it and decide to keep following you seeing that it is already past.
4. Glacial Storm- This will chill them, slowing movement speed for the whole duration of when they are in the circle, and then some.
5. Repeat steps 2,3,4 as necessary.

There have been a good amount of times where I ended up killing the opponent because my kiting damaged them enough to allow it. Its really fullfilling. I have kited a party of 3 people and killed them all numerous times, and once you perfect the skill, you can do the same.

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All in all, Anivia is a nuking powerhouse that is as fragile as a chicken. If used right, people will bow down to you and suck your chicken wings. Remember, Kiting is essential, watch your mana, and don't be a hero. Please, IF YOU ARE GOING TO GO INTO YOUR EGG, HAVE A PLAN! Thanks for reading my guide guys and rate/comment if this helped you. Feel free to add me in game if you have any questions (Willmus)