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League of Legends Build Guide Author iPwN09

Anivia - the burst phoenix

iPwN09 Last updated on August 30, 2010
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Hi I'm iPwN09 and this is my first build.

First I'll explain the reason for these items.
Firstly a sapphire crystal, the reason being is Anivia is a highly mana dependent and ability power reliant champion. So this is used for slightly spamming early game. Next is the rod or catalyst, depending if you have to back before reaching the rod. The reason for this is it gives you heal (survive battles) mana (you need to spam A LOT) and ability power (which is what we are aiming for). Next is the boots because well everyone need boots almost (escaping, chasing, ganking, whatever). You can get your Mejas before the boots but i don't recommend it. The mejas is good because you start getting stacks early and that 15% cool down reduction is very helpful. Next is the archangels staff. This is good because you spam your abilities very often and it gives you more mana for this. Getting maximum mana is amazing because of the archangels passive (2% of max mana into ability power) which is giving you mana (more spam) and ability power. Next is a zhonya's. You can use this during someone like amumu's ultimate to avoid damage or after you've come out of your egg to give you a second to think (or 2) and then they will waste there aoe's on your invincible ice body, plus it has a nice ability power bonus which gives 25% more ability power. Then 2 more archangels because if the game is lasting this long, clearly your versing some tough opponents and need to spam a lot. If you get this build right you can sustain your ultimate for huge amounts of time during team battles and will have about 1200 ability power (which will keep rising). Also depending if your really do not need your boots due to your slowing stunning capabilities you can sell your boots and get a third archangels.

The reason for ignite and teleport as your summoner spells is because ignite helps you stack those early kills for when you don't have you ultimate or they aren't quite taking enough damage from your burst.
The reason for teleport is quite simply lane control if your solo mid or just being able to get all that xp and kills.
I do also recommend clarity instead of ignite but clarity gives you mana only (good for pushes) but if you teleport in between creep waves you get health, mana, and all the items you have been saving for.

*PS* Your attack is pathetic (don't rely on it unless killing creeps) do not think il just auto attack this guy instead of using my move, use your move, anivia's attack is pathetic and cant do much at all. Also because of this slow and not very damaging attack you cant last hit creeps very well but late game you destroy creeps waves.

When you enter a battle i usually lead with flash frost, so i can get up close and before the slow/stun wears of smash them with frostbite and use glacial storm to slow them more, if i have it ignite as well. This combo is effective at killing squishes because they fall to your pure awesome ability power. Another way i like to go in is glacial storm first then flash frost while they are in the glacial storm (for max damage) and use your frostbite as soon as they are slowed or else they do not take the double damage effect and it only has a 5 second cool down at level 5 so you can spam it. This leads for maximum damage. If they begin to run away crystalize them and ultimate them till you have flash frost and repeat.

My reason for skills is because flash frost and frost bite are your core abilities. You want to spam them. Frost bite also does more damage because of the slow from flash frost so i recommend getting frost bite to level 5 first. Crystalize is a very good chasing or cutting off ability but is not that great til late game so i prefer not to get it because a lot of the time you end up screwing your ally's over and the fact that it is much better spend skill points in your flash frost and frost bite. The reason i get my ultimate at level 15 and 16 is because people aim to move out of it instantly, even if its not doing much damage so i mainly use it for the slowing ability, unless there is a team fight. Late game is when your ultimate starts to crank some damage anyway.
Also please when someone runs out of your ultimate do not leave it on and waste your mana because it will drain it quickly early game.

Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoy my Anivia build! =)