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League of Legends Build Guide Author GrimReaper21

Anivia: The Ice Phoenix?

GrimReaper21 Last updated on August 26, 2010
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Okay so Anivia is an amazing nuke. But you gotta know what to do.

So I am gonna cover some basics to my build.

First off, don't skip out on the ice wall(crystallize) at level 4 I know you will want to grab a FB(frostbite) rank, but here is why rank 1 ice wall is so important. When placed it obviously does its initial effect of making a small ice wall. But here is the benefit to placing it, it not only will reveal a lot of the fog of war but it can reveal enemies in bushes. Now having the ability to see a great amount of fog of war is a great tool to ensure you don't get ganked early on.

Okay so now ice wall importance had been covered. Now here is my second suggestion for Early game. DO NOT go back until you have exhausted your rebirth. I have gotten kills off of greedy champions wanting First Blood by rushing me at my tower and then only to realize that I have my rebirth and then getting themselves killed. Even if you get really low on health just hug your turret and do some harassing until you have leveled enough and gained enough gold to make the book(soul stealer). Also your egg is strong enough early game that it will take at least 2 champs to kill it, but you shouldn't be getting ganked because you should be checking the bushes on both your sides in mid.

Okay so early on harassing should consist of mostly throwing FF(flash frost) you can choose to follow it up with a FB but I don't start FB hitting unless they have taken a FF chill and a FF pop, if they are taking just the pop from max range then it isn't worth following it up with a FB, by allowing it to trail in them and pop you are getting double damage from FF and then getting double damage from FB. Also try not to use your mana pot til around level 4-6 you will level plenty fast to get mana from leveling and that mana should be enough to keep up the harassing.

Okay once you get your ult you should be able to do some major harassing. I suggest not leaving your ult on the ground for more than a couple seconds. before you get to mid game it will drain your mana fast. A good combo is to drop ult and and then FB right after it lands and then when FB hits retract ult. Around 7-8 you should be able to solo golem. To solo golem leave your ult down on the ground and then just FB as much as you can on the golem, don't use FF as it will be a mana waster and won't do enough damage for the mana it takes to golem.

You should have a Soul Stealer done and full boots and be almost done with Archangel's staff.

Every time you set your ult down and and take it off it counts as casting a spell, this in turn gives you more max mana from your tear. So my suggestion is every time you are in your spawn pool cast your ult and FF and ice wall a bit and get your max mana up. By getting more mana you are getting more AP off archangels passive and when you get the rind you will get more AP from its passive boost of 25% more AP.

With Archangels done and by taking my tip above you should be able to help in team fights and ganks exceptionally well. When in team fights be sure to throw your ult down and start FBing. Also start to throw your FF at targets in your ult and be sure to pop the FF to stun targets in your ult. Don't make the mistake of keeping your ult down when no one is in it, you will mana drain yourself and be useless in the rest of the fight.

Also Pick up a golem buff whenever you can.

At this point you are either an amazing nuke or worthless. When fighting in late game the tactic you used for mid game will work but it will be better to enter fights with a FF and then an FB and then start ulting(alternatively you can FF and the ult on the stunned target and then FB). I say initiate with FF because by later game enemies will start hitting hard so if you can initiate with a good stun and nuke them, you are more likely to kill them or scare them off.

I want to discuss positioning for late game as well. Just because you can dish out a lot of damage doesn't mean you can take a lot of damage. You will want to try and position your self behind your melee carries and tanks(should be an obvious placement like any other nuke carry). if you are getting focused by a melee enemy attempt to kite them through your team or away from the team fight but in a smart direction. Essentially your main goal in team fights(besides rock face) is to stay alive.

Jungle Positioning
IF possible try to fight from a separate path in the jungle away, you do this so that you can stay out of the maelstrom of damage that's gonna go down but you are also able to keep sending spells over the walls and place your wall down.

Wall Placement is a very crucial aspect to fighting in the jungle. It can either make or break fights. By being able to split the enemy team apart, even by singling out 1 or 2 enemies you are ending them. Just try not to decide your teammates fate by placing a wall that cuts them off with a couple enemies to tear into them.

Item wise I usually follow the same build, I know the book is risky but if you play smart you can prevent yourself from getting ganked an with some well placed shots and nukes you can get some early kills or assists. I always grab archangels after boots because of the tear of the goddess tip I explained earlier. Also because it does give a lot of mana when exploited like i do which allows me to stay in fights longer and keep my ult down much longer in team fights. The last two items can be swapped around if you want to grab something else first but my core items are the Soul Stealer, Sorcerer's Boots, Archangels Staff, and Zhonyia's Ring.

Well that's my guide to how i play Anivia. If you play smart you can become an unstoppable force, if you die early on you can struggle along but still become powerful. Please Rate and Leave Comments on what you think of my build.