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League of Legends Build Guide Author General Markus

Anivia The Nuker

General Markus Last updated on November 26, 2010
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Anivia is an incredible champion, if used properly. Her abilities and low cooldowns makes her very difficult to kill, especially when stacking major HP with items. Keep in mind when using her, that frost effects double your damage output and is almost a must before using her nuking skills. This is a well rounded Anivia build used for both 3vs3 & 5vs5 matches. She has incredible nuking capabilities and could kill any champ 1vs1.

Keep in mind this is a work in progress, but I will take any comments for improvement.

Skill Build
Flash Frost
This should be your first skill, for the stun ability which is huge to assist first blood. I see too many Anivia players use this skill without detonating the bomb (which is using 'Q' a 2nd time). This is the beauty of this skill because no one knows when you are going to activate the stun. Plus if it does not blow, you don't get the stun. In early game, I use this to add frost effect on players before hitting them with Frosbite. This usually leads to unexpected kills and they begin fearing you early game, which is good for your survival. This is also great for jamming champs up while fighting other champs after using your Glacial Storm. I use this skill to setup my combo for the Frosbite kill.
This is the most underutilized skill I have yet to see on a champ. I'll admin, at first I never used this skill myself because it is very tough to place but after some practice, this is one of Anivia's greatest assets. The secret here is knowing where to place it so that it gives you an advantage. Before you get the HP/AP advantage with items, you WILL do a lot of running. Nothing pisses people off more than being hit with a wall when they swear they can score a kill. Use the wall offensively near turrets & inhibitors to ensure an escape lane for yourself. Very useful in a 3vs3 match.
This is your powerhouse attack. It has a low CD so you could usually get 2 within a battle. Stacking your AP will ensure this will bite quite a bit of HP from your champ. This is also the last part of your combo which should go as follows:

GS + FF + FB = Kill (usually).

There really isn't anything tricky about this skill, use it as much as possible but ALWAYS use it with frost effect on the champ to ensure your double damage.
Glacial Storm
This is your bread & butter, I watch too many people save this skill for certain situations. This is unlike your standard ultimate skill on champs because it has suck a low CD. It is more of a minion killer/champ snare/frost effect stacker. Yes, it eats up your mana, but once you get your Archangel's Staff your mana troubles are over. Don't forget to turn if off when not needed and try not to turn it off too early, especially if there is still a battle going on. Drop this onto existing battles to aid your tank/dpsers or drop it on minions to kill them all in 1 blow. I drop this a lot in front of turrets to stop the assault on that turret since most champs wait for minions to assault it.

Item Build
OK, I have seen many different builds here and in-game and I am going to give my reasoning for choosing these items and the order (which is very important) in which they are purchased. I have broken this up into Core and Optionals because Core is something your always want to have and optionals depends on who you are up against.

Core Items
Ruby Crystal
First up, the Ruby Crystal. I have tried different first round items including the Meki Pendant which I used a lot at first but that extra HP goes a long way towards survival. It will keep you out there longer which will let you gett to lvl 6 faster and on to the fun killing stuff. Doran's Ring is very good but I won't go for it unless I knew I was up against tanks. Finally, this is a builder item for the Rod of Ages later on.
Amplifying Tome and Blasting Wand
Next up, Power!! This is where your inner Nuker shines. These items are obvious for your next build sets, but the decisions to be made here is which to get first. If you are scoring big cash and have made a kill or 2, go with the more expensive wand to secure an early dominance. If cash is tough to come by at the start, start with the tome to attempt to pull a slight edge over the other champs.
Mejai's Soulstealer
OK, so now that you have the Amplifying Tome , Mejai is a quick upgrade away. The power in this item lies in kills or assist. Anivia is a master at the escape so as long as you don't die, this item will grow as you get into champ kills. Once this hits 20, enjoy the AP dominance as well as the CD reduction. This AP boost works very nicely with Zhonya's Ring which will double your AP and make you incredibly leathal.
Boots of Mobility or Boots of Swiftness
This is a tough one I am always battling with. I learned a long time ago that having speed greatly increases your survivability and killing potential. Anivia is already one of the slowest champs at the start and running at slow speed begs others to chase you to your death. Now that is not why I battle with this one, but which boots to get. Yes, it almost seems obvious to go for the Sorcerer's Shoes for that +20 Magic Pen but chances are most people already have Magic Pen stacked. I tend to get more kills with faster boots so I prefer Boots of Mobility and am now testing Boots of Swiftness for the constant increase. Just remember, Anivia's strength comes from swooping into mid-battle and finishing off her opponents, so speed is key here.
Rod of Ages
By now, you should continue building up to get this rod as soon as possible. Once you have it, it will begin to grow every minute until it hits its maximum at 18 mins. By then, you will have a nice HP & mana pool to use for all your needs.
Hextech Revolver
Your version of life steal...spell Vamp! I am a big fan of life steal items with my DPSers, so when I went mage I found Anivia always running back to regen HP. This is a simple item to build and gives you quick attack power in the process. Once you get this, cast away and watch your HP go back up and allow you to stay out longer. Running low on HP, no problem there come some fresh minions for your Glacial Storm . There is no need to build up to the last stage until later on in the game which I recommend Will of the Ancients .


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