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League of Legends Build Guide Author TobiasD

Anivia - The Storm Itself

TobiasD Last updated on August 22, 2010
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First of all. I'm tournament guy that wins everything. I'm a normal player that wanna show off my experiences. I'm not even level 30 but this is what I'm going for when I'm lvl 30.
Most people suck with and against Anivia, making her a unique champion.
Everything is based on my own opinion unless I write something else.

Casters are probably the most at mid. That's why I normally take mid as Anivia. I even checked my Match History and my last 9 games with Anivia was a victory.

High damage
Nice Skillshot stun
Wall blocking
Great Slow
Good escaping
Awesome Passive!
Most fun champion I have ever played

Very squishy
Slow movement speed
Mana problems (I know it can be solved with some items more mana items like Tear but I want to maximize damage)
Hard to master.

Lets take Pros. first. Anivia's passive is like guardian angel. In the start it is extremely hard to kill if you only are getting attacked by one person. That's why I love her with mid. Sometimes I actually play rambo if I'm chasing someone with a teammate. She can take chances and survive it even if you die. (Die and survive.. Awesome!) I have been bait once and people run back with low hp to slay me. Then a teammate slays them!. If people overkill you like Veigar can, the rest of the damage does not get transferred to egg. Pretty nice against casters. Her stun is skillshot based so it can be shot at places you can't see, across walls, (Also people!) and into bushes. It also slows :). Her slows are probably her most important aspect as it is vital for Frostbite. She can always slow. Ulti costs mana pr. second so even thought you got 20 mana you can ulti somewhere to just slow. Slow gets still applied. She can also deal out an extremely large amount of damage over time in team battles. If people flock expect to win the team battles. Wall is also awesome even though I normally pick it up later unless I got problems or that I can only gank and get a kill if I die when running back.
She is extremely squishy despite her passive. Late game its pretty much useless except for when shot by a tower or you got around 100 hp. Then you can kill yourself with minions and get revived with more hp. The thing I hate most is her movement speed. It simply sucks. Nothing more to write about. Anivia is not a blood-sucking vampyre. She's a Mana-draining Caster. Her ulti is her main problem. Its a good ulti but drains alot mana.
Anivia is also a hard champion to play if you wanna be very good with her. The friends I'm playing with keeps saying my best champion is Anivia but they don't understand how I can be so good with her when they can't.

Spell description:
Flash frost is your first spell to take but not primary. Its a skillshot based ball of frost which can fly through everyhing. It deals damage to everyone it hit, slows them and gives the same damage again and stuns when it blow up. You can use the spell again when the ball is in midair to blow it up. It vital for Frostbite and good to keep enemies in your ulti for a few more seconds.

Crystallize is your wall. Its nice in jungle to block enemies in or out. You can also isolate 1 isolate people in the jungle in team battles so its your team against 1-2 persons. Then the rest is probably behind the wall. Use it to escape too. Even out in the open the 1,5 sec they need to use to get around it can actually save your life.

Frostbite is kinda your primary spell. It gives damage but doubles its damage if the enemy is slowed by your Flash frost or ulti. With alot ability power you can remove 3/4 of your enemy's hp late game if they are a squishy champion too.

Glacial storm is your ulti. Its a circle where snow, hail and frost deals damage to your opponents. It deals nice damage over time if you can afford to keep the mana up for it. Use it and turn it off after you used it and frostbite to hit'n'run if you wanna do it while Flash frost is on cooldown.

Item description:
I normally buy the shown items but I will not add more items to the list because it is very mixed what I buy. If I'm getting fed I go for Tear of the Goddess and Mejai. No hp items. It actually goes very well. Lets say Master Yi attacks you. You may then have abit problems if you can't slay him fast enough. If you then Flash Frost him, Frostbite and then Ulti where you are standing and use Zhonya (I'm not sure because I first though about it while writing this guy, but I think ulti keeps going on.) your frostbite should be ready when Zhonya stops. Or then Frosbite got 1 sec back Its nothing.

Summoner Spells:
I'm a fan of Clarity because I play alot Caster types. Anivia is extremely mana-draining but I only use it if it is very needed. Pick up Mana golem instead if possible.
Flash is nice. For defense or attack, its awesome!

Other suggestions:
I would say Clarity is a must so the suggestions is for replacing flash only.
Ignite is also very nice since sometimes casters can remove alot hp but not finish if the enemy got full hp.
I'm playing with 5-6 other friends and they keep saying my Clairvoyances are awesome. Its not a summoner spell for Anivia but it can be used for her anyway.

Bad summoner spells:
I haven't tried Heal but I think it is the most bad spell for Anivia. I'm more like a hit'n'run with Flash frost and frostbite. When they got half hp I strike. Lategame it changes.
I have neither tried Ghost. I don't want it but I can see the good in it. Not very much but a little.
I don't want Exhaust. Leave it to the carries who need the opponent to stay still to maximize damage output.
Fortify too. Leave it for support champions and support players.
Revive.. If you are a good player you don't need revive. If you are a very bad player you will probably revive yourself and then mindlessly attack and die again which leads to defeat and feeding opponents.

Early game:
I love the early game. Its alot about strategy, solo'ing someitmes and trying to predict your opponents. Like written before hit'n'run is good with Anivia. If prepare Flash frost and the line is a little behind the enemy you can easily hit them. Most people in pubs run backwards if you shoot it so they actually run right into it. Play passively until level 6. Then it is nice if you still got around full hp and a hp potion. Go to the golem and shoot Flash frost. Then Frostbite. Ulti abit before Frostbite gets ready again to slay the smaller monsters and then Frostbite the golem again. If you then Flash frost it should be dead. Use health potion to gain around full hp so you can gank. Ganking at lvl 6 is normally a good idea. Anivia gets her strength with her ulti as she can keep attacking enemies. Otherwise its more hit'n'run' or use the Flashfrost-Frostbite combo and then you are pretty much useless.

Mid game: Gank alot if possible. With mana buff you can keep flash frosting the tower hoggers. Get mana buff everytime its up and you don't have it or its soon going off. If any carries try to get it convince them to leave it alone so you can take it when you need it. You need it alot if you wanna maximize damage from items instead of mana. In public games alot people ignore the power of constant mana and cooldown reduction. So don't hesitate to take it down on the enemy's side.

Late game: Keep behind your team when pushing. If a Clash/team battle begins you need to be safe. If you can keep your ulti up when they try focusing one of your teammates your winning chances gets increased, Greatly! Just keep getting mana buff and supporting your team with damage from behind.

Tricks and Tips:
In the start an extra auto-attack is a nice little damage add. When you stun with Flash Frost and then Frostbite to deal damage remember to get the 1 auto-attack in.
If you got problems with people escaping alot get 1 point in wall pretty early. At lvl 7-9 or something.
Get their hp a little down before trying to kill them. You can deal alot damage but its ALOT easier if you can bring them down to half hp. If they port back to base when they got half hp they loose alot experience from being away in the start. Don't worry if you can't kill them then. You will get an advantage later.

I will answer questions, read feedback, correct spelling/writing errors. So if you find any spelling/writing feel free to write them so I can correct em'. I will answer ALL the questions I get. Feedback is probably what I want most. Feel free to do write what you want.

''Be Polite, Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet''