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Anivia: Who said you could move?

Last updated on October 25, 2010
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Anivia Build

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this is my first build, so if i forget to mention anything, please leave a comment saying so and rate please.

Anivia is one of the best team players. Her wall and glacial storm alone will help decimate in team fights. Throw in a stun here and there and we got ourselves a game. Her major weakness is how she hemorrhages mana, even more so than any other caster. Then her innate weakness of being a caster: low hp, slow, worthless without skills.

I chose flash and teleport for my summoner skills. Flash for its multiply utilities. you can get away from a fight (most common use), chasing, and surprise flash frost. teleport is necessary for all the phases of the game. Beginning phase, if you're a harasser like I am, you will run out of mana way before your opponent. Hopefully, you got a kill in before you do, but Anivia is mana hungry either way. Recall back to base, soak up some mana, and teleport back without skipping a beat. Mid game, teleport is there for you to help farm and get golem. Notice a herd of minions heading towards your turret? Yum, free 150 gold at the very least. Late game is to obviously keep pressure at some turret.


For items, mejai's is an optional buy. It's really just there if you are confident in your very, very confident in your skills. Anivia is a great champion killer, but the caliber you have to be to do that is way higher than any other caster, like say ryze. If you're not, then I would skip this and go straight to boots of mobility.

Boots of mobility is the best boots for Anivia in a 5v5. Being quick to go from point A to point B is very important. First, she's naturally slower than the rest of the champions. Ironic for a bird, don't you think? Using this to go back to laning or running away is crucial. Not only this but, you will be going for golem a lot. this will set you off your course a ways, so you need mobility to get back to whatever you were doing.

next is Archangel Staff. The number one needed item for Anivia. This will prevent the shortage of mana. It's no blue buff, but it will make you go to golem a lot less. If you have 2, then you can farm creeps for days before you have to recall back.

Rod of ages is really there just for survivability. The extra health with the mana and ability power is just awesome.

Finally, we have the zhonya's ring. Do I really need to explain this one?


Solo mid. the faster you get your ult, the better. If you don't you miss out on some easy farming.

Dont run out of mana. I cannot stress this enough. Anivia is too squishy and slow to take the risk of just auto attacking with no skills. The moment you can afford the catalyst, which should be at 925 gold, recall and teleport back. The same for mejai's. If you notice that you're doing well, get mejai's that way you don't miss on any kill/assist stacks.

you might have noticed that I got her wall semi early in the game. I suggest you get good with it. I mostly use it for scouting. Since you're mid, you're very susceptible to being ganked. Before you push forward, if you noticed some people are MIA, wall up the side bushes. The wall acts as a scout and will let you see anyone in the bush. This has saved me from a lot of ganking grief. Plus, if they overcommit in tower diving you, you can wall up behind him. Put up your ult as well for the slow ability and let the turret do the work for you.

Golem buff is the heart of your game. Without this, you won't be able to farm like Ol' Mcdonald. Start going for golem once you have your ultimate. Just remember to have almost full mp and to not leave your ult running the whole encounter with it. Just turn on ur ult when your frostbite is ready or you'll run out of mp now you've wasted 2-3 minutes of precious farming/ganking time.

My favorite thing to see is watching when the enemy has forgotten about your passive, rebirth. If you know you're about to lose a battle, don't run back to the base. Instead, run around the turret and annoy the enemy until you die. At this point he should be low health and didn't realize you can rebirth. If they are dumb, they'll try to hack away at your egg. The turret should be able to chip him enough for them to run away or just die. One death has been averted.

Thanks for reading. Please try this build out and, as always, please rate. If I missed anything or you want me to elaborate, feel free to leave a comment.