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Annie - A wonderful little Girl (AP)

Last updated on June 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome People,

I'd like to introduce you to my little Annieguide pls be honest at the end and leave some comments cause its my first Guide and I want to learn how I can make it better the next time I'll try to make a guide :) .

Maybe you'll wonder why I choose to make a Guide for Annie cause she is such an weak and underplayed Champion. My answer is that she can be just amazing to play if you are able to. Her passive in Combination with Incinerate and/or Tibbers is just brutal and her Disintegrate is an great speel with a good range and very nice to farm minions.

At the end I want to say pls dont be too hard for my weak english :)

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Why to play Annie and why not

+ Insane Damage from the beginning to the End
+ Good Spells to harrass opponents
+ Disintegrate and Incinerate are awesome to farm Minions
+ Awesome passive Pyromania which allows you to initiate Ganks and Teamfights
+ A Nice Ulti which can allow you to make some turretdives and also can tank turrets for you and your team
+ A free Thornmail for nealry zero Mana

- Very Squishy
- Gets focused often in Teamfights
- Not the biggest manapool

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I play a "normal" Ap Champion masterytree with 9/0/21 cause of the Magic.pen ,CD and Ap masteries in the offense Tree and the perfect Ap/Mage masteries in the Utility tree

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My personal favorite runes for Annie

In my oppinion everyone of you had to find out which runes are the best of your playingstyle but for my aggresive playingstyle I prefer when choosing Annie those following runes are the best.

x9 I choose those runes cause they bring you nearly 9 extra Magic.pen which is nearly 1/3 of the magic resist an "normal" hero without magic resist runes or items has
x9 Of course , in late game those bonus Ap wont bring a lot to to your skills but in the first game those bonus Ap can decide of killing an opponent or not killing an opponent
x9 It's the same like the Marks of Insight , they bring you some magic penetration and bonus magic pen = more damage , more damage = more kills and more kills = win
x3 Same like the Seals of Potency , they bring you in earlygame an huge advantage which can decide if you get the kill and get feeded and dont get the kill.

Of course you can replace those runes for other ones for example instead of Quintessence of Potency runes you can put Quintessence of Insight runes to maximize the magic penetration but you bring the magic resist from "normal" champions to zero with those runes and .

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Summoner Spells and why to chose them

Flash=75 In my oppinion Flash is an must Summoner spell for Annie cause of 2 reasons: 1. The great escape ability you get whem using flash in a Teamfight or getting chased and flash through walls 2. You can initiate Fights or Gangs with flash for example flash near to your opponent when your passive is ready , use Tibbers to stun him put your W and your Q on and finish it with Ignite

A great Spell to kill Enemys who run away . Also it just means more damage and more damage is always good and bring you especially in early game more kills. All in all its a good finisher for Annies Combo


In Earlygame it can be helpful if you fail to kill minions with your Disintegrate too often or your Skilloutput is just too big. But in Mid-Lategame Clarity is almost useless so I dont recommend it to you.

Its almost the same like Clarity , in early-midgame it can safe your *** or helo you to stay a bit longer in the lane but in the Endgame its quite as useless as Clarity

Exhaust is a good spell of course, It can help you chasing enemys or slow the opponent to get away alive but I prefer using Exhaust on Dps champions cause they normally got more movement and attackspeed so there is a bigger benefit for them because they can run away faster or attacking them harder

Also a good spell for chasing or escaping but I simply more like the Ability to flash right into fights or thorugh walls then the bonus movementspeed

Only useful if you play midlane to get quick back to your lane to provide that the enemy gets an level advantage of killing the turret

DONT choose this

Absolutely Useless Skill for Annie

Ive seen some Annies with Smite so far BUT its very useless Annie is not I repeat NOT a jungle champion so dont waste a slot of your summonerspells for Smite

Only Useful in Teamfights but there are more powerful and helpful alternatives to choose as a summonerspell so its just unnecessary to choose Cleanse

Could be very helpful but not for a squishy,Nuking Char like Annie she just dont need the extra bonus damage and saving some turrets is also not her task

As useless as Revive...

Usefull skill but not for you let a supporter or Tank choose this you just dont need it

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I start skilling Disintegrate cause it allows me to farm minions quick and efficient without loosing mana also you can easily harrass your opponent_s with it.

At level 2 I skill Incinerate cause it makes a lot of damage on all near Enemys and helps you too farm minions.

When i reach level 3 I put a second point to Disintegrate cause it helps you to kill minions quicker and harrass the opponent even harder.

At Level 4 I put my first point to Molten Shield mainly cause I want to get Pyromania quicker but the free Thornmail is also nice . Maybe use Molten Shield earlier on level 2 or 3 if you play against two huge DpS Chars like Tryndamere , Master Yi or Xin Zhao

In level I put my third point to Disintegrate for the same reason like I did it on Level 3

Level 6 : Its time to bring Summon: Tibbers the big , angry bear into the Game to brun enemies,tank towers and make our opponents mad

After that first maximize Disintegrate to keep on harrassing and farming. In Normal games you should maximize [Incinerate]] after it but if its an huge Dps-team you may think of maximizing Molten Shield before.

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Pure Nuking Power

I play this build when I'm sure that i dominate the Game and be experienced in playing squishy nukers. So I recommend this build to experienced players but also newbies can try it may they also can handle it. This Build is about how to bring the opponents fast to low hp so it contains nearly no surving abilitys. I will add a build for more survivalability :)

My first time is ALWAYS a for 3 reasons 1.It gives You 15 bonus Ap which increase your Ap with my runes to 35Ap and this is very useful in early game 2. You gain 100life with is pretty decent and give you some survivalability and 3.The manareg. okay 5mana per 5sec issnt that much but better than nothing. In my oppinion this make Doran's Ring more usefull then Amplifying Tome cause this item just brings ap but no more abilities.

My second Item is in most cases a second now you may wonder why take an second Doran's Ring. My answer is that you wont get any better item for this Price like ive written before you get an decent life and ap bonus and the manareg issnt that bad and allows you to stay longer in the lane and helps you to offset your huge skilloutput

At third I buy some boots , if you already have enough money buy if not just start with the regular Boots of Speed .

In normal Games you have this build after round about 10Minutes

Now I start my Nuking Ability instead of buying Amplifying Tome and convert it to Mejai'Soulstealer I save money and buy Needlessly Large Rod and continuing this with buying Blasting Wand which I convert into Rabadon's Deathcap. Now you probably got 2 questions. First: Why do not buy Mejai'Soulstealer and second: Why buy Rabadon's Deathcap. so early. My answers are: Mejai'Soulstealer is too risky to play. In Games with highher level or at ranked Games you will Ganked for sure if you have 10 or more Stacks and when getting killed you loose 1/3 of your stacks so it can happen that you die two or three times in a row woithout consider any kill or assist = You havent got much stacks and a Mejai'Soulstealer without Stacks is just wasted Money.

Now to the question why Buying Rabadon's Deathcap so early. Rabadon's Deathcap brings you a huge amount of Ap 155 + 30% of all Ap this will gain you atleast 230 Ap and that after an average build time of 25minutes. Its an safer then Mejai'Soulstealer and brings you even more Ap and more Ap = more Damage

Now your build should look like that:

This is my build in every single game.

After that we had to decide what we'll buy next. If it's an really tanky Team with lots of Hp and Armor I would Choose The Ap,Manareg and CDR is quite decent but the real reason why I love this item is his awesome Active Skill. This Active makes 30% of the actual health ( + 3,5% each 100Ap) of Damage but at least 200Dmg. This is one of the best Ways to nuke an opponent down.

For example there is an Garen with 3000Hp , cause of your Rabadon's Deathcap you have more then 300Ap so Deathfire Grasp make 10,5% more damage which means a total dmg of 40,5% of the actual health. Back to my example: You activate your Deathfire Grasp on Garen which reduces his health from 3000 to 1785 without using any of your spells now you easily can kill him with your Disintegrate , Incinerate and finally with Summon: Tibbers and Ignite. This is why It's my favorite item to build after Rabadon's Deathcap I would start this build with Kage's Lucky Pick cause of the extra gold you earn from his passive but this issnt that important.

When your Opponents are very tanky the best choice for your next item is which has some nice Ap Bonus and an very cool passive.

An good alternative is which also brings you some bonus Ap and much Magic resistence and a nice passive which decreases the Magic resistence from all opponents by 20

At last I usually buy Rylai's Crytal Scepter cause of the Nice passive, the decent bonus Ap and they extra Hp

My Final build would now look like this


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Survival Ability Guide

I didnt proof that this build is so good but I guess thats an good build if you want a good amount of Ap and a big survival Ability.

First: Start with for the reasons ive told you in my main build
Second: Buy for extra Mana
Third: Get for the Magic pen. you need
Fourth: Convert Sapphire Crystal to Catalyst the Protector to get more Mana and Life and restore your Mana and lifepool when reaching an higher level

Now convert your Catalyst the Protector to icon=Rod of Ages size=30 to get much Life, Mana and some nice Ap bonus.

Your build should look like this so far :
icon=Rod of Ages size=30

If you want total Survival Ability you now buy either cause of the Spell Vamp Aura you get from it. Rylai's Crytsal Scepter would be the Alternative cause you gain 500 extra Life and an nice passive which can help you slowin the opponent and run away.

Or you Just keep on stacking Ap and buy now.

An other Great Survival Ability Item is which combine nice Armor with huge Ap and an really nice passive which can safe your as while running from Lux or Ezrael Ulti.

My Final Survival Build would look like that:


But I cant guarantee for this build but I guess its an cool guide if you want a big survival Ability and still deal tons of Damage :)

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Your main Skill for Farming Minions is Disintegrate cause you deal alot of Damage with it, charge your passive and still dont loose Mana if youre doing it well.

In Mid-Late game Incinerate is also very nice for Farming some Minionwaves but your Basic Farmingskill is still Disintegrate

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In Early Game its your maintask to get as much lasthits as possible and try to harrass your Opponent for an early Gank.

You can Start trying to get a kill at level 3 when you have harrassed one of your opponent to half hp. Start when you have Pyormania rdy and combine this with Disintegrate] , after that use [[Incoinerate and Ignite and probably you or your mate will get the kill.

When reachimg level 6 and summon Tibbers try to let Tibbers tank the turret and push it.

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Now your maintask is to initiate Fights and Nuke the Opponent to zero/low health. To do this most effective You should get an Blue Buff cause of the CDR and the huge Manareg.

The best Combo to initiate a Teamfight will Be Deathfire Grasp Pyromania Summon: Tibbers Disintegrate Incinerate Ignite Disintegrate

Try to move over the hole lane to initiate Fights all the time and make they opponents mad. If the lane is clear keep on pushin with Tibbers who tanks the tower.

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Like In Mid Game its you Maintask to Make tons of Damage to your Opponents and harrass them till there is a Teamfight which you can initiate which your Pyormania and Summon: Tibbers

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Good and Bad Enemies

In My Experience you just have to fear Opponennts who can silence you . When face such an opponnent you should think of changing lane because they probably will beat you.

Some of those Opponennts are:
icon=Malzahar size=50
icon=Kassadin size=50
icon=Fiddlesticks size=50

In my Oppinion the best Opponennts are other squishy Casters like icon=Lux size=50 or icon=Ezrael size=50 or some really squishy Dps chars like icon=Twitch size=50, icon=Master Yi size=50 or icon=Twisted Fate size=50 cause you can kill them with your Nuke Combo from Nearly full health even in the early-mid game

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Now I'm finished with my Guide I hope you can read it, unterstand it and may learned something and had at least a little bit of fun :)

Feel free to comment and say what you like and what you didnt like so I can make it better the next time :)