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Annie: Don't make me hurt you!

Last updated on December 20, 2010
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Introduction I:
Overlook of Annie II:
Skills III:
Runes & Masteries IV:
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Introduction I:

Hello, this is my first guide on how to build and play Annie effectively.
I decided to play Annie because she has great potential if put into the right hands. I have seen many ineffective Annies' so I decided to enlighten those who may not be doing so well with her.

Overlook of Annie II:

So, who exactly is Annie?

Annie is that little girl that people often underestimate. She has something no one else in the game does. Not one, count them.. TWO AOE Stuns. She also brings a hard hitting combo to the table, and when played right can easily drop anyone that has less then 2k health in a single combo.

Also, she is extremely fun to play but is often team dependent. However in 3v3s she can be an extremely effective carry, due to the fact that most games end before level 18, and most champs wont be able to survive her combo with the exception of tanks, obviously.

Skills III:

Pyromania: After every 5 spell casts, Annie's next spell will stun its target for 1.75 seconds. Annies' passive, this is what makes her an amazing ganker/utility/nuker. A common strategy is to farm with your Q to hit 4 stacks of Pyromania. Most people will avoid Annie if they see that beautiful blue belt floating around her so you want to avoid hitting 5 stacks before you initiate. So what you'll want to do is as follows;

x Farm with Disintegrate, making sure to last hit creep.
x Reach 4 stacks of Pyromania.
x Bump the stun with your shield.
x [Stun with Tibbers if you have him] Disintegrate, Incinerate, Ignite. Most champions will fall to this combo.

Disintegrate: Annie shoots a mana infused fireball, dealing magic damage. Disintegrate mana cost is refunded if it kills the target. Annie's bread and butter. This skill lets Annie farm indefinitely. Basically, you land a killing blow with this, on creep or champion and you get its mana back. It is essential that you make sure that you KILL with this skill. I have often ended up running OOM because I've casted this and left the creep with very little health instead of killing it. This is Annies long range nuke, learn to use it and learn to use it well and it will serve its purpose.

Incinerate: Annie casts a cone of fire, dealing magic damage to all enemy targets in the area. Nothing special here. Until it can clear creep waves after your first few items. This item can be used to push waves and get an AOE stun off if your Tibbers is on cooldown, or you don;t have him. Do not underestimate this skill, it has saved my life many times in a 2v1 gank.

Molten Shield: Places a shield around Annie for 15 seconds, increasing her armor and magic resistance, and dealing magic damage to enemies who attack Annie with auto attacks. Nothing special here at all. Cast it to bump Pyromania, use it to kill creep, thats about it. An extremely low mana cost though.

Summon Tibbers: Annie releases her bear Tibbers from his toy prison, dealing damage to enemy units in the area. For a limited time (1 min), Tibbers can attack, while continually dealing magic damage to surrounding enemies.
This skill is what makes Annie, Annie. Its main use its its AoE Stun, however it is also a strong nuke skill late game hitting upwards of 800 damage. It is essential you learn how to place him PERFECTLY. If you flub the cast you can either, waste a stun and Tibbers, or you may miss out on a kill.

Runes & Masteries IV:

I use pretty standard caster runes, picking up magic pen Marks, flat cooldown reduction glyphs, AP/PL Seals, and AP/PL Quints.

Most people will say that AP/PL glyphs are the way to go with Annie, I however find that with my starting items, runes and masteries, I don't need that extra oomph, and with these runes and masteries you can end up with a Tibbers thats only dead for 20 seconds before you can cast him again, and in my opinion, thats more useful than hitting a bit harder.

I prefer Per Level runes over flat but I chose flat CDR runes because they are more effective early game with allows Annie to farm very well with her Q being on less then 4 seconds.

Marks: can be whichever you choose whether it be MPen or AP. I prefer the MPen though.

Seals: Some people use MP/5 seals on Annie. This is also very effective because she is very mana dependant, but with proper use of her farming spell, she won't need it. I find the MP/5 better for beginners and AP/PL better for more advanced players.

Glyphs: Either CDR or AP. There is no question about it, anything else and your wasting runes.

Quintessence: Alot of people use Flat health quints. These work well, but I find that AP/PL are much better for Annie. Go with the health if you want more survivability, or AP if you want the extra oomph in your spells.

For masteries I go 9/0/21 pick up the Magic pen in offense and standard use of the utility tree making sure to pick up the magic regen, which is why I don't use MP/5 Seals.