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Annie - Have you seen my bear Tibbers

Last updated on June 9, 2010
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So this is how it goes. Annie - The Dark Child can be a very strong and powerful character if used well. Yes she is a squishy and can be easily ganked and beaten to a pulp but with the right equipment you will be able escape them easily or worst come to worse you will be able to take the other champions down with you or damage them enough so that your other team mates can kill them off and hopefully push a lane and destroy a turret.

For her Spells I've chosen Flash and Heal, like I said before there will be people who want to "beat up the little girl" so always good to have heal to recover and flash to make a quick escape. Some prefer to use exhaust instead of flash to do more damage to enemy and that is also fine.

To be able to efficiently use annie is to be able use her passive ability at the right timing, and for that you will need to cast her abilities continuously, even on the run.
Hence the CD (cooldown) on her runes. Of course as a mage you will need your Marks to be on Magic Pen. Glyphs is the best place to stack up your CD (Plus your Quintessence on CD as well). Now for Seal, this is the hard one. its pretty much your choice here. You can either have Mana Regen, Magic resist, AP or something completely different. I personally go for AP just to have that little extra damage.

Now that you've got all your runes are set lets get on with the game. The 1st ability you should get is your Incinerate, at the base while everyone's still deciding who goes mid and what item to get stack up on your stun, "burn your teammates". While your waiting for the cool down Buy your first couple of Items. Your Sapphire Crystal and 2 x Health potion. Wait at base to get your quick mana regen and stack up to 3 before you move to your lane. While moving to your laned turrent, use Incinerate again and keep the stack on 4. Your mana will recover to max before minions come to top.
Now that your on the 4th stack to get it to the 5th there are many options. Either; Use it on bush to check if enemy is there to get the position, Don't go bush at all and use it on minions to get easy gold, use it on enemy when your teammate is running back.
Then once your level 2 you get your Disintegrate, use this well and you will won't even need mana regen. Kill the minions with Disintegrate (make sure you kill it with the Disintegrate so you recover your mana and also to get the Gold XD) Once your stun is stacked then watch out for the opportunity and stun the enemy champion, Incinerate and RUN. Repeat that and you will either kill the Champion or damage them enough they'll have to return to base, giving you an excellent chance to farm and level. Of course the enemy will damage you so once your health is -200~250 (around that) then start using your Health potion.
Don't use your heal until you use both the health potion, it is for EMERGENCY.[/size]
As annie is a ranged character you will always stay back, taunt them and pretty much piss the enemy champions off. Heal should only be used when you immediately need health, or when your teammate (when laneing with two) is low on health and he needs it becuase he just got ganked. By using this efficiently you will be set!!!

When leveling the most important thing to do is (well of course upgrade your ult but also) upgrade your Incinerate. It is the ability that will give most damage. Also you don't have to worry about your shield until around level 10. With the repetition of the steps above (Disintegrate stun, Incinerate, run) you will have a fairly good starting game.

Once you hit level 6, ITS TIBBERS TIME!!!!!

There are few ways to summon tibbers well. Some just wana drop him ontop. But depending on the situation there can be many different ways.

  • 1v1
    Have Annie's stun stacked up, Disntegrate and stun enemy. Drop tibbers BEHIND ENEMY (the direction the enemy will most likely run away). By now the champion would have taken a fair amount of damage so run you also should run towards the direction enemy is most likely to run away while casting Incinerate. Now the stun will be gone, and your Disintegrate would be up to hit again. If your level is high enough and you have already learnt Molten shield cast that as well to protect yourself and to stack up for your stun. You can also Control Tibber just by holding onto Alt. but make sure your not JUST controlling tibbers and look at where Annie is and what she's doing. if the champion is weak enough get Tibbers to chase after it.
    • 1v2
      Same as above but if the champions are close together then stun then using Incinerate and go for the weaker enemy with the tibbers and Disintegrate.
    • Being Ganked
      Just incase the enemy goes after the "little girl" you should always try and keep your stack on 4 or 5 (ready to stun) Also this is where your flash comes in handy. When your getting ganked, flash away, then the enemy will be in a group or a line comin towards you. You can either drop tibbers here or use Incinerate to stun the enemy. Either way that will give you enough time to try and get out of there. If not buy you some time for you allies to come save you.
    • Saving a Ganked Allie
      Also same as above but this time stunning the enemy so your team mate can survive. you can also try the sneaky Disintegrate to make them want to go back or to get the kill.
    • Late for a Gank
      your team is having a massive brawl and your just a little girl playing with your teddy bear. So why not let them play with your teddy bear too. Drop tibbers right on top of them stunning those bastards and use Incinerate. Now take you pick on who to use Disintegrate. But lets face it your just a little girl so make sure your have your Molten Shield before you join the Brawl.

    NEVER, and I mean never, INITIATE the fight.
    Annie is too squishy to do that and once they see you coming up they will slaughter you. always wait for the tanks to go in, enemy will run at him, then BOOM!!! Drop your tibbers and join the brawl.
    Also always try to keep a safe distance away, you still are squishy and not very fast character.

    Now for the Item build
    Yes I know i don't have Mejai's Soulstealer in my list, "what are you thinking", "Your a noob", "you don't know what you talking about" but hear me out.
    Starting with Sapphire Crystal ( will give you the Mana advantage and having to back a lot. Some say Meki Pendant is better but I don't like it much. I prefer to have the total +200 mana.
    Then if you follow the early game strategy above you will not have to go back until you have at least 950-1300 gold. Buy the Catalyst the Protector ASAP. With this every time you level thats pretty much recovering your mana to taunt the enemy.
    Also buy Boots of Speed.
    Next item you buy depends on how much money you have by the time you need to go back the 2nd time.
    <750, pretty much no point going back. 750<860, buy the Sorcerer's Shoes. 860< buy the Blasting wand. But if your in luck and have more then 1600 then go for Needlessly Large Rod XD.
    I prefer to buy the Blasting wand to give more damage to enemy and getting more kills. Then get your boots.
    Some go for Mejai's Soulsteal, but I swear with the amount of ganks on annie and how easy it is for annie to get ganked it not worth it. You'll build your stacks and next sec there goes a third of those stacks.
    So instead I suggest Lich Bane. It'll give you Mana, Magic resist, AP and a little extra movement speed for when your on the run. Also with Incinerate and the passive of this item it can be a really good item.
    So go for Sheen, buy ANOTHER blasting wand (so you should be on; Catalyst the Protector Sorcerer's boots, Sheen and TWO blasting wands) THEN get your Lich Bane. this is so Annie has the AP buffing her up. After Lich Bane, get the Zonya's ring. By using this item you will be able save yourself from ganks and brawls with easy!!! Use then Zonya's ring and your stun wisely and well and you can't die.
    After this is just building you AP.
      Can go for either (my suggestions order);
    • Void Staff: High AP, 40% Magic Pen. More damage
    • Rylai's Crystal Scepter: High AP, 500 Health. Gives you health to survive and also slows enemy down so for 1v1 can go well with your stuns.
    • Rod of Ages: pretty much to upgrade your Catalyst the Protector.
    • Archangel's Staff: Also just because it's recommended.
    • Abyssal Scepter: If you low on money and need some sort of item. in desperate needs.

    Well this is how I would play annie, I've played over 200 game with her and I honestly think this is the right way to go. of course there are other ways but this suite me best. hope it helps you too.
    "You wana play too?? It'll be fun!!!" XD