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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Annie - The Frostfire Warlock

Last updated on May 29, 2010
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(unknown embed type)Annie - The Dark Child
"This is a standard RoA + Mejai's Soulstealer build, basically how to play Annie"

Your Job as a Caster all about Nuking & CC'ing with an Energized Tibbers. for you to be a successful caster you will need to do well early and mid game, in other words get some kills early on for gold and experience. You are also a suitable ganker hero with your AoE stun and insane nuking abilities. You can also go mid, but it's only good if you can stack Mejai's Soulstealer.

1. Nuker - Can do a lot of damage over a short period of time
2. Stunner - has an AoE stun that can become a gamebreaker in most teamfights
3. Mana Efficient - Can farm up with Disintegrate all day long if you are skilled

1. Golem Dependant - During Late-game you will have issues with mana.
2. First Target - Focused down easily by high DPS mostly physical champions.
3. Little Girl - People tend to be really scared of little girls, im just saying.

Early game:
Take one point in Incinerate and start casting it 4x times, also buy a Sapphire Crystal and 2x health Potions. When your Pyromania has reached 4x charges you can go down your lane and cast a last Incinerate on your ally and /Joke. Now that you are energized you can strike fear into your opponents while you are farming, don't be afraid to harass your opponents as your attack range is very large. When you reach level 2-3 you can use Disintegrate to last hit minions, don't worry about the stun, you're better of using Disintegrate to farm up! Remember that the mana is refunded if you kill a minion with it, this will make you last long enough to build up for a Cataclyst, and pick up Boots of speed if you got enough gold for it. Getting First blood is very beneficial for Annie, it will allow you to get RoA faster.

Early game combo:
1. Last hit with Desintegrate
2. Get Energized
3. Flash if necessary
4. Stun with Desintegrate
5. Run up and use Incinerate.
6. Ignite if necessary

Mid game:
Now here's a little trick for you all, get 4x charges by farming with Disintegrate and use Molten Shield for the final charge when you are about too attack someone, it's cheesey but it works most of the time and they never knew what hit them. After that you should use Disintegrate or Incinerate for AoE Stun and then use Ignite and auto attack them down. Don't forget to use Flash if necessary and cast Disintegrate and Incinerate whenever they are up. Pedo bear can also be used as an AoE stun and is by far the best spell to cast when you are energized! Remember to control your Pedo Bear with "Alt + click" he dies very fast around towers so micro manage him good, you should keep him as long as you can for the "Immolate + Incinerate" combo on the minions.

Mid game combo:
1. Last hit with Desintegrate
2. Find your target, or the right moment in teamfights.
3. Flash if necessary
4. Molten Shield to become Energized
5. Summon: Tibbers stun
6. Desintegrate + Incinerate
7. Ignite if necessary

Late game:
By late-game you will either be ignored "which is a huge mistake" or get focused down easily, remember to use Molten Shield for protection and keep casting Spells for that stun to work! Just nuke everyone out, preferly the DPS'ers first and then the tank, watch your position as it is one of the few defences you have against gankers. With Rylai's Scepter you will be able to slow with all your spells, like Disintegrate for 35% slow against fleeing enemies, Tibbers Immolate to slow the whole team 15%, Molten Shield to slow melee champions attacking you 35%, and Incinerate for another AoE slow 15%. Don't forget that you will need an Energized Tibbers every teamfight you are on so grab as many golem buffs and never initiate clashes. You should never walk alone and always be aware of what your opponents are capable of, such as Veigar, Shaco, and Blitzcrank.

Things to watch out for:
Stealth Champions - They are very, very, very annoying as they can just ambush and kill you.
Spell Shield - Black Shield and Spell Block, it's really annoying when you're Energized.
Slowers, Stunners, CC'ers etc - Get Mercury's Treads if it's too much for you.
Fed Casters - It's like western gun fight, who gets the stun/immobolize first?

Have fun, Annie is definitely one of the best casters out there