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Annie Build Guide by Satzmann666

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Satzmann666

Annie, the Smurfing Menace [S4] Fun SMURF guide

Satzmann666 Last updated on February 3, 2014
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Hi i am Satzmann666 and welcome to my second, and a lot shorter and less professional guide for LoL featuring Annie, your favourite watas**t burst kid.
Annie is perfect smurfing champion for a handful of reasons. First she is cute and fun to play champ overall, she has incredible single/multi target burst enhanced with a passive stun and last but not least her Disintegrate is useful for farming easily without Arcane Blade and with 0 mana costs.
Annie is one of my favourite champions in a mean of personality too because i am simply a overgrown child (its even weirder when i tell you i am a 20 yo guy who studies a law school :D).

In a current meta Annie is actually not really reliable mid laner for average ranked games and she is now being picked more as a burst AP support, but in low lvl plays she can be your best buddy and you can have tons of fun together. Afterall she might even invite you to Tibbers tea party which is sight to be seen ;).

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Pros / Cons

  • Extreme burst potential that can be multiplied with Deathfire Grasp.
  • Passive stun after every 4 spell casts
  • After recent update her ultimate has really low CD on high levels
  • 0 mana cost Disintegrate if it kills target = nice farming
  • Has a BBB (Badass Blazing Bear) :D
  • Squishy as hell, look at her she is like 9 yo
  • Vulnerable to CC with no escape tool (only flash on lvls 12+)
  • Needs to get fed to do her magic properly
  • High mana costs on Incinerate and Disintegrate (if not used to last hit)
  • Low mobility

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Since this is a smurf guide and smurf accounts are mostly not lvl 30 here is where to put points when leveling up.
Start in Offense tree, with 4x Sorcery => 3x Mental Force => 1x Butcher => 1x Arcane Mastery => 3x Executioner => 3x Archmage => 1x Dangerous Game => 1x Arcane Blade => 3x Devastating Strikes => 1x Havoc
Than Utility and Defence. You are not really smurf at this point since players at lvl 20+ might know how to deal with you (focus, CC, etc...), best smurfing is around lvls 1 - 15 :D.

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Dont bother with runes, or if you really want the tiny advantage tier 1 and 2 runes can give you just go for AP, magic pen and on Annie smurf really useful mana regen.


Quintessence of Ability Power

Mark of Magic Penetration

Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

Glyph of Ability Power

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Summoner Spells

With flash its easy, take it if you can (level 12+). Good spell for getting in range to throw a bear in your enemys face.

Great spell for securing kills after you use full combo, try to save it for the moment you know its going to kill the target.


In case you dont have Flash yet, useful in trades to survive or against Ignite.

Before you hit lvl 8 for ignite, take this for extra sustain and either Heal or Ghost.

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Pretty self explanatory. After you cast any 4 spells your next Disintegrate, Incinerate or Summon: Tibbers will stun all enemies hit.
Tips and tricks:
  • Molten Shield and farming with Disintegrate are best for stacking it without losing too much mana).
  • Keep it on 3 stacks since fully stacked Pyromania is visible as a particle effect around Annie and your enemies might know what that means.


Low CD high dmg single target spell that has kinda high mana cost, but refunds mana if target is killed. Best used to farm minions and adds to your burst potential.
Tips and tricks:
  • Learn how to last hit with this spell or you will run oom really fast.
  • Good for stunning one target since after you send its almost impossible to evade it since its targeted ability.


Another useful damage ability that adds up to your burst. Best used to push large waves of minions or stunning multiple targets with Pyromania
Tips and tricks:
  • Its almost instant so if you have your Pyromania this is great for stunning anyone in your range fast.
  • Has high mana cost so be careful with it.


Id say most unpredictable from Annies abilities. Best used for stacking your stun for only 20 mana and when engaging or being attacked for little more tankyness.
Tips and tricks:
  • With this you can make your stun even more unpredictable, have your Pyromania on 3 stacks, and use Molten Shield followed with any of your dmg spells for surprise stun.
  • Spam it in base, when walking etc for free stacks until you have 3.


Holy s**t t*tf**cks its a BEAR ON FIRE!!!
Tips and tricks:
  • Combined with Pyromania its a almost instant AOE stun.
  • You can control Tibbers with holding down Ctrl and clicking on map. After you have summoned him make a use of it and control him to tank turrets, buffs, dragon, baron.

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Skill sequence

Take Disintegrate on level 1 for farming, then max out Incinerate over Disintegrate because it deals more damage (its simple as that :D).
Molten Shield is maxed last and Summon: Tibbers ofc anytime possible.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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At level one pick your Doran's Ring, 2 HP pots, Warding Totem and head to the mid lane.
At early stages of game (pre 6) try to ignore enemy laner and focus on farm a LOT. Harras only a little maybe with Incinerate while farming as well. At level six try to harras your opponent a litle, get 3 stacks on Pyromania and do the classic Molten Shield => Summon: Tibbers => Incinerate and Disintegrate => Ignite combo for your very first kill.
After that you can just push off lane and recall for some nice items.

Return to lane, farm again like nothing happend and repeat the combo kill once or twice to asure your opponent it wasnt just a luck and make him a lifetime Ursufobic (fobia of bears).
If your other lanes are not doing well fear not because on low levels almost noone ever suspects roaming and with 2-3 kills + some farm you cen get yourself a nice items to punish enemies on bot or top lane for overextend.

More fed you will be more easy it will be for you to just melt your enemies because of your farm lead, score lead and most importantly level advantage.

My little personal measure of perfect Annie smurf is a solobaron. You will need your Summon: Tibbers ofc, blue buff and Will of the Ancients for spellvamp but its actually possible and fun.

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My friend once said "Its bad to smurf and you shouldnt do it" ... and he is probably right, but lately when im not in the mood for "the plays" on my main and just want to have fun without dull meta limits I play on my EUW smurf account.

If you are after something more "grown up" you can check my in-depth Morgana guide here and stay tuned for more and more content ill produce in future (i am planning a actual ranked play Annie support guide soon).
Feel free to comment in any language you want, but ill only answer those in English and Czech because im a racist f**kabish ;).